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Video: Ken Nordine’s FELONIOUS 720 480 REV

Video: Ken Nordine’s “Go Get Me the Guru”

Ken Nordine all day.

Video: Ken Nordine’s “I Used to Think My Right Hand Was Uglier Than My Left”

I’ll be honest; I don’t know what’s going on.

Video: Ken Nordine’s “7 Ways of the Meek”

Video: Ken Nordine’s “Goofy Love Story”

When asked (in a YouTube comment) if he made the images in this video himself, Nordine (89) responds: “yup…in the´╗┐ computer.”

Love it.

Video: Ken Nordine’s Credit Card Blues

Never forget to put these up. Never forget.

Video: A new Ken Nordine BURST!

How did I miss this?

You may already know that 89-year-old spoken word artist Ken Nordine has an active (for an octogenarian) YouTube account. He posts word jazzy audio and visuals every few months or so, and I link to them regularly. It appears that he released his most recent one on Christmas.

Even the YouTube comments (normally a bastion of crassness and stupidity) are touching: “Ken, I am delighted to have found your Channel; I have been a devoted fan since high school and I am now well over sixty. In fact, my high school English teacher played your album Word Jazz for the class and I was hooked. This is the first YouTube video by you I have watched and I loved it!”

Here’s Burst 349.

Video: Fan-made video of Ken Nordine’s “Cerise”

Have I mentioned lately that I love Ken Nordine?

Video: Ken Nordine’s “Immunological Systems”

Note: I will post anything and everything Ken Nordine puts up on his YouTube channel until the end of time.

Video: Ken Nordine’s “MAYBE THE MOMENT part one”

Speak of the devil…brand-new word jazz on YouTube from the indefatigable Ken Nordine (sans the words!?).

Video: More Ken Nordine – “Truth Mute”

I heard a segment on Ken Nordine on NPR like 5 years ago and I was hooked.

Video: Ken Nordine’s “C’est la vie”

Watery. If you are interested in having YOUR MIND BLOWN.

Video: Hmong (and Minnesota) hip-hop heritage in the New York Times

This is amusing. A New York Times video segment about Minnesota Hmong rapper Tou Saiko Lee. Lee raps about his Laotian heritage, and what it’s like to live in Minnesota. HILARIOUS: I saw Delicious Venom do a spoken word thing at the Loft many years back. They sounded a little green then, so it’s good to see that they’ve kept pushing and gained greater recognition.

Update: The embedded video isn’t loading (apologies), so click through (highly recommended).

Video: New Word Jazz video goes up – Ab and Stract

I would like to make my own word jazz one day.