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Links for 2.1.10: 22 Tips for Better Abs

*Sound: Silence may be going extinct. I’ll let you think about that for a moment. While I stand here. Humming. [psfk]

*Music: Peter Gabriel covers Bon Iver’s “Flume.” It’s Bon Iver-related, but it’s OK because it’s snowing today.

*Remixes: Ze Frank collected voice mails of people experiencing pain, then sent out the audio to DJs and musicians. They made music – The Pain Pack – with them.

*Decorations: Why get a Jenny Holzer temporary tattoo when you can get a Jenny Holzer permanent tattoo?

*Fashion: Out of Print is a t-shirt shop that puts old, dead book covers onto t-shirts. The still-limited selection includes Catcher in the Rye, Moby Dick and Master and Margarita. [rob]

*Video: I have a 10-minute video of me with a homeless beard and a bald head backgrounded by a brick wall talking about work stuff that I’m not including in this link round up. Consider that my gift to you.

*Today’s links: F. Mediocre links and my abs have still not improved a bit.

Links for 9.15.08: Best Buy’s Napster, Dylan poems, ugly metal men, fat guy shirts…

*Business: The evolution (or devolution?) of the Napster mission and public image is about as interesting as a brand history can be. It was announced today that Best Buy is buying Napster for $121M.

*Money: The Wiggles are Australia’s top-earning performers. Take that, Russell Crowe. (I also have a 30-Odd Foot of Grunt quip prepared, but it is inappropriate to share in this context. I’m sorry.) [parent dish]

*Poetry: The New Yorker publishes some new poems by Bob Dylan. They are short!!!!1 [universal music group]

*Metal: Who are the 10 Ugliest Dudes in Metal? I honestly believe that Lemmy should be #1, and I will go to my grave thinking so. [metal sucks]

*Punditry: Giga Om’s take on why MySpace Music will fail: “The reason I call it mission impossible is because I think the labels and MySpace are trying to win yesterday’s war.”

*Talk: Peefork goes on a Coney Island tour with Girl Talk’s Greg Gillis. But do they talk to him about live, on-stage concert sex? OK, well maybe they should have.

*Royalty: streams the new Kings of Leon album, “Only By the Night.” [licensing plate]

*Internet culture: Twitter is penis is a service that republishes certain twitters, replacing some of the words with the inherently comical word “penis.” I don’t know why. [tobs]

*Fashion: This has made the rounds, but you need to read it anyway – Fat Guy Shirts. [kate]

Links for 8.13.08: Kanye’s burgers, MySpace’s music woes, iTunes’ radio foray…

*Hurry: You can buy Bon Iver’s “For Emma, Forever Ago” from the Amazon MP3 store for just $3 today!

*Social media: MySpace Music is struggling. In a couple words: they’re having a tough time finding a CEO and their tech development timelines are slipping. I MAY BE ABLE TO HELP WITH THE FORMER HINT HINT. [hypebot]

*Radio: iTunes is launching a radio show on Premiere Radio Networks. It will spin 30 of the most downloaded iTunes songs, plus interviews and other radioish stuff.

*Retro tech: Listening Post highlights Cliff Bolling, a 57-year-old Portland dude who is doggedly digitizing and uploading his old-format, vinyl music collection, to the tune of 3,700+ uploaded MP3s so far. It would enough for me if the guy simply posted videos to YouTube of his old vinyl playing.

*Interview: P-fork talks to OutKast’s Big Boi. “I might be borderline schizophrenic sometimes.”

*Kanye: Kanye West is going to open a Fatburger in Chicago. Have I mentioned that I need to lose like 2.3 lbs? And that I’m bald? (Both true.)

*Fashion: If you can wear a shirt that says “floppy inches” on it, you are more man than I am.

*Sharing: PlayLouder lets UK users pay a fee (and, therefore, royalties) and trade files within the confines of the ISP.

*Off topic: I want cigar pillows. I could also use a rolling papers blanket. [uber review]

Links for 6.16.06: Bonnaroo downloads, Miley’s MySpace, Tupac’s eats?

*Check out Largehearted Boy’s 2008 Bonnaroo Downloads and Streams page for music from the festival. Largehearted boy is a good blog. [understatement]

*Metalseek: A search engine for ALL your heavy metal web content needs. [simplespark]

*Tupac Shakur would have been 37 today. Also, he apparently runs a restaurant in an Indonesian food court.

*Esquire collects the best t-shirts at Bonnaroo. Also, Esquire has a lot to learn about retarded ads. I am crying. On the inside. And outside.

*Slate examines network news shows’ theme music. [snarkmarket]

*Miley Cyrus has been posting pics of herself hanging out with a BOY on her MySpace page. Uh oh. [buzzfeed]

*The New York Timesreview of the Hold Steady’s new album, “Stay Positive”: “[a] lean, unstoppable fourth album.”

