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Links for October 31, 2011: Slutty Krueger

*Kickstarter: Today, I gave money to a Kickstarter project that will fund Flummox and Friends (from Christa Dahlstrom), a “live-action comedy designed to help kids navigate the social and emotional world.” First, I love the project, and am heartened by it. Second, that quote (and the messaging in toto) contains some pretty savvy language. It’s dripping with latent code that people who are read in the literature of autism spectrum disorder are sure to pick up on. That not a knock on it. The pitch is neurally inclusive, and should be. (If neurally inclusive isn’t a term yet, it will be.) What’s interesting about the project is that its utility for those on the autism spectrum and/or those with Asperger’s gets an explicit mention, but it’s not until the third or fourth item in the list of features.

*Things: Architect Gijs Van Vaerenbergh has designed a transparent steel church. I don’t speak French. (On a side note, I do enjoy sitting at outdoor cafes smoking.) [gijs]

*Intellectual property: Via Murketing comes a story that CNN is reporting; namely, that some people in New York are trying to copyright the phrase “Occupy Wall Street” in order to sell merch. This is a BRILLIANT thought experiment / conceptual art piece. Whether it was meant to be or not.

*Crafts: Apparently, drive-by quilting is the new yarn bombing. (Also, Ricky Tims is “a good-old boy.” Or so I hear.) [mefi]

*Sports: I’m not at all interested in a water skiing chair. But in the event that a water skiing toilet gets invented, you know who to contact. (Me.)

*In memoriam: You’ve seen it before. Maybe you’ve even already read it. But Steve Jobs’ sister, Mona Simpson, wrote a moving tribute to the Apple founder.

*Salty snacks: We’re all thinking it when we see Tom Lyons’ Triscuit Chairs, so I’m just going to go ahead and say it: swiss cheese cushions. [laughing squid]

*Film: OK, this description of Andrew Niccoli’s film “In Time” speaks to me in a BOOMING voice: “In the future, thanks to genetic engineering, everyone’s physical appearance ceases to develop or decline at age twenty-five, at which moment, with a silent, monitory thump, a stop watch on the left forearm—a cross between an Auschwitz serial number and a lime-green digital alarm clock—begins ticking down from one year.”

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Links for October 13, 2011: Switch bugs on an obvious refusal

*Breaking!: 98% of the skeletal remains of a theropod who died in its youth have been found in southern Germany! This may be the most complete dinosaur fossil ever discovered! (My son made me put all those exclamations in there. In fact, he is responsible for this entire entry.)

*Cramping: Check out these Foogos, logos of sports team and comic book characters that are made out of food. Nearly debilitating in their wasteful and overindulgent repulsiveness! What we really need is a Minnesota Vikings logo made out of dog shit.

*Neurotypicality: Those who know me well might understand why I have a special interest in neurotypicality and empathy. I found this online empathy quotient test that Coudal linked to interesting for a couple reasons. One was because it was designed by the foremost authority on Autism Spectrum Disorder, Simon Baron-Cohen (cousin of Ali G), and two because I got the AVERAGE male score. I’m totally average!!!

*Battles in the Sky: This New York Times video features the timeless art of kite fighting. It’s important here to remember the words of Sun Tzu, “[Something something] TOO MUCH SLACK! PULL IT! NOW RUN!! GO GO!!”

*Local: The Minneapolis startup scene is remarkably dismal. I guess it receives no help (in my book, at least) from Wahooly, a new “alpha” service that gets a bunch of people to market startups. I am depressed. Also, I think I went to high school with one of the founders. AM I STARTING TO LOOK OLD AROUND THE EYES??? On an even more tangential note, sometimes I wonder if the folds under George Clooney’s eyes smell like cigarette smoke.

*Podcasts: It sounds like Alec Baldwin will be launching a podcast soon. Though I have become HIGHLY reliant on podcasts for my information and entertainment needs of late, I’m a little trepidatious of this one simply because I recently learned via Mr. Baldwin’s Twitter feed that he is a huge fan of THE EAGLES. (YES, THE INCREDIBLY TEDIOUS BAND.)

*Medicine: This oncologist speculating about the cause and arc of Steve Jobs’ illness and death is jarring. [mefi]

*Identity: I am Charles Vasa. We are all Charles Vasa.

