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I’m playing with these listening rooms created by Abe Fettig. I’m going to open up listenerd rooms at some point for the next few days. Join if you want to try some group listening (the platform is still unstable and has some bugs, so you may run into some issues for the next couple weeks).


Links for 1.18.09: Obama’s BlackBerry, Springsteen’s album, firefighters’ masks…

*Social music: reports 204% growth in U.S. unique visitors for 2008.

*Boss: For those of you who like Bruce Springsteen, you can get hear his new album, “Working on a Dream” in its entirety when it debuts on NPR just before midnight tonight.

*Tools: These vintage firefighters’ masks aren’t some bullshit fictionalized version of a mechanical past. They’re REAL, motherfuckers. And they are awesome. I would also check out this radiowave helmet.

*Midwest: Stereogum points out that one Bon Iver has a new song, “Brackett, WI,” available. From here on, you can cut off a finger every time I mention Bon Iver. (That’s my way of saying I’m sorry.)

*Memorabilia: In efforts to take advantage of this week’s inauguration hype, one company is making necklaces out of portions of recycled ballots from the 2008 elections. It’s also offering framed ballots as posters. (I wonder how much a framed Lizard People ballot from the Minnesota Senate election would fetch.) [treehugger]

*Politics update: Barack Obama: Still smoking. Still using a BlackBerry.

*Twitter: Marvelously pithy. Goodbye.

Links for 1.14.09: Rock vases, heavy metal flowcharts and acid trips…

*Furnishings: Holy awesome! Check out these rock and roll vases from Legarage Pierreblanc – Thrasher, AC/DC, KISS and more! But are they garish enough?! [eyeteeth]

*Charts: Holy awesome! Check out this flowchart for Heavy Metal band names! What wonderful RSS reader have I stumbled upon this evening?!? [coudal]

*Drugs: I have never taken (or “dropped”) acid. If any fine listenerd readers HAVE done so, could you please let me know if this site simulates the experience? Also, I watched this thing for 10 minutes and feel like vomiting. And not just in my mouth. [lisa]

*Alternative Reality Politics: How have the last 8 years under President Al Gore really been? [snarkmarket]

*CES: One of the coolest things I saw at CES was EasyBloom’s Plant Sensor, a gadget that you place in a prospective gardening spot and leave for 24 hours. You then bring it in, plug it into your USB port and it will tell you what vegetation you should or should not plant in your chosen spot based on soil, moisture, and temperature conditions. And it looks like a flower.

*Location: has added an event mapper that will recommend to you concerts and the like in your area. [duke listens]

*Local: The St. Paul Saints are planning an outdoor baseball game – an “icebreaker” for February 28th. It was -17 yesterday.

*Fame: If you are mental, you may enjoy reading CelebrityTweet, a Twitter that’s only for famous people. [mashable] Also: Pithy.

Links for 12.9.08: Coldplay responds, local top music lists, moustaches for kids…

*Department of Forgotten Songs: Coldplay responds to Joe Satriani’s allegations that they plagiarized from him: “Joe Satriani is a great musician, but he did not write or have any influence on the song Viva La Vida. We respectfully ask him to accept our assurances of this and wish him well with all future endeavours.” For a long time at work, I’ve been trying to reclaim the phrase “best of luck in your future endeavours [sic].” It’s beginning to work, and any canned sentiment that echoes its cadence only strengthens my case.

*Lists: Paste offers up the 10 best music applications for the iPhone. I thought Paste only knew about white-people music?

*Deals: I was off the blog scene for a bit, so I don’t think I mentioned the deal to sell iPhones (at a price point as low as $99) at Wal-mart. Though it’s been called a double brand-buster by some, I like the idea – it creates a good kind of friction for both parties. (That wasn’t supposed to be innuendo.)

*Social music: I’m still trying to make sense of what Twones is, but they apparently track (or SCROBBLE?) one’s online listening habits (from sites like YouTube, HypeM, Imeem,, iLike, etc.) via a Firefox add-on, then feed them to one’s network of friends. [techcrunch]

*The Enemies of Your Enemies: I previously brought the hate on Virginia Heffernan for being wrong-headed about a lot of web stuff. Then she rips Sarah Vowell a new one. What do I do now? Cry?

*The Doors: Some British people have figured out what Jim Morrison would look like if he were alive today, at 65. Angry. [earfarm]

*Philanthropy: Moustaches for Kids – the charity of choice for people who love facial hair. And kids. And giving. [caitlin]

*Scandal: Some Minneapolis TV station accidentally aired footage of Minnesota Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe’s penis. Man, that was weird to type.

*Local: One top-ten list of Twin Cities music acts (along with a bunch of MP3s) worth checking out is here. It includes noted Dunn Bros. barista Haley Boner.

Links for 11.26.08: MySpace Music’s boss, extreme beer, lists, lists, lists!

*Social music: MySpace Music has finally named a boss, and it’s Courtney Holt. Weeee!!! [idolator]

*Downsizing: If I didn’t mention this before, Buzznet – publisher of Stereogum, Idolator, and Absolute Punk – cut 13% of their staff.

*Just whoa: If you have skills, you can now scrobble anything you listen to. And if you don’t know what scrobbling is, you don’t have skills. (That’s nothing to be ashamed of.) [waxy]

*Lists: Fimoculous’s annual, year-end list of lists is starting.

*Beer: The New Yorker does a profile of Dogfish breweries and outlines the possibilities of extreme beer. Beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer. Oh, I should also note that we wrote about BEERSHAKES for my day job a while back.

