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Links for 6.1.09: British pop, boobs, vizzies, skulls, chocolate inhalers…

*Lists: The top 100 British pop songs – hahahaahahahhhhaahhhhhhahaahahahh. Ugh. [pop candy]

*Double-serving site: Explosions and boobs. Twice as nice as single-serving sites? [buzzfeed]

*Vizzies: GOOD magazine has put up its infographics on Flickr. [kottke]

*Prose: Whatever you think of the message, the Boner Party dude can write. He is onto something. “we are stupid in exactly the same way that Tom from Tom & Jerry is “stupid” (he’s the cat, you idiot). we know what we want but have no idea how to get it. silly traps? fun and games? wine and dine another intermittent character to make her jealous enough to come over there and ruin your date? that’s exactly what its fucking like and you know it.”

*Head: If you like looking at skulls, check out Jim’s work. ART skulls. Man, I don’t know. [coudal]

*Music 2.0: Sony is bringing all of its catalog that’s older than two years old to eMusic and eMusic is raising prices. I stopped using eMusic like three years ago and I still have a soft spot for them, even though I hate them. I’m complicated like that.

*Festivals: This video of a guy starting a dance party at Sasquatch music festival reeks of virality. But VERY impressive moves. [aprilini]

*Media: Take a tour of the last 200+ (and the few) years of media – with quilt-like visualizations. [magnetbox]

*Food: If you like things that are delicious, perhaps you will love chocolate inhalers. [kate]

*Twitter: Kids don’t Tweet. Less than a quarter of 18-24 year-olds use Twitter. Is is a tad alarming only in that Facebook is currently structured to be the more brain-dead medium.

*Today’s links: Weak sauce.

Links for 6.12.08: NASA’s tunes, Lily Allen’s despair, Disney’s big music $$$…

*Music sales are down in general, at Walt Disney Records, though, music revenues are up 40%. Thanks, Hannah! [ypulse]

*The USB Mix Tape puts a flash memory stick into an old-school cassette-like case. For all your adolescent wooing needs. In additional USB retro-tech news: Behold the USB-powered vinyl-to-CD phonograph. Nice. [neatorama]

*The NASA crew is listening to Calexico these days. [listening post]

*Watch: shaky video from last night’s Minneapolis Kanye West show. First: He addresses a heckler. Second: He does “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Kanye is no Arnel Pineda. [nah right + the office]

*You may have asked yourself what a Beatles tag cloud looks like. [duke listens]

*Lily Allen is a human being: “If I’m honest, it’s probably because part of it is true these days I am more known for being a train wreck than a musician, and it does hurt.” Now I’m sad again, everyone.

*Off topic: Twitter anonymously with SecretTweet. I want to do this on a daily basis. [via spincity]

*You will notice that I did not mention Metallica. Goodbye.

Links for 9.28.07: Radiohead hints, mp3 zits, angry bananas +

*The MP3-playing zit-zapper: for kids who outgrow their MP3-playing toothbrushes. [BB]

*Martin Scorsese will also be directing a George Harrison documentary now, says Variety. He’s previously done Dylan and the Stones. Perhaps he should also consider doing the upcoming Biggie biopic? [via Daily Swarm]

*The Laboratorium is also enamored of the term “brick.” They call it “verbing done right.” So right.

*The oft-updated Wikipedia entry is keeping superfans up to date on the latest Radiohead clues, hints, rumors, and speculation. [UPDATE: The Radiohead hinty stuff was totally fake!]

*The headline isn’t quite as good as the classic “CNET Interviewer Assaulted by Flying Wang,” but “Bananas and Triangles Protest IBM in Second Life” is not bad at all.

*This one’s for you, Eyeteeth: a crochet skull. [Wonderland]