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Video: Howler performs “Back of Your Neck” live at The Current

They’re no Polica?

Video: Polica performs “Wandering Star” live on The Current

Do I never shut the hell up?

Video: Minneapolis’ Dessa performs “Anabel” at the Fitzgerald

There’s an Ani DiFrancoesqueness happening here.

Video: My Morning Jacket plays Rock the Garden live for The Current

One Big Holiday.

Video: Mumford and Sons’ “The Cave”

They don’t have as much beard as Fleet Foxes. You may have already noted that.

Video: Kristoff Krane on The Current

Those tasty guitar licks are from a No Bird Sing guy.

Links for 4.10.10: 70 Tips for Better Abs and Also Better Ads

*Words: John McWhorter analyzes Palinspeak in The New Republic. You may find this terrifying. [harper’s]

*Vinyl: Some bands have messages scratched into what’s called the run off groove of their vinyl records. I was unaware of this prior to having read this post. [mefi]

*Facebook: The social network is the best scamming platform since the tell-ay-fone. 40,000 users fell prey to a recent (second) IKEA gift-card scam.

*Fiction: Sonny Smith undertook a project wherefore he “created” 100 fictional bands, and got 100 different artists to create album art for them – it’s called “100 Records.” [murketing]

*Twitter: Here’s Leonard Nimoy tweeting at William Shatner, and here’s Ice T tweeting at Aimee Mann. Just what is going on here?

*Concerts: James Fallows brings together a huge post on Bob Dylan’s troubles getting a concert tour in China. This is a cultural mashup on the level of Aimee Mann and Ice T, but much, much longer.

*Books: On Philip K. Dick. “There‘s something about the essence of his writing that creates that feeling. And I think it‘s still creating it for let‘s say the 14-year-old equivalent of Erik Davis or Jonathan Lethem, who‘s discovering this book in the shiny expensive Vintage paperback editions.”

*Local: The xx came to the studios of The Current. I have previously referred to them as xx, but I have never referred to the radio station as Current. More on listenerdspeak as it develops.

*Today’s links: F. Non sequiturs? I barely knew them. Any of them.

Video: Trampled By Turtles’ “Feet and Bones”

On the Current’s Local Show.

Links for 3.24.10: 82 Tips for Better Abs and More Glorious Auroras

*Music: Wait. A music item? On the listenerd? Isn’t this a blog that has lost its way? Hasn’t it become more an exploration in mind mapping than it is an obsessive, in-depth devotion to a tiny niche that the beautiful pundits prescribe? YES. However, here is “The Gaudy Side of Town,” a single by GAYNGS courtesy of The Current. Also, you could track down the super dirty smooth jazz mini-video for this song, if that’s the way your mind operates. [chuckles]

*The Loo: The Sexual Politics of Toilets – “The great toilet divide, like so much else in the land of liberty, comes down to money and class.”

*Networking: PSFK finds some business cards that ARE turntables from Cardonizer.

*Eating: This site will allow you to track your recent McRib sightings. [harper’s]

*Writing: The best headline I have read in a week – “Dog Testicle Tickle Party.”

*Food: Local gastronomes! We have purchased a half-share from the Wisconsin CSA known as Eener’s Farm. I imagine that decades from now, this will seem amusing, like an avocado refrigerator. HOWEVER. I need to now learn how to make soup. Local gastronomes! How much do you love this shirt? (You should look at it.)

*Links: I don’t link to Idolator anymore. Do I? I don’t link to a lot of things. Don’t take it to mean anything. Unless you can figure out what it means.

*Today’s links: F. I don’t know what glorious auroras are.

Links for 3.11.10: 88 Tips for More Disgusting Abs

*Blogs: This new blog, The Economics of Soup, is NOT only about soup! Also, it is by my friend and colleague, Kate. Also, there are drawings.

*Games: Incredibox – make your own (French) beatbox.

*Swears: An article on the recent history of the Parental Advisory sticker. I will tell you, I bought MANY NWA tapes with parental advisory stickers at the Down in the Valley store (they also sold serapes) in Golden Valley, Minnesota before I was 18. My thanks go out to the staff, now probably in their 40s. [Note: The direct link does not appear to be working, but Westword had the article…] [daily swarm]

*Mashups: RuthBourdain is a twitterstream that mashes up the aesthetics of Ruth Reichl and Anthony Bourdain. [eat me daily]

*Finance: “Homeless” man lives off of loyalty points from his rich-guy life. He is staying at a Best Western in San Clemente. Sounds quiet. [harper’s]

*Brevity: Ten Word Wiki is either a very bad sign for the human race, or just a format optimized for conveniently condensed world knowledge. All entries are 10 words long. [kottke]

*Video: Retribution Gospel Choir performs “Working Hard” for the Current, in studio. I have been told that Alan Sparkhawk looks “like he could be one of your brothers.” This is, in fact, one of the deadliest insults known to man. Also, I’m bald.

*Twitter: Read these four things.

*Today’s links: F.

Video: Spoon’s “Beast and Dragon”

For the Current. In studio.

Video: Bat for Lashes – “Daniel” for the Current

Video: Phoenix’s “Playground Love” for the Current

Video: The Decemberists’ “Crazy on You” for the Current