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12.14.08: Famous musical muses, Musclephone, Wear Your Music…

*Muses: Meet the people who inspired such songs as Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side,” as well as “Layla” and “Suzanne.” If you haven’t met them already. [mefi]

*Fashion: Spendy guitar strings from Wear Your Music combine cause consumption with the reuse ethos of the sustainability movement. Famous musicians donate their guitar strings, which get made into bracelets and sold to fans. The money goes to charity. Spendy, but a decent idea. (Looks like you can get an Avril bracelet for $150!) [treehugger]

*Songs: BuzzFeed puts together a playlist of earworms.

*Dessert: Chocolate Grace Jones. Thank you, Kanye.

*Lip dubbing: Offer up your best lip synching to the musical stylings of “Flight of the Conchords.” I have been told that I have a similarity in features to the ugly one. [urlesque]

*Fitness: The GettaGrip Musclephone is a cellphone with hand exercisers built in on either side of it. God, I hope this is the kind of shit I see a ton of at the Consumer Electronics Show. [textually]

*Twitter: Read this and this and this. Now do you understand what I’m talking about?

Video: Neil Young driving around in his Lincvolt car

With “Mustang” playing in the background.

[daily swarm]

Links for 10.31.08: The Beatles’ chord, Green porno, Attack ad generator…

*The Secret Chord: Math, music and George Harrison’s “A Hard Day’s Night” opening chord, which has apparently been an international mystery for decades. “Dr. Brown deduces that another George—George Martin, the Beatles producer—also played on the chord, adding a piano chord that included an F note impossible to play with the other notes on the guitar. The resulting chord was completely different than anything found in the literature about the song to date, which is one reason why Dr. Brown’s findings garnered international attention.” [mefi]

*Memorials: Remembering David Foster Wallace. He made me feel like I was at the Adult Video News Awards. In the first row. Covered in I can’t say what.

*Politics: The Attack Ad Generator will help you create your own attack ad. Because everyone loves to hate. [mashable]

*Free music: I have been thinking about this for a long time. But I have never done anything about it. Except read. And spout off. StreamDrag lets freeloaders easily listen to music hosted on YouTube. [mashable]

*Sustainability: Many moons ago, we covered Isabella Rossellini’s sustainability-related educational video short series, Green Porno for the day job. Now, we can watch it on YouTube. Basically safe for work, but sort of pervy.

*Obits: Studs Terkel died. I thought he was already dead. So now I was right.

*Notes on Halloween: The Dude went as a red dragon. Thank you. In other news, let me throw my considerable weight behind the Take 5 bar, the Fast Break bar and the new mint Three Musketeers bar. Avoid: Chocolate Skittles. I guess since I mentioned weight, it’s important that I also add that I am bald. Ugh.

Links for 10.17.08: Yeezy’s ganking, Girl Talk’s vlogging, Russell’s hustling…

*The Annals of Ganking: Yeezy (Mr. Kanye West) has been accused of ganking content from NYMag blog Vulture. Next thing you know that fucker will be tumbling without vias. (Huh?) [bossip]

*Vlogging: Girl Talk has a YouTube channel set up for their (his?) current tour. Each video is made up of parts taken from dozens of other video bloggers. (Not really.) [peefork]

*Politics: Spanish socialists have adopted Eddie, the Iron Maiden mascot, as their own. [metal sucks]

*Speculation: The Facebook Music talk kicks up again. (I only go to Facebook for the drunken photographs. And the hilarious virtual gifts.) [mfr]

*Hip-hop: The Economist profiles Russell Simmons. Of his own Rush Card – a way for the unbanked to handle monetary transactions without getting an account – Mr. Simmons says, “This card is meant to get people laid, get them feeling dignity.” Funny. [licensing plate]

*Sustainability: How are musicians going green? Plenty says they’re using biodiesel busses, solar-powered studios, guitars made from sustainably harvested materials, and using soy ink. I don’t know why they didn’t mention Cloud Cult. [largehearted boy]

*Worth it for the headline: “Is It Just Us Or Does J.J. Abrams ‘Star Trek Look Laughable & Retarded?” The headline was too good; I didn’t read on. [the playlist]

*Twitter: Qwitter lets you know when you have been unfollowed. (I mostly quit twitter – and committed twitticide even – a while ago. I don’t even know why.) [waxy]

*Local: The New York Times on law-and-order loving Minneapolites Atmosphere, who played the Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza recently:

“Slug, the group’s verbose rapper, noticed something. Two fans, engaged in a shoving match, were causing a commotion on the floor. ‘Stop the song,’ Slug advised his band, before addressing the troublemakers. ‘Just separate yourselves, like bad kids at the party.'”

Video: Cloud Cult on climate change for the Weather Channel

(If the embed is groggy, the link is here. I am retarded. Well, either me or Vodpod.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[mark wheat]

Links for 8.25.08: Tix scalping innovation, Barenaked escape, Minneapolis UnConvention…

*Tickets: LiveStub hopes to blow away StubHub by skipping the commission on all ticket sales through the site. [venture beat]

*Canada: A Barenaked Lady survived a plane crash yesterday.

*Local: tells Republican National Convention-goers what Minneapolis is like via UnConventionally Yours.

*Bloggers: Matthew McConaughey sort of blogs now. (look under “mm journal” – stupid flash interface). Holy shit; I think this dude is better than I am. [urlesque]

*Burning Man: Laughing Squid offers a round-up on ways to experience Burning Man without going, including a webcam, photostreams, twitterers, and blogs. Also, take some mushrooms and pour hot sand over your head.

*Hip-hop: The New Yorker on David Banner: “Banner, a rapper from a Southern state not generally part of the hip-hop mainstream, is possibly too complex a figure to capture the attention of an audience increasingly skeptical of hip-hop.”

*Sustainability: Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco embraces the green with carbon balancing, bike valets, compost bins, and more. [treehugger]

Links for 7.22.08: A Lennon movie, Miley goes green, amazing movie mashups…

*Movies: John Lennon’s childhood is to be depicted in a forthcoming movie, Nowhere Boy.

*Moneys: TicketLeap is a platform that allows event organizers to sell tickets to their concerts or events. The venture has recently received $2M in funding.

*Mashups: Kottke collects a number of YouTube mashups that combine movie scenes (often poignant) with music that doesn’t fit them at all. I don’t even like Monsters, Inc, however I guess I like juxtapositions such as these.

*Things I Did Not Even Know: Miley Cyrus’ single “Breakout” is an eco-anthem. Despite covering both the music and sustainabilities spaces extensively, I did not know this. [grist]

*Local music: Jayhawks Gary Louris and Mark Olson talk about a forthcoming Jayhawks reunion album. I listened to the Jayhawks a lot in college. I’m not sure what that says about me, but if you know, please contact me with your analysis. [heavy critters]

*Off-topic video: Groverfield. Would a St. Elmo’s Fire muppet mashup be too much to ask for?

*Off-topic video: Watch a man kick himself in the head for about a minute straight. [esquire]

*Upcoming: I have read a lot of hate about LISTS on the internet recently and I am now currently preparing a vigorous defense. Please look for it. (In short: lighten up.) GOODBYE.