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I want an Instapaper for everything

They other day on Twitter, I plaintively (well, kinda) begged the cosmos for something: Maybe this already exists, but I’d like a Tivo queue for cultural events. I want a media-agnostic way to “stack” stuff than I want to see/do.

I make lame jokes about a lot of things on that Twitter account, but here I was starting to articulate a real need I’ve been feeling. Having thought more about it over the past couple of days, I think a better way to say what I think I need is in this headline: I want an Instapaper for everything.

What does that mean? It means I’d like a tool that’s NOT first and foremost about sharing or displaying things (like Pinterest is, and like some dozens of social shopping sites are), but is instead a stripped-down tool focused on and optimized for ME. I want it to allow me to save and sort any kind of media – from granular articles like Instagram does now – to TV shows on Hulu, specific podcasts through the iTunes store, books through Amazon, to even live shows by bands playing at the Turf Club down the road.

I don’t even care if it recommends anything for me (though I assume someday, after this thing exists in a sufficiently usable format, people will want recommendations like that). Right now, I finish my podcast-informed commute and have half a dozen things I WANT to remember to look at: An album by Allen Toussaint. Some dumb fitness app. An old television series starring Alec Guinness.

But I am not one to make spreadsheets. And I don’t want to send myself dozens of disconnected emails of movies to remember to watch or albums to buy when I get the chance. And I don’t want to set up dead to-do lists where buying some milk sits next to seeking out, evaluating and purchasing (or not!) an app or an e-book.

Does this service exist already? Am I being dense? If anyone gets where I’m coming from, and if this does not exist, is there any way you can PLEASE wield your vast powers to make this happen? Please? Can you, for once, use your authority for GOOD?

Links for 7.10.08: 80s cover songs, swastikas online, the ad-supported future…

*Analysis: Silicon Alley Insider’s take on ad-supported music’s chances. (Not great.)

*Music: You can now get exclusive music tracks (legally) from Limewire.

*Festivals: There are a lot of hydration-and-sunscreen guides to rock-and-roll festivals out there. Obviously, the one you want to go with is from the Wall Street Journal.

*Song lyrics: The London Telegraph tried to track down the worst song lyrics ever. The misheard lyrics for Pearl Jam’s “Yellow Ledbetter” aren’t very good either.

*Inexplicable things: I don’t pretend to understand it, and I do not even know how to create one, but a weird swastika symbol dominated the Google Trends feed there for a couple of hours.

*Covers: Buffet Libre collects covers of 80s songs. I bet most of them are hilariously outmoded! [pop candy]

*Video: What are the 10 most embarrassing music moments caught on tape? Includes Britney at the VMAs. But no sign of the baby dangling incident! [absolute punk]

*Localish: Gothamist interviews The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn. “Yeah, people point out blogs that report me being in a bar really wasted when I wasn’t drinking.”

*Hello: Please feel free to tell me that this blog sucks in the comments.

Links for 5.27.08: Pork and Beans’ director, Bon Iver’s house, Jingles!

*The Wall Street Journal talks to Mathew Cullen, the director of Weezer’s net meme-packed “Pork and Beans.”

*Billboard talks to Pandora’s Tim Westergren: “What are you doing with Clear Channel and why?
It’s a trial that we’ll be running on some of their Web sites this summer, where they’ll be offering personalized Pandora playlists.”

*Pitchfork interviews Bon Iver: He bought a house for $70k. [pop candy]

*Touchscreen turntables do away with the vinyl. Video here.

*CBS readies to air a reality show about…jingles.

*I’ll be honest. I know nothing about Eurovision. YET. Ok?

*Napster is launching a mobile video service in Japan. [moconews]

*Paul McCartney gets an honorary degree from Yale. Wait. I thought Paul was daed.

*Off topic: A brilliant young man (call him a genius if you like) is trying to take a picture of himself using every known (and sanctioned?) beard style. [mefi]

Links for 1.27.08: Fairey’s Obama, Qtrax’s bet, Amazon’s MP3 expansion…

*You must check out Shepard Fairey’s Barack Obama posters. [murketing]

*The Amazon MP3 store will go global in 2008. All in all, it’s currently a better experience than iTunes. [engadget]

*Ad-supported legal P2P provider Qtrax has deals with all the major labels. [listening post]

*Now that’s a P2P network. The Pirate Bay tracks 10 million “peers.” [mathewingram]

*The New York Times hypes hip-hop’s rising indie females such as Yo Majesty and Kid Sister.

