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Links for 11.15.09: I ate a Blucy.

*Money: This infographic shows how billions of dollars are spent. USING BLOCKS OF COLOR. The infographic. Not the people. Or the dollars.

*Automotive: Bad news for drivers who love whale penis – Russian car-maker Dartz is dropping the whale penis leather interior option they had planned for their luxury vehicles.

*Movies: Here’s a question for you – What if “Blade Runner” had been set in San Francisco? My dad took me to see “Blade Runner” when it was still in the theater. Until the one guy tried to pop the other guy’s eyeballs with his thumbs. Then we left. [snarkmarket]

*Television: One thing I like about Roger Ebert on Twitter is that he sometimes links to frivolities such as the 10 Greatest Cleavage Moments in Television History. Also, cleavage.

*News: Feltron cuts up 13 years of CNN data. I’ve talked about Feltron before. And I will again. At a later date. [waxy]

*Eating: I ate a Blucy at the Blue Door Pub, a St. Paul institution that I heartily recommend. I also ate beer batter-fried green beans. This is why they call us “little houses.”

*Today’s links: F.

Video: The Walkmen do a Take Away Show

I like the Walkmen. I like Take Away Shows. “Hey, Leah,” in San Francisco.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video: Bon Iver plays “Flume” and “Lump Sum” at Outside Lands

Spin magazine has caught video of Justin Vernon playing the two above-mentioned tunes at San Francisco’s Outside Lands music festival this past weekend. Find Flume here and Lump Sum here.

Links for 8.25.08: Tix scalping innovation, Barenaked escape, Minneapolis UnConvention…

*Tickets: LiveStub hopes to blow away StubHub by skipping the commission on all ticket sales through the site. [venture beat]

*Canada: A Barenaked Lady survived a plane crash yesterday.

*Local: tells Republican National Convention-goers what Minneapolis is like via UnConventionally Yours.

*Bloggers: Matthew McConaughey sort of blogs now. (look under “mm journal” – stupid flash interface). Holy shit; I think this dude is better than I am. [urlesque]

*Burning Man: Laughing Squid offers a round-up on ways to experience Burning Man without going, including a webcam, photostreams, twitterers, and blogs. Also, take some mushrooms and pour hot sand over your head.

*Hip-hop: The New Yorker on David Banner: “Banner, a rapper from a Southern state not generally part of the hip-hop mainstream, is possibly too complex a figure to capture the attention of an audience increasingly skeptical of hip-hop.”

*Sustainability: Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco embraces the green with carbon balancing, bike valets, compost bins, and more. [treehugger]

Links for 6.24.08: Naked Cowboy sues, Rihanna’s ads, Bonnaroo downloads…

*The L.A. Times profiles Peter Gabriel, the entrepreneur behind music download site Also, he’s some sort of musician, I guess. [wiredset]

*Download: My Morning Jacket’s entire 3-hour set from Bonnaroo. That is a serious beard. [pop candy]

*Headlines I love: Can a Song Be Gay? [daily swarm]

*I have written about eco-nightclubs for the day job many times. PSFK notes than San Francisco is adding a green nightclub of its own, Temple.

*Idolator compiles an advertising/video history of Rihanna.

*More advertising: The Naked Cowboy will continue his legal suit against the Naked Blue M&M. [gothamist]

*Off topic: The metallic shoes of the day.