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Video: Jian Sword Dancing

More from the anachronistic war department – sword dancing!

Links for 8.3.08: Lollapalooza 360s, music video search, Rickrolling again…

*Digital: “Computer music” pioneer Paul Lansky returns to primitive instruments. “To create the sound of a violin — wow! I can’t do that on a computer.”

*Lollapalooza: Check out the 360-degree views of this weekend’s Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. I see white people!

*Lyrics: Lyrics websites suck. Sure, they may suck for finding the words to songs, but they are useful when it comes to spyware and pop-ads. [medialoper]

*Tools: Find music videos with Cleepr without having to sort through the dross normally found on YouTube. [lifehacker]

*Old things: The Muppets Rick Roll. Personally, I like the Muppets. Well. Most of them. [heavy critters]

*Off topic: I saw some guys LARPing in the park by my house yesterday. With swords. And shields. And, I assume, with talismans. GOODBYE.

Links for 6.13.08: Kelly’s free, Weezer’s wired, Idol’s sued…

*Is American Idol screwing the backup musicians out of money they’ve rightfully earned? Well, those dudes are suing the show. On a semi-related note: I may be the only person in America who is fascinated by Ryan Seacrest.

*R. Kelly was acquitted of all child pornography charges on Friday. Hmmf.

*If you are interested in the mainstream media, you may wish to check out Rolling Stone‘s Bonnaroo 2008 coverage.

*Weezer invites fans to jam with them on their current tour. From the internet celeb viral to the use of manga for marketing to the jam-with-us invite – somebody in the Weezer camp has been paying attention.

*Video: My buddy in the former Soviet Union recorded video of traditional Sukhishvili Georgian Dance. It gets pretty crazy when the swords come out.

*Tim Russert died. Sucks.