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Links for October 11, 2011: Tear the reaper

*This Indian Life: This is the second time I’ve linked to Caravan magazine in the past week! And I don’t even read magazines! Even/especially Caravan! Read about how the voice of the Delhi metro (“Mind the gap,” etc.) first experienced the train. Here’s what a (regular, non “women’s”) Delhi metro car looks like.

*Recommendations: If you want to read the work of someone who writes well, I suggest that you find Mark Lisanti’s various web presences and follow them. To wit: The Types of People You Meet at an Introductory Home Brewing Class. (I feel like it’s weird that neither beards nor bicycles were mentioned.)

*Clothing: This anecdote about how and why Steve Jobs came to wear black turtlenecks and 501 jeans REALLY struck a cord with me. I feel like I’m one PERFECT long-sleeved shirt away from having a uniform I could commit to. (SUGGESTIONS WELCOMED.) For other men of civilian uniform, see Albert Einstein and Scott Seekins.

*Cunning stunts: Based on the recommendation of Stephen Metcalf from Slate’s Culture Gabfest, which is somehow affiliated with the universally-loathed-for-its-kneejerk-contrarian-headlines, I listened to the Fresh Air podcast wherein Terry Gross interviews legendary Hollywood stuntman Hal Needham. A good-old-boy and a great listen. (I will note that I could not fully enjoy the podcast due to the fact that I was jogging at the time. Which I hate.)

*Video: Joey Chestnut speed eats chili. Two gallons. Six minutes. This reminds me of the time I went jogging after eating some sort of weird salmon meal. (Today.)

*Essay: How I Started Running. Good read. I have recently started running and can’t decide whether I loathe myself more for having taken up the sport or for starting to like it. Or for having run immediately after eating a strange dinner. (Earlier this evening.)

*Basketball: Quite a while ago, I wrote about a photo of Dirk Nowitzki. And Inglourious Basterds. Trust me. Go with it. Go with it.

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Links for October 8, 2011: The care and feeding of isolationism

*Ads: Check out Audi’s interactive YouTube driving videogame. If you are in the market for a mid-high end automobile. Or like ads.

*Home: The thing I found funniest about this very good Lauren Collins article about IKEA is the description of the company’s founder’s home town: “Älmhult lies halfway between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, in Småland, a remote region of barren, rocky flatland. Smålanders are known, more or less, as the Scots of Sweden. Faced with the area’s harsh winters and lack of arable soil, many of them immigrated to Minnesota in the nineteenth century.” Right between the eyes: Scot, Swedish, Minnesota, lack of arable soil.

*Photos: A nude Gaius Baltar, who has apparently joined the Occupy Wall Street movement.

*Science: I highly recommend that you look at these sponge human body sculptures by Etienne Gros. One is of a butt.

*Hypermediated: Barry Ritholtz pull-quotes Nicholas Thompson wondering who will be the next Steve Jobs in the New Yorker: “[Mark Zuckerberg] gives every indication of being the next Bill Gates: a smart dude who has one great idea at the right time, builds a monopoly, and then keeps it by releasing stuff that’s good enough but never great.”

*Slides: This slideshow of cargo bikes reminds me that I would like to cut up a Burley and load it up with like half a dozen sheets of plywood. Or maybe paving stones. (For what it’s worth, you see more radically weird ones around here weekly.)

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Links for 1.21.09: Obama’s media FX, Kanye’s mullet, Beastie art…

*The Inauguration: This is probably worth a longer post – and I may do one for the jobby blog – but during President Obama’s inauguration yesterday, Google traffic dropped while Twitter traffic spiked (along with a bounce in traffic for Flickr and other social sites). Eschewing their habitual seeking of a-temporal information in a time of excitement, people reached out to each other.

*Hair: I, for one, love Kanye West’s black mullet (or “blullet”). But then again, I’m bald. FOREVER.

*Artwork: Putting Ad Rock in religious art isn’t blasphemy, it’s business. And blasphemy. Probably. Technically. (Works of art that include the Beastie Boys.) [hinto]

*Lists: JamsBio lists The Beatles’ songs from worst to best.

*Criticism: Pitchfork gives Bon Iver’s new Blood Bank EP a 7.9. (I am typing this with 8 fingers.)

