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Musicians who Twitter

(*Updated November 3, 2009.)

I made Twitter list here.

As everyone knows, Twitter’s people search was non-existent until just recently, and is mediocre even now. Given that, I compiled a VERY SHORT LIST (NOT THE TRADEMARKED KIND) of musicians who Twitter.

I have tried following most of them, and I’ll be honest with you: the majority of them are very, very, very bad at Twittering. I had to quit them. I’m sorry. Shaq is the least musician among them, but perhaps the second-best Twitterer (Jonathan Coulton is easily the best), in a fucked-up zen sort of way.

(If you would rather just follow people who are smart and/or hilarious, go here and scroll to the bottom.) Lil Wayne and Chris Brown and some others did some Twittering for the VMAs a couple years ago and were awful, then quit, so I didn’t include them. Also, I cannot guarantee the authenticity of all of these accounts. There are a lot of fakesters out there, and it’s not difficult to impersonate inanity.

(Also, of course, you can always follow a REAL HUMAN BEING. Just saying.)

Another list here, from Mashable.

Lily Allen
Band of Horses
Sara Bareilles
Bloc Party
The Cardinals
Nick Cave
Jonathan Coulton
Rivers Cuomo
Ani Difranco
Snoop Dogg
Lady GaGa
MC Hammer
Imogen Heap
Hot Hot Heat
Talib Kweli
Lil Wayne
Mates of State
Dave Matthews
John Mayer
Willie Nelson
Yoko Ono
Pearl Jam
Shaquille O’Neal
Questo of the Roots
The Raconteurs
Jay Reatard
John Roderick
Edward Roste
Soulja Boy
Britney Spears
Regina Spektor
John Tesh
John Vanderslice
Patrick Wilson
Tay Zonday

Also: you may visit this ever-expanding spreadsheet for new Twitter musicians.

Here are some other guides to Musicians on Twitter:

Pop Junikie now has a large list of bands on Twitter.
COED magazine has 406 Bands Who Twitter.
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Links for 12.1.08: YouTube Symphony, Ho supermanning, The Knife opera…

*YouTube: Good fucking God, I got a huge “Lil Orphan Annie” ad when I clicked through to this article discussing the YouTube Symphony Orchestra, a recently launched classical music talent search. On a totally unrelated note, I really WANT TO SEE LIL ORPHAN ANNIE FOR SOME REASON.

*Heroes: Vulture interviews internet and hip-hop sensation Soulja Boy, who says of supermanning hos: “It’s really nothing that you can actually do.” Oh, you think?

*Movies: Spike Jonze is working on a documentary about Maurice Sendak, author of “Where the Wild Things Are” and other kids’ books. We have been on a real “In the Night Kitchen” kick around here for the past two weeks. And those bakers are creepy.

*Drinks: I didn’t know this until now, but today was National Bloody Mary Day.

*Nature: First the bees died, now acorns are disappearing? RUN. [bb]

*Singing: The Knife is writing an opera inspired by Darwin. Now this is an idea I can like. And not be ashamed of liking. Until later on.

*Twitter: Why Tim O’Reilly loves it. “I know not just what people are thinking about or reading, but enough about what they are doing that our relationship deepens, just like real-world friendships.” Personally, I like it for the bons mots. My own, usually. Or sometimes @Moltz’s. Or SeoulBrother’s.

*Things I read about, but am too bored with to post: Britney’s documentary, Britney’s popularity among web searchers, Pownce’s closing, the top 20 nude celeb scenes in cinema of 2008, the top ten hip-hop samples in history and A-Rod in general. You effers need to stop wearing me down.

Video: Soulja Boy’s “Turn My Swag On”

I turned my swag on a couple weeks ago when my 401k started to go in the toilet.

Links for 9.17.08: Journey in Mpls, top gay albums, R. Kelly’s insanity…

*Concerts: PEOPLE! LISTEN! Journey was in town last night. Review here, but word on the street is that a very young-looking Arnel Pineda “ran his fingers through his hair for 1.5 hours straight.” [jenna]

*Infographics: “The Gay Plot” shows the venn diagram of Out‘s Top 25 Gay Albums, Rolling Stone‘s Top 25 Greatest Albums and The Guardian‘s Top 25 Albums. Hint: The Velvet Underground. [tobs]

*Television: R. Kelly is a nutball. 19-year-old girls are inbounds, he reminds us via an interview with BET.

*Wi-fi: Zune owners get free wi-fi under the Golden Arches. I don’t got to McDonald’s and I don’t own a Zune. I’m just telling you this so you don’t think I only blog about shit I like. [medialoper]

*Reviews: Soulja Boy reviews the videogame Braid. New dances, videogame reviews – the man is indefatigable. And also, rich. And he has a lot of time on his hands.

*Internet stupidity: Rick Astley comments on rickrolling. [urlesque]

*E-mail: Sarah Palin uses Yahoo! mail. Weird? Also, I have it on good authority that she has a one-armed dentist. (Not kidding.) Related.

