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Links for 7.20.09: Bro-core, music recognition, 8-bit bullshit…

*Genres: If there really is a sub-genre of heavy metal music called bro-core, I want to be a part of it. Brohitos? Are you with me? I’m willing to play bass. If that’s allowed in bro-core.

*Music: The BBC does a piece on song recognition technology (like Shazam) and advancement in said field. You can say “said” even though you typed it. I looked that up.

*Money: The Wall Street Journal looks at the business side of Jack White. Pasty. [shorties]

*Music: Listen to an 8-bit tribute to Weezer. If you’re nerdy enough. (Please know that I only used the word “bullshit” above because it rhymed.) [waxy]

*Twitter: Trent Reznor deleted his account. Now how do we know what he ate for breakfast?

*Shirts: Kanye Vader is like Darth Vader, but with shuttered glasses. Hence the Kanye part. [spin city]

*Reading: Five twitter things to read.


Video: Trent Reznor before Nine Inch Nails

Old video, but love the hair. I used to have hair.


Links for 6.22.09: Sleevefacing time, beer pouches, Sufjan Stevens…

This is all Jell-O.

This is all Jell-O.

*I’m going to try to be more discerning about posting. It probably won’t last long. My mind is a perpetual ice cube, the internet an uncoolable ocean.

*Photos: This flickr photo pool called “Looking Into the Past” is like sleevefacing with time itself. If you know what I’m saying. (If you do not know what I’m saying: One takes a photograph of an old picture in the place where it was originally snapped, thus overlaying an image of the past on the real present to create a new melding of the two.) [buzzfeed]

*Animation: This tumblr of animated gifs has me feeling all gooey. My brain says no, but my body says yes. Then seizures, followed by a prolonged period of medication, loss of job and healthcare benefits and precipitous mental decline. Wow, that took an abrupt left turn. Ouch. [mediaeater]

*Metaverse: “No hugs and no sleep” – a story of being homeless in the Sims. “Alice’s teddy is more than her only possession in the world. It’s the only thing that’s ever hugged her.” This is like some sort of beautiful, unnecessary reverse-engineered graphic novel machinima. [waxy]

*Old times: Tim O’Reilly talks about his Classical Education. (I majored in history, studying ancient Rome and Greece extensively, and I’m basically worthless these days. COUNTERPOINT. AND CHECKMATE.)

I do, however, like this clip: “I believe that I’ve consistently been able to spot emerging trends because I don’t think with what psychologist Eugene Gendlin called “received knowledge,” but in a process that begins with a raw data stream that over time tells me its own story.” [short shrift]

*Quotes: “I saw Sufjan Stevens last year, and I was like, how is his singing that good?” -Trent Reznor in Newsweek [fluxtumblr]

*Beverages: I love beer. I love pouches. I have created a pouch on my body that’s made primarily of beer. Do you see where I’m going with this? No? Well, look at this beer in a pouch and then try to answer. (Hint: Beer pouches.)

*Vizzies: Peruse this infographic depicting murders in New York. Well executed, gray lady. Well executed. (I had to say that, under penalty of death. OK, I’m exaggerating.) [harper’s]

*Apple: This Daring Fireball post about the Wall Street Journal’s sourcing in a recent story that broke the news of Steve Jobs’ liver transplant is not sexy, but it is meticulous and well written and deserving of some sort of acknowledgement.

*Video: I won’t give it its own post since it made the rounds extensively last week, but this video of John Hodgman speaking at the Radio and TV Correspondents’ Dinner is amusing. [everyone]

*Please note: I might start reading books again. That is a warning. To all of you.

Links for 3.13.09: Crying, wearing eggs, buying black, going crazy?

*Crying: Directly into my cupped hands.


*Music: If you crowdsource a song – specifically “Daisy Bell” – to 2000 helpers, this is what it sounds like. [info aesthetics]

*Consumption: One family, the Andersons, is trying to “buy black” all year, purchasing goods only from African-American-owned companies. [murketing]

*Drinks: Sting has his own brand of wine. It doesn’t “have a bouquet,” it “stinks.” I’m guessing.

