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Video: A trailer for “The Avon Barksdale Story”

The story of the guy The Wire’s first villain was based on.


Links for 5.10.09: Mobile Phone Orchestra, full-court pressing, Oprah and KFC…

*Orchestral: Check out the Mobile Phone Orchestra on NPR’s All Things Considered. I didn’t get a cellphone until 2004 or so. [murketing]

*Gladwell: Says the New Yorker‘s Malcolm – Weak basketball teams should full-court press more often. Effort can trump arms. Backlash to Gladwell only comes from those who read too much into him in the first place. He’s a good storyteller. Backlash is nearly always meant to be an instructive effort toward one’s future self.

*Sources: Harper’s links are pretty good. They really need to open up their RSS feed, though.

*Music: The Times profiles Steve Earle on the occasion of his completing his album (“Townes”) of songs by Townes van Zandt. (Regards, Flatrat.) Whatever your opinion of Steve Earle, he OWNED the role of Bubbles’ AA sponsor in “The Wire.”

*Twitter: A list of CEOs who Twitter. Most people are terrible at the medium. That doesn’t mean the medium is terrible. I thought I would reiterate that for the 400th time. Also, Bon Iver. Bono sucks. I am bald. GOODBYE. [techmeme]

*Instruments: If I had any idea what these squidolin people were talking about, I’d tell you. I don’t. And I went to one of the finest public schools in America. Well, at least a passable one. [notcot]

*Sex: The Stranger releases its annual sex survey. Are you a pervert? Check here. (If I were a lesser man, I would have sent you to Lemon Party with that last link. But I am not. A lesser man. At this time.) [waxy]

*Work: My colleague was quoted extensively on CNN on the matter of the Oprah Winfrey / KFC chicken giveaways. Have I mentioned what a great idea I think FAMOUS BOWLS are? IN THEORY ONLY? In theory only.

*Today’s links: D-. I love you, mom. And I’ll try to do you proud next time. Again.

Links for 2.10.09: Banhart’s family, world’s longest sausage, more

*Cassettes: Look at these vintage cassette tape inserts on Flickr and weep. Tears of joy. And nostalgia. And beer, probably. I need to drink less beer. That last part is mostly unrelated. [bad banana]

*The Economy: Muzak – yes, the elevator music people – has filed for bankruptcy. I guess fewer people are taking the elevator these days? [daily swarm]

*Television: Smoking Section asks What if rappers were characters from The Wire? Jay-Z = Stringer Bell, D’Angelo = Bubbles. [the rap up]

*Photography: Family is a coffee table book of photographs of Devendra Banhart and his relatives. What in the world is going on here? Also, remember the Natalie Portman days? [largehearted boy]

*Interviews: The Wall Street Journal tracks down the stars of David Goes to the Dentist. “I felt bad doing it but I had tears coming out of my eyes after it was over because it was just hilarious.” [waxy]

*Twitter: Twitter is going to start charging for corporate accounts.

*Food: Who doesn’t want a look at the world’s longest sausage? Huh. Longer than I was expecting, but in no way intimidating. (No idea.)

*Projects: The Beatles Complete on Ukulele is a project whose authors seek to perform and record all the Beatles songs on the uke, while also writing corresponding essays about them. [bb]

*PHONOGRAPHS: Check out the videos of phonographs playing music in an INCREDIBLY soothing manner toward the bottom of this page. Your mind will be soothed. Your body will be soothed. [d-prince]

*Humor: If you like Fireland, you may continue reading this blog. And you should probably read this. Okay, maybe it’s a little puerile, even for me.

Links for 2.5.09: David Simon, Jonathan Coulton and Avril Lavigne (no idea)

*Business: More music labels are finding success (or at least seeing opportunity) licensing their music to mobile games. FACT: I can’t stop playing BrickBreaker on my BlackBerry. And I hate my BlackBerry. And BrickBreaker. And myself.

*Magazines: The Wire‘s David Simon is writing Talk of the Town pieces for the New Yorker now, I guess? His recent blurb about the death of William Zantzinger, the killer of Hattie Carroll was decent, but felt more unfocused than his trademark “novelistic,” given the context.

*Don’t Be Evil: Is Google disappearing the posts of some MP3 bloggers? (I love the Russian-era feel of “disappearing” as a verb. Though I guess you could argue that it feels more New Jersey mob. ) [medialoper]

*Superstardom: Jonathan Coulton tells you how to become a world-famous musician in Popular Science. I saw him play at a Hodgman reading and with all due respect to Mr. Coulton, his on-stage wattage didn’t hold a candle to that of the pale, pudgy one. [lhb]

*Blips: ContentNext revisits 10 songs that have reshaped the digital world, from Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” (the top-watched video on YouTube) to Radiohead’s freebies. [daily swarm]

*Twitter: Twiturm is another little application that allows you to share your music via Twitter. (I don’t like to use Twitter this way!!!! I’m an idiot!) Also, you may want to check out Drowned in Sound’s guide to musicians on Twitter. Everyone is a comedian. Or a blogger. Or what the fuck ever.

