Links for 5.31.08: Wale makes t-shirt, Wentz makes bumblebee, Aussie chiptune…

*The United States ranks 8th in the world in musical intelligence based on an eMusic quiz. I may have been one of the children left behind.

*Do you want a mixtape t-shirt? If anyone could convince you that you do, it’s Wale. For their “Mix Tape About Nothing” release.

*The youngest member of Hanson is now a father.

*The Wall Street Journal profiles Steve Miller, who just kicked off a tour last week: “We weren’t getting anywhere,” he [Miller] told me. “I was pretty much at the end of the line. I didn’t have any dough, and I had just about finally given up. I thought, ‘I’m not going to be Eric Clapton. I’m not the Beatles. I have lots of limitations. So I’m making my record and I’m done.’ ” To fulfill his contract, he turned in “The Joker.”

*If you’ve ever wanted dozens and dozens of Australian chiptune scene music resources all in one place: you’re in luck. [little-scale]

*Pete Wentz has a giant Lego bumblebee made for his new bride, Ashlee Simpson.