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Links for 7.8.08: Metal real estate, bikini bloggers, Nickelback’s triumph…

*Metal Real Estate: A fabulous report on the homes of the heavy metal stars from Metal Inquisition. [metal sucks]

*Wear: A JUSTICE fashion line. [psfk]

*Memory loss: I swear this was previously mentioned on the listenerd. EMI is wading into the world of vinyl reissues.

*Literature: The Indie Rock Coloring Book, Colour It Red, benefits the (RED) campaign. Also:The Indie Rock Connect the Dots book includes homages to Elliott Smith and Sleater-Kinney. [p-fork]

*Deals: Nickelback has signed a 360 deal with Live Nation for between $50M and $70M. Personally, I am not a fan of the band Nickelback. [getty images]

*Stats: Everybody hates music critics. (For me, it’s all the big words they use.) But we’ll take music recommendations from our friends!

*Listen: NPR posts a live set from a Fleet Foxes gig in Washington, DC. [music slut]

*Mental health: There are people paying to see Bon Jovi play in Central Park, even though it’s a free concert.

*Off topic: Urlesque gathers a linkbaiting list of 20 bloggers they would like to see in bikinis. WITH ONE GLARING OMISSION.

*Question: Who does not want a GUN for a CHANDELIER?

Links for 11.28.07: Weather Channel jazz, Starbucks rock, Sleater-Kinney vidgames +

*Twitter informs me that The Weather Channel Jazz album now holds the #2 spot on the Contemporary Jazz Album chart. Also, AHN says so.

*Starbucks is doing a John Lennon video album with EMI and Apple. Starbucks is now the keeper of the culture, people. DEAL. [via the MUCH-HATED FOR ANTI-POPULIST WEB PRACTICES digital music news]

*Kanye West and Evel Knievel have kissed and made up after a copyright battle over the use of the latter’s image in a Kanye video. [idolator]

*Let me get this out there: I can’t stand Slate (it’s the worst kind of “news magazine” – pandering, headline-heavy fluff). OK, Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein reviews Rock Band in it. [via fimoculous] On a tangential note, Kotaku wonders if Guitar Hero is screwing musicians.

*Non-embedded video of the Beatles singing Help! [boing boing]

*The Berklee School of Music is launching an industry (music production, songwriting, theory, business) blog network. [daily swarm]

*READ: Ad-Supported Music Central’s take on the future of the music industry and the impact of DRM-free tunes. With charts!

*Nominate your favorite music blog for an award. And I mean that rhetorically, I assure you.