Links for 1.11.08: New Yorker on Bon Iver, Bono in the Times, gamers in Poetry, me home…

*Report: I stepped away for a bit, so apologies if any of this is old news.

*Articles: The most enjoyable read waiting for me upon my return from the vast halls of hell was this piece by Sasha Frere-Jones in the New Yorker about Bon Iver (aka Justin Vernon). In it, Frere-Jones writes “The songs from “For Emma,” which Vernon once described as merely “demos” to his friends, feel complete, now that he has had more than a year to play them live.”

Frere-Jones goes on to interview Vernon for a site video, and mentions the new Bon Iver EP, “Blood Bank” in a blog post.

*Articles: The least enjoyable read upon my return from the vast halls of hell was this article by Bono, which appeared on the op-ed page of the New York Times. Because it’s Bono. Also, because “Glasses clinking clicking, clashing crashing in Gaelic revelry: swinging doors, sweethearts falling in and out of the season’s blessings, family feuds subsumed or resumed.”

*Poetry: From “The First Line is the Deepest” by Kim Addonizio in Poetry

“Why does one month have to be the cruelest,
can’t they all be equally cruel? I have seen the best

gamers of your generation, joysticking their mi tanks through
the sewage-filled streets.”

*2008: Hype Machine ran its Music Blog Zeitgeist of 2008 list. MGMT tops the artist list, ahead of Radiohead.

*Nuptials: Fergie got married to that Dude from Las Vegas. Remember when Fergie was the Listenerd familiar? Back when she was performing regularly with the Black Eyed Peas? And becoming incontinent on stage?

*Twitter: Do you want to follow Karl Rove on Twitter? Also, Ray Pruit. (You should know who Ray Pruit is. If you’re old.)

*TV: Look at these pictures of the abandoned soundstage from HBO’s The Wire. While listening to Bon Iver. And being a big, emotional baby. [medialoper]

*Posters: Shepard Fairey issues an Obama Inauguration poster. I’m looking forward to the Obama 100 Days poster and the Obama Bought a Dog poster. Also, $$$$$. [coolhunting]

Links for 11.5.08: Obama’s single, M.I.A.’s “hole” and blind wine…

*Hip-hop: Brother Ali has recorded a Barack Obama-inspired single called “Obama, You’re the Man.” I may have said this before, but I like Brother Ali. Download the track at MFR. The truth is here.

*Bloggers’ paradise: M.I.A. covers The Wire‘s theme song, “Way Down in the Hole.” Here’s the video. It’s in black and white. Like fucking art or something. [multiple sources!]

*Listen: lets ‘net users listen to tunes of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart online. Maybe I need to go back to Maybe? [lp]

*Copyright: Gwen Stefani released her kid’s (Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale) first publicly available baby pictures under a Creative Commons license. Wow. That shit is bananas. [licensing plate]

*Mind control: Turn your environmental noise into soft, soothing sounds with EcoTones. “In the event a loud truck suddenly came by, for example, Ecotones would instantly and automatically raise the volume level and insert a custom sound, such as a loud crashing wave or a seal barking.” Woof. [cnet]

*Video: Heidi Klum’s viral Guitar Hero commercial is an homage to “Risky Business.” Underwear is involved. And pretending to play the guitar.

*LIQUOR: Lazarus Wine is made by blind people, for blind people. The labels are in Braille. [swissmiss]

*Twitter: Five of the funniest twitters you will ever read: ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE. Thank you!

Video: Cast of “The Wire” gets out the vote for Obama

Video: Tom Waits “singing” ‘Way Down in the Hole’ live

Update: video pulled. Lame.

David Simon would be proud. [fark]

Links for 11.4.07: Ozzy’s ire, Stewie’s songs, Sex Pistols’ candidate +

*North Dakota cops staged a fake pre-party at an Ozzy concert to bust a bunch of people with outstanding warrants, and now Ozzy is pissed. [idolator]

*Bloggers try to see a Sex Pistols endorsement of presidential candidate Ron Paul in their Tonight Show appearance together. [mefi]

*The New York Times waxes rhapsodic about the showtunes on The Family Guy. Uh boy.

*Bono + vlogging (for MSNBC) = worst nightmare. [huff po]

*Audio + transcript of a David Simon (The Wire) interview, via commenter Mr. Media.

*Behold: the light saber mp3 player (aka the Music Stick). [crave]

Links for 10.26.07: Classical music, sausage, the Wire and coke guitars

*Classical music is the future of all music. Consider. Also. [waxy]

*Who would like an electric guitar made of pure cocaine? (Read the Google translation of an Italian news story.) [music thing]

*Rocketsurgeon reviews, a new blog music aggregator, in the style of Hype Machine and

*Is iTunes in danger of losing all its music? asks Mashable. (Looks like Warner may go to an ad hoc relationship, as Universal did a few months back.)

*iLike. The VinylDisk is a combination record and CD.

*The New Yorker profiles The Wire‘s David Simon. The writer is not shy: “It is perhaps the only storytelling on television that overtly suggests that our political and economic and social constructs are no longer viable, that our leadership has failed us relentlessly, and that no, we are not going to be all right.”

*Wikipedia is like a sausage. [lift think]