*Twitter: Cursebird offers potty mouths a real-time look at all the swearing that’s happening on Twitter. Right now, fuck is winning. FUCK IS WINNING!!!!! (Here is my personal swearing graph.) [poploser]

*Earnings: Apple reports record earnings for its most recent quarter. iPods kill, though the iPhone was a tad ill. And by that I mean that sales did not meet expectations.

*Covers: Bonny “Prince” Billy covers Danzig’s “Am I Demon.” [cameronr]

Links for 12.30.08: Defriending, Retweeting, Gibbarding and Metal Beef

*Love: All the bloggers have told you this – Ben Gibbard and Zooey Deschanel are engaged. That dude must have some smooth game, because even I think he is unattractive. And that’s like the pot calling the kettle horribly disfigured.

*Metal Beef: It’s Kip Winger vs. Lars Ulrich. God, I love a good beef. Side beef: Tila Tequila vs. Rihanna. Eh.

*Comments: The post most commented-upon over at Stereogum this year was one discussing VH1’s Top 100 Songs in Hip-Hop list. I used to comment on Stereogum. God, that’s weird to think about.

*Musical obits: The Times has put together a musical montage from musicians who passed away in 2008.

*Concerts: Kraftwerk will be playing with Radiohead on the latter band’s Latin American tour, kicking off March 2009.

*Blogs: Fimoculous’ 30 most notable blogs of 2008. This list – a new version of which comes out yearly – is usually very good! It feels more mainstream this year! Waxy, Gawker, the NYT. Maybe it’s not the list who’s changed, it’s ME. It usually is. It usually. Effin’. Is.

*Social media: The Wall Street Journal takes on the unsavory topic of DEFRIENDING. I have long been a staunch advocate of defriending, and defriend at least once a week. I have to tell you, without fail it feels great. I’d guess that I eventually refriend about 15% of the people I defriend. [ypulse]

*Ugh: Is Steve Jobs ok?

*Dumb: This post on Retweets as a primary metric in Twitter authority rank (whaa???) made me finally unsubscribe from TechCrunch. I can’t take the time to explain why it annoyed me so much, but at the heart of things is a profound lack of perspective.

*Security: Check out the Top 100 passwords. “Fuckyou” slides in at #49, but what’s really surprising (and effed up) is #5. [can’t remember]

Links for 10.24.08: The Hudsons, The Smiths and Weird Al vs. Steve Jobs…

*Obit: Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother were found dead from gunshot wounds on the South Side of Chicago this afternoon. Devastating and depressing.

*Rumor: Are the Smiths reuniting? I know nearly nothing about the Smiths, having spent the last five years trying to keep up with the Joneses. [largehearted boy]

*Professionals: The Musician’s Twitter Roadmap. Personally, I recommend being hilarious. Or really famous. Or a hot chick. (Not in that order.)

*On again / off again: Weird Al is PISSED at iTunes. I would NOT want to have this dude mad at me. Perhaps there are some Steve Jobs vs. Weird Al mashups that could add humor to this situation. Or parody songs. Maybe involving heart attacks.

*Video: John Hodgman’s brief digression on matters of lost time. That is my last John Hodgman link. Of the day. [bb]

*Trailers: Maybe you would like to watch the latest trailer for the Biggie Smalls biopic “Notorious.” It is in WIDE format. (That’s not a fat joke!) [You never know.]

*Fashion: You love Crocs. You love Uggs. Winter Crocs offer the best of both worlds. (Those worlds being an overlapping geography of various hells.)

*Tidbit: We are undergoing a worldwide economic meltdown. Please send links.

Links for 8.28.08: Jam Legend, Cherp, breastcasting…

*Webcasting: Radiohead will be webcasting a show live from Santa Monica tonight, at 8:30 Central time. They are competing with Barack, people. How are we supposed to find resolution here? [pop candy]

*Videogames: JamLegend takes the Guitar Hero phenomenon online. (Their site was offline when I tried to visit. Funny. I guess.) [techcrunch]

*The Brett Favre of Musicians: Entertainment Weekly interviews M.I.A.: “I was quite happy to just leave it all behind. I was happy with what I had achieved. Now, with the success of ‘Paper Planes,’ there’s pull for me to make another record.” [music slut]

*Obit: It seems like every day this summer you see a new music-related obit. This time it’s for a guy who isn’t even dead. Bloomberg accidentally runs Steve Jobs’ obituary.