*Jerome Kerviel, who lost the equivalent of $7.2 billion dollars and may have pushed world markets into an economic tailspin recently has a Facebook page. I bet he’s getting poked a lot.

Links for 1.21.08: Target’s musical aims, We7’s big six, Zonday’s reign…

*Ad-supported music purveyor We7 (backed in part by Peter Gabriel) has taken $6 million in Series A funding. [mashable]

*Target starts selling digital music (in a small way). They have a deal with Sony BMG, and will sell the latest John Legend album on [paidcontent]

*The New Scientist reports on a wi-fi device that polls party-goers for their musical preferences. [techmeme]

*Brooklyn Vegan offers extensive coverage of a recent NYC gig by Tay Zonday. (For Minneapolites: Looks like Zonday will be playing at the Uptown a week from Saturday.)

*On-the-rise party-starting singing style of the moment: Sacred Harp. [ypulse]

*Leonard Cohen is going on tour for the first time since 1993. [dailyswarm]

*The week’s best guitar amp: The Fucking Fucker. [boingboing]

*Listenerd fave Benjamin Franklin (known for his cold-air baths) is profiled in the New Yorker.

Video: Charge your iPod with an onion

[our digital music]

Links for 12.31.07: RIAA fights, cellphone abstinence, hip-hop’s fall…

*The University of Oregon stands up for students’ privacy rights in a legal fight vs. the RIAA.

*Our Digital Music runs its list of Top Ten Digital Music Stories of 2007.

*Read: an unfocused article on the future of hip-hop from the New York Times, but the nugget seems to be that a diminished mainstream market could be good for creativity of the genre.

*Filesharing is on the rise in Japan. According to one survey, 9.6% of internet users run filesharing software. Huh. [mediaeater]

*Sting is a toe sucker. [huffpo]

*Wired runs the top P2P swapped songs of 2007; Listenerd icon Soulja Boy comes in at #7.

*Cellibacy: A New York comedian gives up her cellphone for two months, documenting it here. [textually]

*Docudrama “The Killing of John Lennon” opens at the IFC Center in New York on January 2. The trailer. [nyer]

*Totally off topic, insane and NSFW: The Ballbra – a men’s underwear revolution. [mefi]

Links for 12.30.07: Downward Doggs, Amazon rising, RIAA’s RIP…

*The New York Times covers Calvin Broadus’ reality TV show, “Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood.” Wherein Snoop does yoga.

*Frostwire gives filesharers an open source alternative to Limewire. [mashable]

*Amazon’s catalog of music has now swelled to 2.9 million tracks, from 3 major labels. [digital music news]

*Everyone likes talking about the RIAA. TechCrunch on the RIAA, CD ripping and the near future of copyright (infringement). On the same topic, Mashable says “The RIAA Will Die in 2008.”

*Nate Dogg had a stroke. Scary. [earsucker]

*Ron Paul supporters are planning a World of Warcraft rally on New Year’s day. Scary. [game | life]

Links for 12.25.07: Jay-Z resigns, Tom Stoppard rocks, Jena Malone rates…

*Jay-Z is done as an exec at Def Jam. He still owes them one or more albums as an artist. [hypebot]

*Playwright Tom Stoppard takes on music in “Rock ‘n’ Roll,” a look at how rock music helped fight communism in Czechoslovakia.

*Jena Malone passes on her top 10 albums of the year through Filter: The National, Beirut, Kings of Leon, Grizzly Bear, Spoon. She’s been reading the blogs.

*Single-purpose site (I love these things):

*Rock Band has a variety of new and terrible tracks available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users. 30 Seconds to Mars? (Jared Leto’s band…) [kotaku]

*For your stalking pleasure. Spokeo updates you whenever your contacts update Flickr, Facebook, etc. No need to tell those you’re stalking that you’re tracking them, either. (Have been thinking about how best to put an ego dashboard together for a while, but the stalking angle works, too.) [fimoculous]

*Merry Christmas, if it suits you.

Links for 12.24.07: Idolator selling, Norris suing, Iran rising…

*Is Gawker Media’s Idolator up for sale? Maybe The Daily Swarm will buy them. (Also, Idolator’s OK sometimes, but the site name – from which all blog mojo flows – sucks.)

