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Links for 11.10.10: A day that will live in infamy

*Note: I don’t know how to say this politely, so I’m just going to say it: I’m tumblring over here.

*Business: Umair Haque – of Havas Media Lab – talks about how Strategy Can Do Better – “hen you read between the lines, companies that can do the above don’t just create McJobs, they create fulfilling work; they don’t just churn out more toxic junk to be mutely crammed down the throats of “consumers,” but meaningfully “good” goods; they don’t just earn a “profit” — they begin to create authentic, enduring value.”

*Music: John Roderick of the Long Winters (who is EXCELLENT on Twitter), is writing a column for Seattle Weekly. This one is on booze and drugs, of all things.

*Local: On the way to reading about One on One, the coffee-cum-bicycle shop I stop at nearly every morning, I accidentally ran across this article claiming that the Twin Cities are a unicycling mecca. I may take this up once I master home carbonation.

*Shows: Danzig was scheduled to perform in town yesterday, but apparently cancelled his show. Remember that video of Danzig getting hit by that guy from the North Side Kings? That may have been the first viral video I ever ran across. (I didn’t even know what was going on.)

*Visits: Obama was in India this week. “Indeed, Obama is placed in a unique position for an American president, a position that he appears to comprehend, though his opponents in the US do not. Power today begins in the acceptance of the limits upon it.”

*Reading: Watching the original Henry Rollins vs. Hipsters video depressed me, but Nitsuh Abebe’s blow-by-blow account of it for Vulture was actually invigorating.

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 2.3.10: 23 Tips for Better Abs

*Space: The other day, I linked to an article about how silence is disappearing. But really, our country is relatively empty. Paradoxical? Or just a lazy lack of context by your blogger?

*World knowledge: Current information storage systems are fragile; data is ephemeral. And our memories are poor. (Screenplay: After the Information Age, in a dystopian post-apocalyptic future, a man with an incredible memory holds the key to humanity’s future. Starring Keith Richards. Directed by Johnny Depp. Call me.) [neural]

*Social media: This seems intuitive, but people typically have similar connections across social media. So your fingerprint of friends on one network can probably identify you on others. Anonymity is hard. And I’ve tried. Lord knows I’ve tried.

*Taxation: Enter your salary in USA Today‘s calculator to find out how much of your tax money goes where. My taxes are already done for 2009.

*U2: AC/DC’s Brian Johnson thinks Bono is being obnoxious about his charity work. Remind me to tell you about the time I was doing fact-checking for a Tumblr post about AC/DC and accidentally Googled the phrase “big balls.” (Never do that.) [tds]

*Innovation: The Mu Space (CONCEPT) music player is also a pillow. BUT IS IT A BODY PILLOW? (It is not.)

*Coincidence: So I both TUMBLED and TWEETED things about “Anti-Graffiti Bill” the other day. Now I learn that the amusingly ambiguous quirks of language such as that in the headline “Anti-Graffiti Bill in Denver Killed” are called crash blossoms.

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 11.29.09: “A work of art has no importance whatever to society.”

*Books: Vladimir Nabokov’s son Dmitri ignored his father’s dying request and instead of destroying his unfinished work upon his death, he published it. (Somewhat related is this Lolita-inspired coffee table.) On “Original of Laura.” I ask that upon my death, both my unpublished AND published work be destroyed. Thank you all. [3quarks]

*Video: Here’s some video of the Air Sex World championships. It’s both odd and probably not safe for work. And it has nerds with beards. And umbrellas. And a guy named Dick Oxygen. But it’s not as good as it sounds. Weird, I know.

*Nostalgia: For some reason, I love that this incredibly long interview with Vanilla Ice starts off with lyrics from his most famous song. You know, to set the tone. Huh? [mefi]

*Blogging: The format of this new music blog, Left As Rain, is interesting. Setting humility aside for a moment, I think my style would be suited to it. [notcot]

*Art: Olivier Kosta-Théfaine uses a cigarette lighter to burn incredible images into ceilings. I once carved “K-Ball” into a high-school commons wall. Peer pressure. [neatorama]

*Lists: eMusic lists their Top 100 albums of the decade. Wow; The Hold Steady comes in at number two. [spincity]

*Sales: This vending machine sells ideas for $.50. I have been thinking about a similar micro-business: A person would friend me on Facebook and tell me his or her screen names on various social networking sites. I would then examine the person’s digital identity and write up an objective assessment of what his or her spirit object is. [adverlab]

*Meta: I tumblr’d ONE POSSIBLE explanation of my magazine/toilet avatar.