*Attn NYTLabs: Call me.

*Music: Steve Earle is recording a Townes Van Zandt tribute album called Townes. With Neil Young and Neko Case. Naked. That one was for you, FlatRat. Also, I was lying about the end part.

*The Law: Peruse the mugshots of the people arrested at Phish’s recent reunion concert. HOLY SHIT, BEARDS. [buzzfeed]

*8-bit: Listen in awe to this medley of hip-hop games made from old videogame system sounds. [coudal]

*Twitter: Trent Reznor thinks that Chris Cornell embarrassed himself. He said so by updating Twitter (known in some circles as the Ultimate Badass Report) from an application called TWEETDECK. Now that’s some hard-ass beef. [xrrf]

*Another twitter thing: SXSW twitter conversations visualized. By Pepsi. [waxy]

*Meta: Spin City thinks I am crazy.

*Local: Apparently, the Twin Cities are experiencing a burger boom. The day job’s food expert (based in southern California) has also been reporting L.A. burgermania for several months.

*Today’s links: C-

Links for 11.25.08: Bono’s music store, Forte’s pardon, Obamafy yourself…

*Downloads: Bono is going into the business of selling music with (Red) Wire, a digital download and discovery service. He’ll give a portion of the proceeds to the Global Fund, but he’ll probably be a prick about it.

*Pardon me?: President Bush pardons rapper John Forte, who was in jail on drug charges. Could Dubya be a closet Fugees fan?

*Digital music: Sales for Atlantic Records’ digital music eclipsed sales of their physical music for the same period.

*Nose flutes: If you can’t appreciate a good roundup of nose flute videos, I don’t know what you can appreciate. Though it’s probably some highfalutin’ bullshit. As I will point out in the comments of the linked-to post, however, they have forgotten the unforgettable “Sophie Monk Double-Nose Flute Incident” in their collection.

*Biz: How tethered to Apple is the growth of digital music (the paid kind)? I would just like to point out that wide swaths of the economy are going into the shitter. WIDE swaths. OK?

*Propaganda: The Obamafy plug-in allows you to turn your Photo Booth photos into Shepard Fairey-like propaganda. HOPE. [the duty]

*Black Eyed Peas: Fergie is recording vocals for Slash’s – formerly of a little band called GUNS N’ ROSES – forthcoming album. I feel sort of bad for almost abandoning Fergie content, but she hasn’t peed herself in years. OK?

*Local: Oh, look. Nine Inch Nails is in town, and Trent Reznor is taking pictures of manhole covers!

*Twitter: Shaquille O’Neal has been twittering his thoughts on the Natalie Holloway case. What?

*Personal: Seriously. I’m very tired by the end of the day. OK?

Links for 8.30.08: Metallica ages, criticism busts, more music crowdsourcing

*Play: JavaScript Rock Star. (Personally, I can no longer see a blue dot without thinking about David Cross. Or Brett Ratner.) [tobs]

*Criticism: What is the future of the music critic? (Is it 160 characters?) [largehearted boy]

*Juxtaposition: The New York Times reflects on the occasion of Trent Reznor playing at the Izod Center. Guys: Everyone is getting old.

*Crowdsourcing: Bandstocks allows fans to invest in bands, funding production of their music. One of a host of services aimed at crowdsourcing all aspects of the music biz, from A&R to distribution. [chasing lions]

*Elecs: The wristband MP3 player. (Oh, and it has GPS, too.) [crave]

*Metal: The Times follows Metallica to Romania, talks about how old they are and offers some clips from their latest album, “Death Magnetic.”

*Politics: Daddy Yankee will be kicking off the RNC on Monday, and has officially endorsed John McCain as his presidential pick.

Links for 8.12.08: Mog’s ad network, NIN’s HBO show, Napster’s fall, Snot’s demise…

*Social media: MOG has added Rick Rubin to its board and has also created a music blog ad network. For me, MOG has always been in a weird in-between space that I couldn’t connect to on any level. Not social enough to be a good social media tool, not enough stats to compete with I still have found no good reason to log on.