*Ideas: The Futility of Flogging Music, by Music Think Tank. I guess I thought flogging meant something else. Which is why I clicked in in the first place. [largehearted boy]

*Music biz: MuSick in the Head (and ReadWriteWeb) muses on iTunes prospects of joining the cloud. “The potential notion of Subscription + Cloud + iPhone + Taste Networking = pretty compelling proposition.”

*Breastcasting: Katy Perry gets a cast made out of her breasts. And, I take it, she liked it. [buzzfeed]

*Mashups: Atmosphere vs. Silversun Pickups [mfr]

*Marketing services: Cherp is a marketing services agency that helps corporations optimize their presence on Twitter. Here’s what you need to know: Be a living, breathing human person with faults, aspirations and ideas. Use twitter. Don’t be a prick. Goodbye. [mashable]

Breaking mini-links post! (7.27.08): Extreme diarrhea and cassette tapes

*Updated (7.28).

*Daring Fireball: Apple uber-expert John Gruber thinks that Steve Jobs has EXTREME DIARRHEA!!!!

*Tapes and Tapes: OK, just days after a story on how cassette tapes are totally killing in the prison system comes out, we are holding a funeral for the cassette (based on audio book publishers’ dropping them). What happened in just the last few days? (They were shanked?) [mediaeater]

*Also dead: According to the Times, liner notes are going the way of the cassette tape, as well. I’d like to thank the internet. (Get it? Like a liner note! I made that up just now!!!!!11 Ugh.)

*Lists: Metafilter compiles a list of music lists that includes the 100 Greatest Songs of 1967, the 50 Greatest Classical Tone Poems and the Greatest Frontmen of Rock. A list of reasons this is not a sign of the coming apocalypse:
1) It’s a lot of lists.
2) They’re in one place.
3) They are a fast, orderly way to consume and/or simply sort information.
4) Why would I decry as fatuous a fast, orderly way of consuming information? Can I not just take it at face value and look for other kinds of information in other kinds of places? Hello!? Hello!

Links for 7.26.08: Oil prices and vinyl, Jobs’ health, satellite radio’s future…

*Oil is in everything: Petroleum prices rise, vinyl gets more expensive, too. (Oil isn’t in everything. Well. Not exactly.) [coolfer]

*DRM: Yahoo is turning off support for Yahoo Music in September. If you bought DRM’d music, you should listen to it now. Sad. [medialoper]

*Letters: Billy Bragg keeps writing opinion pieces on the music biz. In his latest, for the Guardian, he suggests a music tax. [another coolfer]

*Video: Mates of State perform on The Interface. These people are PARENTS. Goodbye.

*Video: Exploring True Norwegian Black Metal (the 1st in a 5-part series) and the evil band Gorgoroth. [mefi]

*Apple: Steve Jobs talks about his health to the New York Times. “You think I’m an arrogant [expletive] who thinks he’s above the law, and I think you’re a slime bucket who gets most of his facts wrong.” What I would like to know is what expletive Mr. Jobs chose to use.

*Video: Bill O’Reilly shows of his knowledge of hip-hop. Also, he does not like the rapper Nas. [nah right via getty images]

*Deals: The $3.6B Sirius-XM satellite radio merger has been approved by the FCC.

Video: 1-minute version of Steve Jobs’ WWDC speech

[silicon alley insider]

Links for 11.11.07: Jay-Z vs. Jobs, Rock rides, rap charts +

*Steve Jobs vs. Jay-Z = the new Kanye vs. 50 Cent. (Not really.)

*More on The Poetics of Space Bars (internal link): Hip-hop comes in chart form. [murketing]

*The New York Times on “Band as Brand.” On the art of the 360 deal.

*Animator Michael Levy puts moving pics to Coltrane’s “Giant Steps.” [mefi]

*Technology Crisis and Technology Crisis II, by Cicada are both videogame soundtracks without videogames. A win-win. [bb gadgets]

*Music-inspired theme parks: Decades and The Hard Rock Theme Park. [xrrxf]

*Prepare yourself for a Run-DMC biopic.

*BBC Radio Labs: Beta blogging from sound nerds at the BBC. [magnetbox]