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Links for October 10, 2011: Neurotypicality be damned

*For rent: The world’s largest shopping mall, the New South China Mall, currently has a 2% occupancy rate. (Maybe this is an opportunity for an Occupy The World’s Largest Shopping Mall movement? Need + Need = Virtuous Circle? Of Need? Let’s do this.)

*Games: Someone should start a game that allows people to bet on who will make the next egregious business misstep, Netflix or Groupon. A Futures Failures Market.

*Photos: The daily Occupy Wall Street photo: Kanye West (not nude).

*Money: Incomes in the U.S. have fallen more since the recession “ended” than they did during the recession. Workers are in a vice.

*Midgets: Some people who have made a bunch of recipes for foods from the “Game of Thrones” books have scored themselves a cookbook deal. [coudal]

*Animations: I normally hate Slate’s manipulative, knee-jerk contrarian headlines, and hence link infrequently to that site. However, the animation of the 2012 Republican campaign as a horse race is very good. Also, after hearing about how Slate’s Culture Gabfest podcast was very good for a LONG time, I finally allowed myself to listen to it. And it’s very good. Ugh.

*Music: First of all, I did not know that Toby Keith had a song called “Red Solo Cup.” Second of all, I did not know that the red solo cup is currently being redesigned. FACTS.


*Please note: Neurotypicality be damned. Can anyone tell me what a caddis fly pupa looks like?

*Today’s links: F.

Quick links for 4.6.09: The Half-Assing Edition

*Digital music: Check out the Tone Matrix. But first “Please install latest flashplayer.” Also, I am an idiot.

*Albums: Bearded Iron & Wine singer-songwriter-maniac Sam Beam is putting out an album of rarities called “Around the Well” on June 1st. What are the odds he will include an idiosyncratic-but-charming podcast on that album? 0%.

*Cooking: Kate Moss has a cookbook coming out. Somewhat related: Blueberry is Minnesota’s state muffin. I’m a cranberry/white chocolate man. But you knew that already. And I’m not talking about muffins. (WHAT?)

*Beef: If you love beef, you will love Toby Keith vs. Ethan Hawke. There are no losers in this beef. Because there are no winners in this beef. And I hate Ethan Hawke.

*Heroes: Browse this gallery of Mexican Superheroes. [lyrical_miracle]

*Work: The Workaholic Suit is padded so you won’t hurt yourself if you keel over. They couldn’t have at least made the tie striped? I mean…

*Local: A Minneapolis bike company hired a local writer to compose a series of 17 fictional posts as a way to build traffic and brand recognition.

This dovetails with something I’ve been wondering. For any localites (or non-Twin Citizens, I suppose) reading this: Are there any qualitatively good twitterers from Minneapolis or St. Paul that I should know about? I don’t care about numbers of followers. I do care about signal vs. noise (I’m for the former), entertainment or insight (I’m for either), and generally low volume (not, like, 20 a day). Any suggestions appreciated (it’s complicated, ok?). I may not follow your advice.

*Today’s links: F. Never half-ass it.

Links for 11.9.08: Hip-hop tots, Toby Keith’s pits, Swiftian acumen…

*Breaking: Toby Keith shaves his armpits. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!111111

*Country: First the New Yorker, now this? So everybody is going all Taylor Swift on us now? Of the 18-year-old Swift, lobotomized former American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler says, “She’s a really smart businesswoman, smarter than a lot of 40-year-olds I know.”

*YouTube: MGM is ready to put full-length movies up on YouTube. Watch for “Bulletproof Monk” and “The Magnificent Seven.”

*Rumor: Is Sony BMG ready to go DRM-free on iTunes after all this time? And will anyone besides tech nerds care? Or maybe it really matters and I’m just tired? Gosh!?

*Toilet reading: This reading is ABOUT toilets! GET IT!?!?

*Music for rich people: Fred Wilson from A VC talks about music on the Sonos with the iTouch.

*Hip-hop: “Hip Hop Speaks to Children” brings the lyrics of Queen Latifah, Mos Def and Kanye West to tots.

*Twitter: Twuffer lets you tweet from the future. I had lasagne for dinner tomorrow night.

*Meta: I put the listenerd on Facebook. I don’t really even like Facebook!!!! Swearz!

Links for 8.20.08: Can songwriters make a living selling clothes?

*Royalties: Lyric Culture sells clothes with song lyrics on them, with the songwriters receiving royalties. Seriously, the twitter fortune cookie idea wasn’t that outrageous… [ypulse]

*Sap: A few months old, but a 33-minute NPR interview with the couple from the movie “Once.” [buzzsugar]

*Bands: Paste magazine takes a look at up-and-coming bands: Bon Iver, Wale. [pop candy] (Thanks for the dumb-ass interstitial ads when I try to go out the door Pop Candy!)

*Rich people: Forbes lists hip-hops richest moguls of 2008. [daily swarm]

*Local: Read the Reveille review of Bon Iver’s recent concert at First Ave: “I’ve been to sold-out shows at First Avenue before, but not like this one. Even in the back of the room, the fringes of the crowd were just as rapt and reverent as the ones at the front.” (At this rock club, they will shush you if you so much as rustle during a Low set.)

*Huh: Toby Keith is a Democrat.

*Off topic: Shoes that look like waffles. [neatorama]

*Olympics: Race Usain Bolt with your fingers. [jimray]

Links for 6.20.08: Girl Talk samples, Toby Keith’s movie, Diesel’s pants…

*Has the music industry abused us? “To me, Apple’s success with iTunes and its ability to sell 5 billion songs since its launch is an awful event.” Also: Who is “us”? [medialoper]

*Top 45 free music sites: Free, unless you consider the time you have to waste wading through the ads peppering this list a form of payment. Which I do. [red ferret]

*The Wikipedia page for Girl Talk’s new, name-your-own-price album “Feed the Animals” already contains a wealth of information on the samples used.

*Marketing: Diesel will be selling mud-resistant jeans and giving out free underwear at some European musical festivals this year. Mud-resistant jeans. [psfk]

*Listen to the oldest recordings of computer-generated music. Recorded in 1951, “Baa Baa Black Sheep” is every bit as powerful today. [waxy]

*The composer of some of the music John McCain is using for his ads is getting annoyed. Also: Who knew McCain was using videogame music?

*Toby Keith: Screenwriter.

*Semi-related: Why does your voice sound different when you hear it from a recording? [magnetbox]

*Off topic: The long-awaited video game Spore started releasing some teases the other day with a Creature Creator download. Within 48 hours users were creating porn creatures.

Lists: 50 worst songs of all time

What I like about Blender’s fairly predictable (Billy Joel, Toby Keith, Five For Fighting) list of the 50 worst songs of all time has nothing to do with the content. The beauty of it, I think, is that its makers have taken the time to isolate the “Worst Moments” of the worst songs. This level of detail – best parts of songs, worst moments in the worst songs – seems absolutely necessary in a modular age.

Who needs a whole song?
[via Clusterflock, who makes an ad hominem attack on the Black Eyed Peas in the 8 words they spill on the list…]