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Links for 11.29.09: “A work of art has no importance whatever to society.”

*Books: Vladimir Nabokov’s son Dmitri ignored his father’s dying request and instead of destroying his unfinished work upon his death, he published it. (Somewhat related is this Lolita-inspired coffee table.) On “Original of Laura.” I ask that upon my death, both my unpublished AND published work be destroyed. Thank you all. [3quarks]

*Video: Here’s some video of the Air Sex World championships. It’s both odd and probably not safe for work. And it has nerds with beards. And umbrellas. And a guy named Dick Oxygen. But it’s not as good as it sounds. Weird, I know.

*Nostalgia: For some reason, I love that this incredibly long interview with Vanilla Ice starts off with lyrics from his most famous song. You know, to set the tone. Huh? [mefi]

*Blogging: The format of this new music blog, Left As Rain, is interesting. Setting humility aside for a moment, I think my style would be suited to it. [notcot]

*Art: Olivier Kosta-Théfaine uses a cigarette lighter to burn incredible images into ceilings. I once carved “K-Ball” into a high-school commons wall. Peer pressure. [neatorama]

*Lists: eMusic lists their Top 100 albums of the decade. Wow; The Hold Steady comes in at number two. [spincity]

*Sales: This vending machine sells ideas for $.50. I have been thinking about a similar micro-business: A person would friend me on Facebook and tell me his or her screen names on various social networking sites. I would then examine the person’s digital identity and write up an objective assessment of what his or her spirit object is. [adverlab]

*Meta: I tumblr’d ONE POSSIBLE explanation of my magazine/toilet avatar.


Links for 7.13.08: Bon Jovi’s concert, Lovett’s income, Google Trends anomalies…

*Albums: Twenty years and 4.6 million records sold, and Lyle Lovett has “never made a dime” off album sales? [largehearted boy]

*Numbers: Concert tour grosses were flat for the first half of 2008 – though number of tickets sold went down, prices went up. Also: “Things are fucked up.” [lefsetz]

*Review: It appears that Bon Jovi rocked Central Park yesterday.

*Video: “Get Thrashed: The Story of Thrash Metal” is a documentary detailing the ins and outs of the thrash metal scene. [switchblade comb] Fun fact: When I was in high school, skateboarding enthusiasts were called “thrashers.”

*Weird: The L.A. Times picked up on the swastika topping the Google Trends chart the other day. [murketing] In more recent Google Trends news: “ǝlƃooƃ noʎ ʞɔnɟ” takes over for a couple of hours!

*Local music: It is Bastille Day (tomorrow), and Cafe Barbette is celebrating by putting on a concert (today) featuring Faux Jean and Romantica. Also: there will be roller skating ladies.

*Icons: My favorite icon symbolizing the toilet is of a magazine that has fallen into the toilet. Or maybe that symbolizes me. Or America. Or our culture. Or the media. Or life.