*NIN: Trent Reznor’s Zero may become an HBO series? I think Ian McShane should star.

*Business: Napster subscriptions are down 52,000 subscribers in Q2 over Q1. Tough times. I still think someone will crack subscription music. I can’t stand managing files; it’s a waste of my time. (Though I still have found no better alternative.)

*Local: Snot, of Puke and Snot, has died. One half of the most famous Renaissance Festival pair of all time has passed away at the age of 57. First Bernie Mac, now this. Ugh.

*Celebrities: TMZ has dug up some Ryan Seacrest beefcake photography. BEFORE he was bitten by that shark.

*Toys: The Teddy Bear MP3 player makes it easy to listen to digital music. Even if you are 12-18 months old.

*Local: If you don’t want to go to a Rage Against the Machine concert during the Republican National Convention, you could consider putting up an Unconvention yard sign. [metblog mpls]

*Hello: It’s my brother’s birthday. Happy birthday, Ian. You are almost as old as Jesus.

Links for 6.8.08: Prince’s b-day, Reznor’s rage, Winehouse’s racism

*Prince turned 50 yesterday. The BBC has a timeline.

*The New York Times on Trent Reznor’s “Frustration and Fury“: “Fear has governed my life, if I think about it.”

*I did not watch this video. And I usually don’t link to much Amy Winehouse stuff. But, the usual. [fiddlr]

*I wrote about these for my day job back in the day, but mefi reminds me: Smart Shorties are multiplication tables set to hip-hop beats. [mefi]

*Jakob Dylan is almost 40 and he has 4 kids.

*Off topic. Borges comes alive (kinda). “Uncreative writer” retypes the New York Times. Next up: Uncreative blogger does nothing but link to shit. [swissmiss]

*Off topic: A German nursing home has created a fake bus stop in its neighborhood to keep Alzheimer patients from wandering off.

A few links for 3.13.08: NIN’s cash, Ryan Adams’ blog, SXSW’s images

*Ars Technica says an ISP tax that would allow payers to access a legal P2P network might not be that far off.

*Not at SXSW? One of thousands of slide shows.

*NIN new album (which cost about $38 to distribute online) has brought in $1.6M in its first week.

*Ryan Adams has a new blog. Have never really been a fan. [rawkblog]

*Cellphone carriers may be even worse than you think? Digital Music News muses on whether they’re blocking mobile music availability.

Links for 1.10.08: Amazon’s triumph, Reznor’s folly, Kanye’s TV

*Sony BMG to sell DRM-free tunes through Amazon. (My last three purchases were made via the Amazon music store, and they’ve all been seamless.) [ars technica]

*Trent Reznor inquires about a music tax. Will not go over well.

*Looks like the Flight of the Conchords guys got stuck going to CES this year. Suckers!!! Watch video here.

*Kanye West says he’s buying a 150-inch plasma TV. [fimoculous]

*Read and file: Hypebot’s 10 Music 2.0 Predictions for 2008.

Links for 10.31.07: Reznor’s OiNK, Coolio’s kids, Alanis’ Dick, mp3 spam +

*Trent Reznor was a member of OiNK. [notes]

*Alanis Morrisette has signed up to appear in the film version of Philip K. Dick’s “Radio Free Albemuth.” Up next: Tori Amos starring in “The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch”? [cinematical]

*RealNetworks revenues are up for the quarter; Rhapsody’s joint-venture positioning cited as opportunity for growth. [digital music news]

*Getting a lot of mp3 spam? Poperti lets you easily listen to it through Gmail. [red ferret]

*The Rock Steady gym bag: Looks retarded and plays MP3s. [shinyshiny]

*In subscription music news: $50 per year for access to The Who content. Why, God? [listening post]

*Coolio has signed up to appear in a reality show. On the Oxygen network. In it, he will raise six teenagers by himself. [getty images]

*Check out the Daily Swarm’s Daft Punk Halloween Costume Contest.

*The execrable local. From MetBlo Mpls: “I wish MinnPost would stop telling us what they’re going to give us, and just give it to us already.” HAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Ugh. Agreed.