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Links for 8.19.09: Ohio’s piano, Ed Hardy, JK Wedding hijinx, zombies…

*Maps: 88 keys. 88 counties. Play with this map of Ohio counties as a fucking piano. Holy. Awesome. (I recommend playing “The Entertainer” for yourself.) [mefi]

*Marketing: Was the hit video of a St. Paul couple’s wedding entrance a marketing campaign? Read up on a breakdown of the evidence in the case of the JK Wedding Dance.

*Archives: Maybe you should listen to MP3s of the Les Paul Show. Not because he’s dead, because he’s good. He’s also dead. [harper’s]

*Undead: Personally, I hate zombies. The internet, though, loves them like bacon. Or coffee. Or pirates. Anyway, here’s a blog that does zombie parodies of popular songs. [neatorama]

*Home: These cassette tape lights will keep you up at night. Due to their coolness. Not their emission of near-blinding light. See what I did there? Assholes. [treehugger]

*Fashion: A hip-hop artist named Dirty Nasty records an anti-Ed Hardy rap. Like the saying goes, any enemy of Ed Hardy is a friend of mine. [buzzfeed]

*Work: Rarely have I seen such a touchy cultural touchpoint as Woodstock in all my day job examination of generational differences.

*Music: Daytrotter offers up some notes on The National.

*Local: Here’s a promo video for No Bird Sing’s upcoming CD release. I work with a No Bird Sing guy. He saw me carrying an umbrella with a pink handle today. Hence this post.

Links for 6.1.09: British pop, boobs, vizzies, skulls, chocolate inhalers…

*Lists: The top 100 British pop songs – hahahaahahahhhhaahhhhhhahaahahahh. Ugh. [pop candy]

*Double-serving site: Explosions and boobs. Twice as nice as single-serving sites? [buzzfeed]

*Vizzies: GOOD magazine has put up its infographics on Flickr. [kottke]

*Prose: Whatever you think of the message, the Boner Party dude can write. He is onto something. “we are stupid in exactly the same way that Tom from Tom & Jerry is “stupid” (he’s the cat, you idiot). we know what we want but have no idea how to get it. silly traps? fun and games? wine and dine another intermittent character to make her jealous enough to come over there and ruin your date? that’s exactly what its fucking like and you know it.”

*Head: If you like looking at skulls, check out Jim’s work. ART skulls. Man, I don’t know. [coudal]

*Music 2.0: Sony is bringing all of its catalog that’s older than two years old to eMusic and eMusic is raising prices. I stopped using eMusic like three years ago and I still have a soft spot for them, even though I hate them. I’m complicated like that.

*Festivals: This video of a guy starting a dance party at Sasquatch music festival reeks of virality. But VERY impressive moves. [aprilini]

*Media: Take a tour of the last 200+ (and the few) years of media – with quilt-like visualizations. [magnetbox]

*Food: If you like things that are delicious, perhaps you will love chocolate inhalers. [kate]

*Twitter: Kids don’t Tweet. Less than a quarter of 18-24 year-olds use Twitter. Is is a tad alarming only in that Facebook is currently structured to be the more brain-dead medium.

*Today’s links: Weak sauce.

Links for 5.20.08: Napster’s music store, Exes cassettes, the top MP3 blogs…

*Napster puts its 6 million song catalog on sale as DRM-free tracks, at a price of $.99 apiece.

*Cassette from My Ex. A blog that a lets people wax rhapsodic over mix tapes from their exes from back in the day. [tons of effers]

*Chuck Klosterman on super fans: Who are your fans that care too much? [everyone]

*Read a long interview with Ali Hewson, Bono’s wife, who must be the most patient, understanding woman in the world. (I really do not like Bono.) [music filter]

*Light my fire: Zippo + mp3 player = The Zarva Zippo MP320. [crave via daily swarm]

*Rolling Stone names its favorite MP3 blogs. Who knew these dudes even had broadband? [lucas gonze]

*Death Cab for Cutie is blogging over at Stereogum. Who’s the sellout now? No, really. Who is? Which of these parties? Hello?

*Coachella attendance was down 30,000 this year. [digital music news]

*The Rolly, Sony’s batshit crazy MP3 player, has finally come to the U.S.

*Off topic video: The science behind getting hit in the nuts. (Just because the recent flying wang post went over so well.) [spincity]

Links for 4.22.08: Green metalheads, Sony’s purchase, Pitchfork’s millions…

*Sony is buying Gracenote for $260M. HUH. [musick in the head]

*Sonific is shutting down. I tried to use one of their streaming music widgets once, but it was too much of a pain in the ass to set up. [listening post]

*NYT’s Pogue pumped about Direct Note Access, software that can recognize what musical notes are being played.

*Pitchfork makes $5M a year in ads? Color me sickened. [daily swarm]

*Nokia’s Comes with Music program offers phones that will offer consumers free tunes from Sony BMG. Nokia is doing some pretty interesting shit. [digital media rants]

*Kevin Kelly talks to musician Robert Rich about the music business and Kelly’s 1000 True Fan theory. [waxy]

*I love the blog Metal Sucks. Their take on Earth Day. “Quit your complaining — it’s not like you have to go to the fucking recycling plant and churn it through the machinery yourself — it’s as simple as putting it in a different garbage bag.”

*On topic: Radiohead is so green, they’ll record their next Conan performance in London rather than travel to the U.S. for it. [vicarious]

*LOCAL: Orson Welles’ “Touch of Evil” will be playing at the Parkway Theater starting on Friday. In it, Charlton Heston plays a Mexican. [for details see switchblade comb]

Links for 1.7.08: Ringtones’ value, Rolly’s rollout, Napster’s MP3s…

*Napster is starting to sell DRM-free music now. MP3s. Funny. [paid content]

*To get Sony BMG’s DRM-free tunes, you have to go to a physical store and buy a card. Dumb. (More at Mashable.)

*The estimable Clive Thompson on the Loudness Wars: “Audiophiles are jackasses.”

*Soulja Boy (who is 17) is having a baby. (No supersoaking jokes from me.) [earsucker]

*Want headphones endorsed by the one and only Dr. Dre? $400. All hail the Loudness Wars. [daily swarm]

*Why Ringtones Are More Valuable Than MP3s. []

*The Sony Rolly music player is coming to the U.S. in the spring. [engadget]

*More CES: Metallic wireless earbuds.

*Me too.