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Links for 7.29.09: Prince, Van Morrison, Phish

*Words: Being a linguistic examination of a Van Morrison rant filled with swear words. Related: Go fuck yourself. [mefi]

*Comics: Sally Forth meets Thomas Pynchon. I met Thomas Pynchon once. And have the aphasia to prove it. [harper’s]

*Local: Was Purple Rain the high-water mark of Twin Cities music? I saw Prince play at the Mill City Music Festival once. Then I got extraordinarily drunk and danced on 1st Avenue. Remind me not to describe that in detail to anyone. Ever. [daily swarm]

*Music: I started a LinkedIn group called Professionals for Clarity, Levity and Brevity once. This Mashable article about music and social media would in no way qualify for inclusion in our holy bible. And I have high tolerance.

*Headlines: Love this headline re: Wired’s Chris Anderson – Chris Anderson Less Intellectually Curious Than George W. Bush [spincity]

*Furniture: Cassette lamps. Where’s the 8-track footstool? See what I did there? Hated myself. Intensely. [coudal]

*TV: I am currently watching a television program that’s telling me that Michael Jackson was addicted to eBay. But I can’t imagine him using a computer with any proficiency. He used IE, right?

Video: Every curse from every episode of The Sopranos

NSFW. More than 27 minutes.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Links for 1.21.09: Obama’s media FX, Kanye’s mullet, Beastie art…

*The Inauguration: This is probably worth a longer post – and I may do one for the jobby blog – but during President Obama’s inauguration yesterday, Google traffic dropped while Twitter traffic spiked (along with a bounce in traffic for Flickr and other social sites). Eschewing their habitual seeking of a-temporal information in a time of excitement, people reached out to each other.

*Hair: I, for one, love Kanye West’s black mullet (or “blullet”). But then again, I’m bald. FOREVER.

*Artwork: Putting Ad Rock in religious art isn’t blasphemy, it’s business. And blasphemy. Probably. Technically. (Works of art that include the Beastie Boys.) [hinto]

*Lists: JamsBio lists The Beatles’ songs from worst to best.

*Criticism: Pitchfork gives Bon Iver’s new Blood Bank EP a 7.9. (I am typing this with 8 fingers.)

*Twitter: Cursebird offers potty mouths a real-time look at all the swearing that’s happening on Twitter. Right now, fuck is winning. FUCK IS WINNING!!!!! (Here is my personal swearing graph.) [poploser]

*Earnings: Apple reports record earnings for its most recent quarter. iPods kill, though the iPhone was a tad ill. And by that I mean that sales did not meet expectations.

*Covers: Bonny “Prince” Billy covers Danzig’s “Am I Demon.” [cameronr]

Video: Ed’s Furry Fucking Guide to Metal [NSFW]

Puppets star in this video, but the language is very metal. Which is to say yelly and swearish.

[metal sucks]

Links for 10.11.07: Madonna Nation, Peefork effect, office collars +

*The WSJ reports (and, of course, kicks off a media frenzy in so reporting) that Madonna is close to signing a 10-year, $120M deal with Live Nation that would cover concerts, merch, her next three albums, and a bunch of other stuff. The latest “seismic shift” for the industry.

*The Brooklyn Rail on “Gauging the Pitchfork Effect.” A pull: “Pitchfork now averages 160,000 visitors each day. It’s a safe bet, however, that of those 160,000, zero would admit to actually liking Pitchfork.”

*George Harrison’s albums are now available on iTunes. [pop candy]

*MarketWatch interviews Rob Glaser, CEO of RealNetworks. I don’t think “the jukebox in the sky” is that great a tagline. Just saying.

*For the easily distracted (and those who work in open offices): The Office Collar. [via textually]

*Language: Read this if you love swearing as much as I do. MFer. (Unfortunately, it mentions Bono. But still.) Also: Words change faster the less they are used. Hence the never-changing eff word. [the latter via ]

*Local: Minneapolites between 5’7″ and 5’10” should read this.