*Local: Husker Du’s Bob Mould is working on his autobiography. Additionally, I am too lazy to figure out umlauts. [earfarm]

Video: Do the Bird Walk, Soulja Boy’s new dance

It is not as dumb as Mr. Boy’s eponymous dance, however, you may be briefly entertained or inspired. Also: nice couch.

Beef follow up: Maybe Soulja Boy was right

In this week’s (September 1) New Yorker, artist Kehinde Wiley comments that Ice-T was the most difficult subject he ever had sit for him. “He had the most shocking level of ego and excess. It was me inviting these celebrities to be who they wanted to be, and he goes straight for a portrait of Napoleon. He was, like, ‘If anyone deserves to be Napoleon, it’s me. I’m the father of gangster rap.’ So he crowned himself.”

Also, here is a slide show of Mr. Wiley’s work, though it does not include his painting of Ice-T.

Video: Soulja Boy shows off his toys

He will never eclipse the cultural high-point of the “Crank That” dance at this rate. EVER.

Links for 8.18.08: Radiohead feud, topless Kanye, rockers ask Why Obama?

*Rules: The RIAA comes down on Muxtape. First, it’s Scrabulous; now this. It’s almost like stealing isn’t OK anymore.

*Prodigies: A 16-year-old Guitar Hero prodigy quits school to focus on his passion, playing Guitar Hero. Hilarious joke [REDACTED]. [ypulse]

*Old white guys: David Byrne and Brian Eno offer a full stream of their new record, “Everything That Happens Will Happen Today.” [listening post]

*Live: Crowdfire captures concert-goers’ live music experiences. Multi-media experiences uploaded by people who were there.

*Feuds: The Hold Steady thinks that Radiohead has lost their way. As far as beefs go, I will take Ice T vs. Soulja Boy over this half-assed bullshit any day.

*Politics: Largehearted Boy has a series of posts wherein writers and indie rockers explain Why Obama.

*Topless photos: Of Kanye West. The commenters are asking for sit-ups. Yeezy, I feel your pain.

*Off topic: Pornography that’s for Canadians, by Canadians. Canada’s first adult video channel offering significant (at least 50%!) homegrown content prepares to launch. [kate]

Video: Rapping on the evening news

A weatherman and a traffic reporter attempt to rap on television. Scary shit, people.

First traffic:

And now a weather rap. Click here and scroll down.

Links for 7.31.08: Kanye’s clothes, Aussie pirates, Rihanna’s outerwear…

*Fashion: Kanye West makes Vanity Fair‘s best-dressed list. Must have been the sunglasses? You know? With the shutters? Hello? Hi.

*Alternative fuels: The New York Times highlights young rockers riding biodiesel busses.

*Hip-hop and hops: ?uestlove’s Air Force 1 shoes.

*Mascots: OK, first listenerd favorite Soulja Boy beefs with Ice T. Then listenerd mascot Fergie agrees to play a prostitute in her feature film debut. And now listenerd emerging artist Rihanna is seen sporting a nipple ring through her see-through shirt. Next up: the listenerd adopts Amy Grant.

*Fashion: The geekini is a Nintendo controller-inspired bikini.

*Travel: If you go to Australia, they may check your gear for pirated music. THAT YOU HAVE STOLEN.

*The internet: The Daily Star points out KissThisGuy, a site for misheard lyrics. (There are few better than “Yellow Ledbetter.”) Because kids used to learn lyrics by reading the CD liners. [fark]

Video: Soulja Boy bloopers and outtakes

Soulja Boy saying “yo.” Take that, Ice T.

Video: Soulja Boy’s “Donk” music video

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[via idolator]

Video update: Ice Cube comments on the Soulja Boy v. Ice T beef

Ice Cube adds his commentary to the Soulja Boy vs. Ice T beef, citing a fundamental generation gap as the source of the animosity.

Also: The internet destroyed hip-hop.

Links for 7.2.08: Jeezy’s candidate,’s success story, Kobe’s ass…

*Young Jeezy’s insightful political analysis of the current American presidential race: “Barack, he has a lot of things going for him.” [daily swarm]

*Speaking of: tells the story behind the “Yes, We Can” video. If is half the storyteller he is a songwriter, we are in for a world of hurt. And I mean that in as loving a manner as I can muster.

*Does Madonna have a thing going with A-Rod? Also: Who here is more disgusted than me?

*Zune is launching webisodes featuring N.E.R.D., Nelly, and Linkin Park.

*Download: “Kobe, tell me how my ass taste?” ringtone. [listening post]

*Video: Bjork plays with Sigur Ros. [brooklyn vegan]

*Fashion: Soulja Boy sneakers from Yums. I just supersoaked myself. [ypulse]

*Off topic: This handkerchief has moustaches on it! [uncrate]