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Links for 4.17.11: Let’s do this.

*Film: Johnny Depp is set to play Tonto? Shit just got real, Kimosabe.

*Religion: Here’s Tina Fey’s “A Mother’s Prayer for Its Child.”

*Minneapolis: Color Me Obsessed is a film about The Replacements. [mefi]

*Dinosaurs: My son has a dinosaur obsession. Someday, he will understand the awesomeness of these Cabazon dinosaurs of the 1960s. Incredible. Also, they remind me of Large Marge and the first time I ever shit my pants while watching a movie.

*H20: You had me at photographic essay of water towers, BLDGBLOG.

*Blog recommendation: The fine people over at Future of Listening have been KILLING IT lately. Humanely. But still. KILLING IT. (In a good way.)

*Shoes: This sneaker looks like a battleship. This heel looks like it’s made from measuring tape.

*Internet: If you’re interested in how the internet works, read SamHey’s “Public Displays of Affection.” It’s great! I’ve tried to write about similar topics a few times (a bunch are behind the work firewall), but never so well.

*Stalkers: Read “An Open Letter to My Neighbors.” One’s aggregations of hearts/stars/likes could be considered an implicit open letter to one’s internet neighbors? Not sure. (I know exactly what I mean.) [pocketmonsterd]

*Work: I spent last week in Miami at a work thing; Iconosphere 2011. Here’s an ad guy who wrote up a thing on it. One of the speakers for the client-only event was Steven Johnson, who talked about good ideas and where they come from. The other was Emily Pilloton of Project H Design. She gave an inspirational talk about how she’s moved to Bertie County, North Carolina to teach school and design. The county just got hit by a terrible tornado. Watch her TED video, then donate, if it moves you…

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Links for 12.20.09: Let it be.

*Words: If you know me, you are probably aware of the fact that I don’t believe in definitions. To wit: This. Additionally, here are the year’s buzzwords. I’m a big fan of Great Recession, but I think teabagging should have gotten its own entry (not just as an extension of “Tea Party.”)

*Humanity: Google Maps India gives directions by landmarks, since many roads aren’t clearly marked with their names. [waxy]

*Food: These photographs depicting last meals of death row inmates by James Reynolds are rather cold. [coudal]

*Beer: Heineken once designed its bottles to work as bricks? (Older, link, but I mean, it’s a beer bottle that’s also a brick.)

*Video: Watch this video showing how holiday music can be played on a washing machine. I haven’t used a washing machine in years. Also, I need to buy a new refrigerator. [notcot]

*Art: Doodling improves your concentration. I drew a Charlie Brown figure flying in a recent HR meeting. FYI. [marginal revolution] Also, if you feel like time has passed quickly, you had fun. That meeting felt long.

*Local: Slate takes on The Replacements’ “Let It Be” on its 25th anniversary. Unrelated to this link, I despise Slate. With great vigor.

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Links for 9.27.08: Pandora’s stand, Rock’s beer, our country’s Dr. Pepper…

*Dr. Pepper: Best Buy is set to become the exclusive retailer of Guns N’ Roses long-awaited album “Chinese Democracy” before year-end. If I am reading the contract correctly, this means we all get a free Dr. Pepper. [licensing plate]

*Reviews: Pitchfork reviews the Replacements, as seen through this year’s rerelease by Rhino: 8.7, 9.3, 8.0, 6.3.

*Internet royalties: Pandora is struggling to stay afloat. More from Hypebot. On a side note, does it seem like Congress is working more weekends these days?

*Beverages: Have I mentioned Kid Rock’s forthcoming beer yet? Also: Kid Rock cigars. From Mr. Rock’s commenters: “When are you moving into sunglasses?” Incisive. [meg]

*Quizicality: Digital Music News. No links. To anyone. Ever? Great use of the Internet. Depressing.

*Stories: The tale of Muxtape and the RIAA.

*Politics: A post-debate analysis from “we should put security where security needs to be…
i’m terrified if we are to have 4 more bush-like years…
we can’t afford it…”

Also, a fact that you may find frightening: one of the top search results as reported by Google’s Trends feed for several hours after the debate was: “who won the debate.” Nuance: Who needs it? [huffpo]

Links for 9.21.08: Product placement, Replacement news, Lennon’s ire…

*Product placement: I’ve written about Fergie writing a song for Candie’s (don’t think it ever went through, though; they got nervous at the backlash) and Chris Brown surreptitiously making a Wrigley’s jingle into a hit single – here Listening Post covers another aspect of music product placement: simple brand mentions in hip-hop songs – for sale.

*Interview: TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe talks to the Wall Street Journal. “When “Jump Tomorrow” came out I got an agent and I started going on auditions. And I’d find myself in a room full of people who vaguely looked like me and I’d think, ‘Do I really want to be on a soap opera?'” This is me every day. But instead of the soap opera thing, it’s “in an office.”