*A readable article from In These Times on the Tehran, Iran underground rock scene. [3 quarks daily]

*Watch: The Zero Punctuation review of Guitar Hero III. [plasticbag]

*Chuck Norris is suing Penguin for publishing a book of fake Chuck Norris facts. Sort of a David v. Goliath. [triumph of bullshit]

*Who likes country music?

*Read CNet’s roundup of digital music services that launched in 2007. [hypebot]

*A recent Apple patent means iPods will be able to lower the sound to protect listeners’ hearing. [xrrf]

Links for 12.23.07: Dylan went electric, Segway soc net, BMG MP3s…

*Sony BMG is ready to jump into MP3s with artist-specific digital download album cards. Weird way to do it.

*Is the Virgin Megastore so done with Union Square? [brooklyn vegan]

*Readable: an essay on Bob Dylan and electricity. [murketing]

*It exists: a social network for Segway enthusiasts. [mashable]

*Hardware maker Neuros has introduced an “unlocked” logo to indicate that products and files bearing it are DRM-free.

Links for 12.22.07: Sleeveface, Ali G = dead, Digg’s worst comments…

*Sacha Baron-Cohen is done playing Borat and Ali G. We barely knew ye. [buzzfeed]

*Sleeveface: “one or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s) causing an illusion.” (Also known as HPeeing.) [triumph of bullshit]

*Eminem’s mom has a book coming out, in which she claims Marshall Mathers is not nearly as hard as he has claimed to be. Thanks, moms.

*Behold, the triple record sleeve – at quadruple the price! [coolhunting]

*Are the Jackson 5 planning on reuniting for a New Year’s Eve show?

*The RIAA has been sending video press releases to local TV stations.

* tracks Digg’s most unpopular comments. Hilarious. #1: “I wish I could take a leak on your head for submitting this.” [waxy]

*Kenny G has signed with Starbucks Entertainment. Smooth move. [daily swarm]

Links 12.21.07: Top ringtones, GHIII wireless, Brother Ali’s box…

*From AT&T: The top 10 ringtones of this year include songs from the likes of Soulja Boy, Fergie and Akon. [hypebot]

*iLike and Qloud hop into OpenSocial. With widgets.

*Lou Reed will be delivering the keynote speech at the 2008 SXSW Music Conference and Film Festival. Maybe I should go? [the daily swarm]

*The Future of Music: Super-compressed DRM-free files.

*Fimoculous has come out with its Best Blogs of 2007 That You Maybe Aren’t Reading. Otherwise known as 25 blogs that are better in concept than they are in practice.

*BB Gadgets highlights the iPhones “Rub My Clit” application (NSFW). Oh my.

*Verizon has secured an exclusive wireless deal for Guitar Hero III. [hypebot]

*Mashable runs down its top music stories of 2007.

*Local: Brother Ali’s boombox is available on eBay. [mediation]

*I would be remiss if I did not pass along Am I Wasted (not exactly safe for work – or safe for the holidays). Buddy Lee.

Links for 12.19.07: Lily’s babe, Imeem’s peril, Yorke’s mug, World Orgasm Day…

*If you haven’t seen it yet (and who hasn’t?): Yorke v. Byrne. Ugly dudes.

*Is Imeem signing its own death warrant? (Over and over again?) [musick in the head]

*Mac users buy more music. [mediaor]

*Mega Christmas mashup: “Winter Wonderland” as sung by 21 performers. [pop candy]

*This is why I love Fergie. From a Blender interview, “With me, everyone knows I wet my pants onstage and had a crystal-meth addiction. That sucks.” Or does it? [parentdish]

*Lily Allen is having a Chemical Nephew. Or whatever.

*Turns out, David Cross loves Soulja Boy as much as I do. Which I did not think was possible. [via byron crawford]

*The Deets brings us a Tay Zonday interview from Current TV. [via 612authentic]

*Top quotes for 2007: “Don’t tase me, bro,” and Lauren Caitlin Upton top the list.

*December 22 is World Orgasm Day. Again. Please prepare. [mefi]

*The New York Times covers the Marseille, France hip-hop scene. [the daily swarm]

*SEASONAL: Santa has been getting groped.