*Video: New Mates of State video, for “My Only Offer.” HAS PARENTING KILLED THIS BAND? [getty images]

*Local: Hyder Ali is a Minneapolis hip-hop group. I’m just saying.

Links for 6.3.08: Neil Young’s car, Bovinus’ cow singer, Cobain’s remains

*Neil Young drives a 1959 Lincoln Continental that will soon run on electricity. I drive a 2000 Honda Civic. Or, often, take the bus. FYI.

*Bovinus is a metal band with a cow who sings vocals. God, Metal Sucks rules.

*The UkeCast is a podcast full of ukeleles. Seems perverted? [mefi]

*Kurt Cobain’s ashes were stolen. Also, Converse named a line of shoes after him.

*Radiohead’s back catalog goes up for sale on iTunes soon. You can’t pay what you want; you have to pay what Apple wants.

*Qloud launches “My Music” application for MySpace. It is pronounced like CLOUD. As I have been told so many times since I first blogged about them. [mashable]

*M.I.A. is engaged. And pregnant! With twins! [sorta, not really, not really]

*Local: Gnarls Barkley will be playing at the Minnesota State Fair this year. (You may park in my front yard for $8.) [mnspeak]

*Music/fashion mash: A N.E.R.D. t-shirt, perhaps? For their “Seeing Sounds” album.

*Off topic: Public radio nerds on Twitter. Most people are horseshit twitterers. Including public radio people, I assume. [mediation]

*Off topic item I am not going to dig deeper on: The Google trend of the hour at 7:58 pm was “what to do if inside of girl gets wet.” (No idea.)

Links for 5.31.08: Wale makes t-shirt, Wentz makes bumblebee, Aussie chiptune…

*The United States ranks 8th in the world in musical intelligence based on an eMusic quiz. I may have been one of the children left behind.

*Do you want a mixtape t-shirt? If anyone could convince you that you do, it’s Wale. For their “Mix Tape About Nothing” release.

*The youngest member of Hanson is now a father.

*The Wall Street Journal profiles Steve Miller, who just kicked off a tour last week: “We weren’t getting anywhere,” he [Miller] told me. “I was pretty much at the end of the line. I didn’t have any dough, and I had just about finally given up. I thought, ‘I’m not going to be Eric Clapton. I’m not the Beatles. I have lots of limitations. So I’m making my record and I’m done.’ ” To fulfill his contract, he turned in “The Joker.”

*If you’ve ever wanted dozens and dozens of Australian chiptune scene music resources all in one place: you’re in luck. [little-scale]

*Pete Wentz has a giant Lego bumblebee made for his new bride, Ashlee Simpson.

Links for 10.3.07: New Zunes, Hannah Montana, Wu-Tang meets the Beatles +

*The new Zune: New players. New community stuff. DRM-free functionality (though shared tunes will have DRM slapped on them). See also: Enuz.

*Wow. Boing Boing TV! With a redesign and a gadget blog (which has been good), looks like they’re cranking up the cash machine. Short, original vids every weekday; here’s episode 1.

* has introduced a taste-o-meter widget, which lets visitors to your site compare their listening habits to yours. [rocketsurgeon]

*MOG is redesigning and will now offer the ability to listen to full tracks (not clips). I never could like it. Too brown. [Mashable]

*Wu-Tang says they’re cleared to sample Beatles’ “As My Guitar Gently Weeps.” [digital music news]

*Getty Images – who also owns Paper Thin Walls – is now selling music tracks through Soundtrack (formerly Pump Audio). [TechCrunch]

*Hannah Montana is like the Beatles. Tickets for her tour are going for up to $200 apiece.

*It sounded boring when I first heard about it, but ended up to be MESERIZINGLY BORING when I checked it out. Now’s gotten funded as a lifecasting platform to compete with the likes of Yipes. [Venture Beat]

*Side note: Re-shirts – the t-shirts with backstory. I like. [Alternative Consumer]

Outgoing links for 9.21.07: youtube starlets, warped vinyl, dirty old recordings +

*Missed this from earlier in the summer: The New York Times wrote about a found phonograph recording from the 1890s that contains all kinds of smutty, vulgar, obscene content. COOL.

Check out “Actionable Offenses: Indecent Phonograph Recordings from the 1890s,” which includes audio samples of 100+-year-old filth! (Tracks include: The Whores Union and and The Lady’s Friend.)

*The Air Guitar t-shirt from Busted Tees. [notes]

*Also: Kick-ass video game guitars. [Kotaku]

* calls out the Top 5 YouTube Starlets: Marie Digby, Mia Rose, Esmee Denters, Terra Naomi, Ysabella Brave. Lots of video (most of it meh, but can millions of views be wrong?).

*What does Amy Winehouse require for each concert she plays? The Smoking Gun has the answers. (One requirement: sober roadies.)

*The Record Flattener: The machine to fix your warped vinyl. [Crave]