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Links for October 11, 2011: Tear the reaper

*This Indian Life: This is the second time I’ve linked to Caravan magazine in the past week! And I don’t even read magazines! Even/especially Caravan! Read about how the voice of the Delhi metro (“Mind the gap,” etc.) first experienced the train. Here’s what a (regular, non “women’s”) Delhi metro car looks like.

*Recommendations: If you want to read the work of someone who writes well, I suggest that you find Mark Lisanti’s various web presences and follow them. To wit: The Types of People You Meet at an Introductory Home Brewing Class. (I feel like it’s weird that neither beards nor bicycles were mentioned.)

*Clothing: This anecdote about how and why Steve Jobs came to wear black turtlenecks and 501 jeans REALLY struck a cord with me. I feel like I’m one PERFECT long-sleeved shirt away from having a uniform I could commit to. (SUGGESTIONS WELCOMED.) For other men of civilian uniform, see Albert Einstein and Scott Seekins.

*Cunning stunts: Based on the recommendation of Stephen Metcalf from Slate’s Culture Gabfest, which is somehow affiliated with the universally-loathed-for-its-kneejerk-contrarian-headlines, I listened to the Fresh Air podcast wherein Terry Gross interviews legendary Hollywood stuntman Hal Needham. A good-old-boy and a great listen. (I will note that I could not fully enjoy the podcast due to the fact that I was jogging at the time. Which I hate.)

*Video: Joey Chestnut speed eats chili. Two gallons. Six minutes. This reminds me of the time I went jogging after eating some sort of weird salmon meal. (Today.)

*Essay: How I Started Running. Good read. I have recently started running and can’t decide whether I loathe myself more for having taken up the sport or for starting to like it. Or for having run immediately after eating a strange dinner. (Earlier this evening.)

*Basketball: Quite a while ago, I wrote about a photo of Dirk Nowitzki. And Inglourious Basterds. Trust me. Go with it. Go with it.

*Today’s links: F-.

Two local notes: Conrad and Scott Seekins

Ignore this if you are not a Twin Citizen. (Related, though, is a topic that has tickled me [in a bad way] since I started nosing around our online culture – the strange, seemingly disproportional, geo-parochialism of Twin Cities bloggers. I’m repeatedly surprised about how many Minneabloggers’ conversations seem so strangely, strenuously local. It’s like we’re living in a physical world instead of a world of ideas or something. But I have digressed.)

OK, business. Via S4xton’s tumblr comes this post asking the world who the “mysterious” Conrad whose name is being celebrated on a silver First Avenue star (featured in the accompanying photo) is. I’m not sure what’s funniest about the post – the question itself, the “wonderful,” or the failed Wikipedia search. And I’m not just saying that because Conrad is uncle Con. The appropriately sheepish followup links to a couple of tumblr posts – or just see these.

Secondly, I saw Scott Seekins yesterday and dutifully recorded it on Seeking Seekins.

Links for 6.3.09: Sexy uglies, wild dog commuters, Seeking Seekins, pudding…

*Cork: Is it art or is it cork? This reminds me, I have several cases of wine that need drinking. Boxed wine. But I will be wearing cork pants while drinking it. [bits]

*Twitter: Two interesting tidbits from this post from Economix (a highly recommended blog from the NYT) about Twitter – 1) The median number of lifetime tweets among all twitter users is one. 2) Men are 15% more likely to follow men on twitter than they are to follow women. Also, Kirstie Alley may have found her medium. I don’t know what that says about her. Or the medium.

*Music covers: The 20 personality traits of record and CD covers. They’re not exactly personality traits, but they do point out some of the form’s shorthand. [presurfer]

*Trailers: The video for the Beatles Rock Band game is lovely and amazing and animated and lovely and nice. Bollocks.

*Food: Ice cream that turns into pudding? What will they think of next? Beer that turns into martinis? OMG, BRB. [lowindustrial]

*Humans: Nerve puts out its own list of the 20 Sexiest Ugly People. Biz Markie at #15 is an inspired choice. Additionally, and for the record, my looks have been compared to John Malkovich’s on a number of occasions. And now I’m crying. Crying into my cupped hands. While typing this. [urlesque]

*States: In Nate Silver’s (is he Sir Nate Silver yet?) most recent article for Esquire, he points out that Minnesotans are happier with the state they live in than Hawaiians, and are near the top of the happy meter among states. (The article doesn’t appear to be online yet.)

*Local: I saw Minneapolis artist and man-about-town Scott Seekins yesterday and promptly reported him to SeekingSeekins. (I used the name JOSH in this report and may have exaggerated some portions of the encounter/sighting. Don’t hate me because I’m stupid. Or because I look like John Malkovich.)

*Commuting: Wild dogs take the commuter trains from the suburbs to the city in Russia. Fucking freeloaders. [treehugger]

*Local: A short story in the fiction issue of the New Yorker by Jonathan Franzen takes place in our beloved St. Paul. This local blogger was contacted by a NYer fact checker about the story.

Also, Heavy Table names the city’s two worst cups of coffee. AND I AGREE. (Also, Nina’s has pretty nasty coffee. Java Train also pours a terrible cup. Great train, though.) [brauer]

*AN OPEN LETTER TO HARPER’S: Open up your RSS feed. Make your page somewhat readable. Good content; please let me see access it without such pain. Thank you.