*Drinking: A co-worker directs me to this fantastical flickr photo set of people trying a drink called Jeppson’s Malort for the first time. Almost as good as those 2 Girls, 1 Cup reaction videos. And significantly less off-putting. The drink is apparently favored by one JOHN HODGMAN. (The drink in question being, of course, Jeppson’s Malort.) Ick. [charlotte]

*The circle of life: As soon as my new anonymous Twitter self (see this twittercide thingy for an explanation) gains 100 followers, I will out him. And we can begin this circle of life all over again. Shanti.

Links for 11.21.08: Em’s candy, Kanye’s leaks, listening to movies…

*Media mashing: I need to figure out a way to find time to explain my fascination with modern media that’s been removed from its original context – usually stuff that’s taken from more technologically advanced media to less. But I’m too busy listening to audio tracks of movies without the video. [cinematical]

*Music: If you would like some MP3s from a couple of old white guys, Aquarium Drunkard has tracks from Bob Dylan / Johnny Cash – 1969 Sessions.

*Food: Behold, this portrait of Eminem created from M&Ms. MMMMM. [idolator]

*Twitter: Shaquille O’Neal is on twitter. But you should just follow Fireland instead.

*Leaks: Kanye has started using imeem as a leaking platform for his new music. Leaking platform. Heh. [hypebot]

*Movies: You should look at these pie charts of the colors used in Sofia Coppola movies. They are aesthetically pleasing. And soothing. No, really. Look at the motherfuckers. Please? [golden fiddle]

*Thinking: 100 Blogs That Will Make You Smarter. You may notice that the listenerd is not on here.

*Tumbling: Someone has devoted a tumblr to Gary Busey. Which is like devoting a life to sadness. [buzzfeed]

*Blogging: Here is the listenerd’s tumblr. Maybe I will bring twitter – which I have been doing quasi-anonymously for a month or so –back into the light some day in the near future. MAYBE.

Video: interviews Fleet Foxes

[music slut]

Links for 8.15.08: Accordion rock, Michael Phelps’ iPod, bikes pimped with speakers…

*Sports: What is on United States Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’ iPod? Lil Wayne and Eminem. I was expecting Leonard Cohen. [spinner]

*Accordions: You may have heard (a week or so ago on the listenerd) that accordion rock is back. Now you can find out one man’s Top 5 Accordion Rock songs. (Not mine.) [largehearted boy]

*Travel: If you are stuck on a layover in Paris at Charles de Gaulle (or Orly) airport, you can get dancing lessons for free. [coudal]

*Teenypop: The Jonas Brothers’ brand may be worth billions. [ypulse]

*Social music: TechCrunch questions whether has enough juice to compete with Imeem. (Google Trends charts count as analysis?)

*Arrests: DMX has been arrested again. My professional opinion is that he is pathological. Maybe even crazier than R. Kelly. Or Jessica Simpson. [bossip]

*Collections: Free MP3 downloads pulled off of 78 RPM records. A lot of them. [s4xton]

*Transportation: Bikes pimped out with kick-ass speaker systems. You need to see these pics. [psfk]

*Off topic: You should consider listening to an audio outtake of an interview former Gawker editor Choire Sicha did with insane mindgrape scion Alec Baldwin. [videogum]

Links for 7.18.08: MTV’s discovery, Waits <3’s Elliot, Barack headed to Lolla?

*Discovery: MTV launches its own music discovery tool, SoundTrack. In approximately 1.5 years, I will be beyond the age of discovery, and will only listen to the songs of my youth. [ypulse]

*Lists: 25 Things You May Not Know About Tom Waits – “His favourite contemporary artist is Missy Elliot.” [largehearted boy]

*Politics: Barack Obama to appear at this year’s Lollapalooza?

*Videogames: Rock Band will offer more than 500 songs by the end of the year.

*Videogames: Carriers prepare to roll out cellphone versions of Guitar Hero. [textually]

*Social: gets a makeover. Forgive me; it has been almost a year since I last scrobbled.

*Journey: The Las Vegas Review-Journal profiles listenerd obsession Arnel Pineda. Yes, I am verifiably insane.

*Off topic: What are the 10 greatest misspelled tattoos? “Only God will Juge Me.” [mefi]

*Gone: I am going into the Northwoods, to the land of the Watersmeet Nimrods, where blogs dare not go. I will return at a later date, filled with beer and cheese, and wearing camouflage.

Links for 3.10.08: The Beatles on iTunes, depressed bloggers, aliases…

*Depressed people turn to blogging. I could have guessed this, were I not so apathetic.

*McCartney signs a $400M deal with iTunes to make Beatles songs available.

*AdAge covers the Walkmen (a personal fave) and the art of selling out (indie style).

*Check out the hottest music soc net’s (Imeem’s) guide to SXSW. SXSW. Guides. Effers, every one. [hypebot]

*SlicethePie (covered previously on the listenerd) crowdsources A&R and band management, allowing fans to back and make bucks on up-and-coming bands. They recently received $2M in venture funding. [hypebot]

*REM is releasing its new album through iLike before it hits stores. On a side note, I am somewhat bored with disruption of musical distribution channels.

*I love aliases. Not pen names proper, but the disposable aliases used by the famous to travel quasi-anonymously. Ron Mexico. George Fox (who is apparently a real person and acquaintance of Mr. Spitzer). Further study is here needed.