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Video: KISS on the Mike Douglas Show in 1974

I am not much of a Gene Simmons fan. However, he was infinitely better when he was young and thin and still strange.

Video: A trailer for “The Avon Barksdale Story”

The story of the guy The Wire’s first villain was based on.


Links for 11.15.09: I ate a Blucy.

*Money: This infographic shows how billions of dollars are spent. USING BLOCKS OF COLOR. The infographic. Not the people. Or the dollars.

*Automotive: Bad news for drivers who love whale penis – Russian car-maker Dartz is dropping the whale penis leather interior option they had planned for their luxury vehicles.

*Movies: Here’s a question for you – What if “Blade Runner” had been set in San Francisco? My dad took me to see “Blade Runner” when it was still in the theater. Until the one guy tried to pop the other guy’s eyeballs with his thumbs. Then we left. [snarkmarket]

*Television: One thing I like about Roger Ebert on Twitter is that he sometimes links to frivolities such as the 10 Greatest Cleavage Moments in Television History. Also, cleavage.

*News: Feltron cuts up 13 years of CNN data. I’ve talked about Feltron before. And I will again. At a later date. [waxy]

*Eating: I ate a Blucy at the Blue Door Pub, a St. Paul institution that I heartily recommend. I also ate beer batter-fried green beans. This is why they call us “little houses.”

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 10.15.09: Does anyone else think we should bomb the moon again?

*Photographs: Would you like to view some images of sausages that look like watermelons? I knew you would. [eatmedaily]

*Interviews: Vulture interviews John Mayer, who is a dick. Unfortunately, he is a very good dick. An amusing, though existentially disturbing conversation. “I’m going to forcefully sodomize your editor.”

*Essentials: Rap Exegesis offers an annotated version of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy.” Highly recommended.

*Television: Basket of Kisses offers crackpot theories of the popular television program. Oh, and/or The Atlantic regarding the same show. I have talked at the day job on a few occasions about the core concept behind the “mega-movie,” though without using that term. It seems like a good term. [lindsayismtumblr]

*Music: Is the Rezon really a new musical instrument, or is it just a ruse to expose my inattentive reading habits? [coudal]

*Media: McSweeney’s is putting out a newspaper, The San Francisco Panorama. Interestingly enough, The Believer was begging for money just to keep the doors open not too many months ago. They must have received it.

*Writing: Here’s a short story from @samhey, who is a subtly excellent twitterer.

*Words: I recommend that you read this glossary of literary terms. Don’t ask, read. I just learned about ubi sunt.

*Projects: I am currently entertaining the notion of doing a Kickstarter project that would fund another bombing of the moon. I think it would take maybe a billion dollars in pledges. Also, we would allow high bidders to write their names on the bomb.

*Today’s links: F

Video: MGMT on Yo Gabba Gabba


On Mad Men and the modern masculine Madonna/whore complex

Like a lot of people I know, I’ve watched Mad Men this season with increasing pleasure and increasing expectation. While the first season seemed notable primarily as an aesthetic statement – fashioning the finely tuned otherworld of the 60s, while simultaneously barfing up unfortunately clumsy stumbles in plot and pacing – season two clicked into place for me. And as season three opened, I found myself anticipating the series much as I have previous favorites such as Deadwood and The Wire.

One of the most interesting threads of the series – a thread that’s been touched upon in the first couple of seasons, but was driven home especially powerfully in episode two of this third season – is what I call (mostly for lack of a better term, but also because it sounds kind of awesome) the modern masculine Madonna/whore complex.

Whaaa? Frequently, the divide between Men and Boys on the show is stark, sometimes to the point of absurdity. The Men (capped here for your pleasure) populating the show are rare. Don embodies Mad Men‘s Man – decisive, no-nonsense, deep and dark. But most of all, he’s a creature whose motivations are informed by forces outside our lines of sight. He’s the ur-dad coming home reeking of scotch and God-knows-what, his mood unpredictable, though obviously of an origin intuitively understood to spring from experiences of exhilarating strangeness.

Other Men pop in and out – in episode 3, Draper meets Conrad Hilton, and one commenter on the NYT‘s ArtsBeat blog makes remarks in accord with the sentiments above: “Gives us some real men to challenge Don and give him a run for his money… 60s NYC was not all lily livered wonder-bread boys…there were dark brooding sharks lurking at every turn….”

The Men (there are others in addition to Draper, but they flicker in and out of our view) are backdropped by a sea of Boys, none so indicative – perfectly cast and executed – as Peggy’s french fry–chowing bar-side pickup from episode 3 this season. A facsimile of Pete Campbell, the dude is no Pops and all pest. He’s your little brother: uncouth, unprepared, and he doesn’t even know what half the words you say mean. In the Sterling-Cooper office, the Boys are a pack of puppies. They pal around, eat the clients’ sandwiches, blow deadlines and smoke weed when they should be on duty.

Their worst sin, though, that which makes them dismissible – and therefore ultimately contemptible – in the eyes of the series? They’re open books.

Links for 8.19.09: iLike! Strep throat! Fat gamers!

*Breaking: Mozart died of strep throat. I had a bad case of mono in the 9th grade. (Not really.) [harper’s]

*Web 2.0: MySpace bought iLike. Neologistic. [swarm]

*Letters: Make the alphabet in tapes with Tapeography. But how many syllables are in that? Four? Five? Conventional wisdom would say four, but I think maybe seven. [psfk]

*Photography: The Dieter Rams pool. Jump the fuck in. [notcot]

*Online: Is it your brain circuitry that makes you like Twitter, or does no one know what the fuck they’re talking about? [murketing]

*TV: The Footnotes of Mad Men is a blog about the footnotes of the television show Mad Men. Great idea, ok execution. [kottke]

*Videogames: Profile of a gamer – fat, depressed and 35. Hello? Oh, I thought you were talking to me. [mefi]

*Age: Celine Dion is only one year older than Gwen Stefani. Also, why am I talking about this?

*Remember when that remote controlled flying penis attacked Garry Kasparov? Great times.

Video: Neko Case’s “The Tornado Loves You” on Conan

Video: Neko Case’s “This Tornado Loves You” on Letterman


Video: Teabagging day – INNUENDO

Whatever your political persuasion, there can be no doubt that this is INNUENDO at its most aggressive. Like. WOW. (I’m not even sure if this is “real,” but the wordplay is sensational, nonetheless.)


Video: Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Maps” on SNL

Video: Billy Bob Thornton’s Q TV interview

Video: Frank Zappa on “What’s My Line?”


Video: Jack Black on ‘Yo Gabba Gabba’

Doompa-tee DOOM.

It’s here! JACK BLACK IS SCARY, like a bowling ball.

I’ll be completely honest with you: I don’t know how to make stupid Brightcove videos not auto-start when embedded.