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Video: The Superpoke Song

Superpoke Song 2.0

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Next steps for Slide

Recently, we learned that Facebook widget-maker Slide had gotten venture funding and been valued at around $500M – sort of a lot of money. Such eye-bulging numbers will mean increased expectations.

Hence, Superpoke recommendations I have seen (verbatim):

“I’d like to vomit on people”

“for thanksgiving you should have had the option of basting or stuffing people!”

“So-and-So has punched you in the throat.”

“Given you a Sub-prime loan”

“Can you please add a “Throw a Pallet” option. It would be great for everyone who works in a warehouse setting”

“shake hands politely with (in a traditional manner)”

“i want to be able to “facepush” people”

“You should be able to throw a carrot at someones eye”

“Can you add the option of having had Chipotle with someone???”

“I think invaginate should be an option.”

“Has giving you French Onion soup.”

$500M. Yeesh. Makes me want to suggest “grant options to.”

Links for 1.18.08: Notflixing, GH3’s boost, Big Superpoking bucks…

*Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore has recorded a soundtrack for a pornographic film, Extra Action (And Extra Hardcore). Ba-dang-daaaaaannng. [listening post]

*SuperPoking: more value than I ever dreamed. Facebook widget-making startup Slide has been valued at $500M. SEEMS LIKE A LOT. [giga om]

*The ‘nerd reported previously that Nate Dogg had suffered a stroke. Now comes news that he’s partially paralyzed. [earsucker]

*Guitar Hero III and Rock Band have helped move more than 7 million songs online since their release at the end of last year. [getty images]

*Rumor: Is Yahoo going to buy FoxyTunes? (I stopped using F-tunes a few months ago, but very interesting!) [muSick in the head]

*MP3 player to watch: The Insignia Pilot. [popgadget]

*Neologism watch: Notflixing (mailing back DVDs received from Netflix without watching them) and Waitflixing (moving movies lower and lower on your queue without getting them). [pop candy]

MORE WORDS: More on “yo.”

*Deja vu: The Cassette MP3 Player works as a standalone MP3 player, and also can be played when inserted into a cassette deck. If you can find a cassette deck. [geekologie]