*Replacements: Newsday interviews Paul Westerberg: “One day Tommy wants to sue me, the next he wants to jam. I think he’s in the jamming mood this week, but by the time he gets here we might just meet and fight.” This week Rhino Records is doing a big rerelease of The Replacements last four albums. [largehearted boy]

*Etiquette: Upon the occasion of trying to teach his son Sean how to eat steak, John Lennon once became so frustrated and yelled so loudly, the young man required medical aid. “He did wind up yelling at me very, very loudly to the point where he damaged my ear, and I had to go to the hospital.” [huffpo]

*Covers: An all-girl Belgian band covers Radiohead’s “Creep.” For those of you who like to listen to things. [via zeon]

*Toys: The Epidermits is a concept toy, and it is perhaps one of the most frightening toys I have ever seen. Do not click through on the via link unless you are prepared to be scarred or are already so scarred that it won’t matter what you see. Also, keep your children away from your computer until you fully understand your parental position on this item. Thank you. [bb gadgets]

Links for 8.27.08: Jay vs. Noel, Okkervil YouTube and SMOKING…

*Music videos: If you want more Okkervil River music videos like Bon Iver’s cover of “Blue Tulips,” you should probably subscribe to the band’s YouTube channel. [filter]

*Mashups: Jay-Z vs. Oasis again; this time in the form of a mashup (by Cookin’ Soul), rather than a beef. Personally, I enjoy beef. [listening post]

*Concerts: Greg Gillis of Girl Talk says “I’m waiting for someone to 69 on stage.” Also, he says a lot of other stuff.

*Interviews: Paste magazine interviews Calexico: The band really digs Cormac McCarthy. [music slut]

*Obit: Steve Foley, the drummer for the Replacements, died this weekend of an accidental prescription pill overdose at the age of 49. [rolling stone]

*Guns: Read an excerpt from “Watch You Bleed: The Saga of Guns N’ Roses.” [fimoculous] Also: The dude who leaked those Chinese Democracy songs has been arrested. At the behest of Dr. Pepper’s lawyers?

*Religion: Guitar Praise is like Guitar Hero, but with Jesus. And, probably, Moses. [best week ever]

*P2P: The legit wing of the LimeWire store is expanding; they’ve added The Orchard’s music catalog. [hypebot]

*Smoking: I don’t know why you would want to have a pack of cigarettes stuck to the side of your head, but if you would, you can buy a telephone headset that looks like an open pack of heaters. And then you can wear it. [shinyshiny]

Links for 7.21.08: Prisoners’ musical tastes, iLike’s expansion, Billy Joel fans speak…

*Business: EMI has a crazy new idea. They may start considering the desires of consumers in how they do business. [koar]

*Retro tech: Cassette tapes still sell like mad. In prisons. There is a captive audience of 2.3 million incarcerated Americans.

*Online: Favtape lets music geeks create mixtapes from their recent and Pandora favorites. Forgive me, father, for I have not audioscrobbled in more than a year. And I have not confessed to not audioscrobbling in almost a day. [mashable]

*Social media: iLike now has 30M+ users, and is expanding functionality to include concert promotion ads.

*Interviews: Do you want to hear whooping from some Billy Joel fans at Shea Stadium? I have the video for you. Also, you may want to carefully inspect your priorities. [coudal]

*Criticism: Pitchfork is telling me what the best overlooked albums for 2008 are. I give this list a 7.1. (No idea.)

*Experiments: Paul Westerberg is offering a one-file 43+ minute album (titled 49:00) that costs $.49. I have an Amazon gift certificate, so I just might buy this one! [universal music group]

*The listenerd: A recent comment about this blog read “Thanks to listenerd for the link, which I almost passed over because it looks too random to be valuable….wrong! :)”

*Too random to be valuable since 2007.

LOCAL video: The Replacements playing First Ave’s Seventh Street Entry in ’81


Links for 11.8.07: Rainbows’ #, eMusic’s loss, Lily’s undergarments +

*Wholly inaccurate: The In Rainbows story. [mathew ingram]

*Rock label Drag City is done with eMusic. (Like so many, didn’t like their pricing policy.) [xrrxf]

*Nirvana dude Krist Novoselic blogs for Seattle Weekly. [peefork]

*The A.V. Club interviews Nikki Sixx. Hateration from the comments: “Can you guys interview Ricki Rocket next week? Thanks.” [largehearted boy]

*Lily Allen is actually NOT doing lingerie stuff, but she is doing a social networky show on BBC3. [idolator]

*EVERYONE: An air conditioner made out of Legos. [geekologie]

*Jay-Z flashing Euros = a recession. Yeah, yeah.

*QUOTE: “That’s the point: from a strategic pov, good beats evil – unfortunately for Facebook.” I love any stories about good. Or evil. Or two kinds of humans. [snarkmarket]

*The International Society of Supervillains offers up a post on “Real-World Scenarios in Which “Guitar Hero” Skills Could be Useful“: “Doc Brown creates a time machine out of an old DeLorean. The machine works perfectly when Marty McFly tests it, but instead of 1955, he ends up in 2007, and in an alternate reality where ‘Guitar Hero II’ had Johnny B. Goode in it. To save the marriage of his future-parents, Marty has to play the song into the Xbox 360 at their very nerdy prom.” [metalsucks]

*Someone has hacked Alicia Keys‘ MySpace page. But why? [gigaom]

*LOCAL: Peefork covers Jim Walsh’s book on The Replacements, All Over but the Shouting. I have to say this: Walsh’s musings on life make my ears bleed. And that’s not just the wine-dark evening talking.