Links for 11.19.09: Republicans love shortbread.

*Alcohol: Wines That Rock is releasing rock and roll-related varietals such as Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet and the Rolling Stones Forty Licks Merlot. Hopefully, the wine was bottled in these bands’ respective hay days. Am i rite? Also, it will taste terrible. [the daily swarm]

*Money: This incredible chart from Mint is too complex by half, but it shows who is paying taxes in the U.S. [harper’s]

*Music: Here is a tumblr that is dedicated to “Music to have sex to.” I’ll be honest: I was expecting more Kings of Leon. A LOT more. WHAT? [lafix]

*Art: If these record cover collages don’t turn you on, you aren’t listening to enough Kings of Leon. Huh? Someone please help. [coudal]

*Visualizations: I’ve frequently linked to infographics made by GOOD magazine. Here’s a Flickr set of all of them. [coudal]

*Politics: According to Hunch, when it comes to Girl Scout cookies, liberals like samoas and conservatives like shortbread. I like thin mints. If by “like,” you mean devour sleeves of joylessly. [harper’s]

*Web: Can government really tap into the power of technology via Expert Labs? And, more importantly, is this company hiring? WHAT?

*Twitter: Read these four things.

*Today’s links: Failure.

Tumblrs with book deals – gutenbait?

(Updated 7.6.09 – added a couple of blogs with deals)

Below is a list (by no means exhaustive) of tumblrs that are now available in lovely printed form. I’ve also included a number of near-tumblrs – simple, single-concept tumblr-like blogs that are as much about images and an idea as they are about prose. Is like half of all book-reading now being done on the toilet or something?

Anyway, I informally propose blogs of this type and flavor henceforth be called Gutenbait (Digg-bait for the gutenberg-era).

*Look at this fucking hipsterSt. Martin’s
*This Is Why You’re FatHarperStudio
*Hot Chicks with Douchebags (this should have been a Tumblr) – Simon Spotlight
*FMLMichel Lafon Publishing
*Pets Who Want to Kill ThemselvesThree Rivers Press
*Rules for My Unborn SonSt. Martin’s
*Texts from Last NightGotham
*Sleeveface – Artisan Workman
*Cake WrecksAndrews McMeel Publishing

*I’m not counting: Postcards From Yo Momma, I Can Haz Cheeseburger or Stuff White People Like. Because I am in charge here.

I’d like to recommend for bookization:
*Goths in Hot Weather

Furthermore, Give Us A Book Deal offers a regular stream of idiotic book deal-bait tumblr ideas such as “Rules for My Future Dog” and “Slutty Ninjas.”

*Update: Apparently Gawker doesn’t read the Listenerd. Or at least doesn’t link to it! Not much new info in this book-to-blogs post, but a shout-out to Boner Party, which is good?

Links for 3.22.09: Cassette tape art, Quietube, James Joyce…

*Art: Cassette tape portraits will blow your mind into smithereens. If you are not already crazy. [neatorama]

*Visualize: Your life in dots – a visualization wherein each day of the average Americans’ life is represented as a tiny dot on an expansive grid. [coudal]

*Video: Quietube allows you to watch YouTube videos without all the noise by stripping out a bunch of the background garbage. [daring fireball]

*Department of Forgotten Songs: NYT columnist Rob Walker is still looking for help with his Unconsumption tumblr. This blog – probably among others – did, in fact, mention previously that the tumblr was probably about feeling out the market for his next book, though the comment was as much about tumblr being the ultimate platform to jump into publication these days as it was about his topic in particular. Does anyone out there know anything about consumption and/or blogging who could help him?

*Twitter: Tweleted lets one uncover anyone’s deleted Tweets. Not only do I sometimes later delete tweets because I hate them, I also frequently fix typos, word choice or awkwardness. I refuse to apologize for this and if you have any questions you can sod off. [mashable] Also, here are 4.5 lessons from Twitter. I don’t really know if I learned any of them.

*On Language: The wordplay that brings James Joyce and Britney Spears together has to do with the “If you seek” construction.

*Recession: New Jersey’s Fountains of Wayne (the store) may close. DAMN THIS RECESSION ALL TO HELL. I feel like the caps were overplaying it, but that fixing them would make things even worse.

*Blogging: Eric Carle, author of the timeless classic “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” has a blog. You may not know this, but “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” is a metaphor for our current economic meltdown. [buzzfeed]

*Groups: Bandize is one of those online things that helps bands do all the non-rocking part of being a band. [wired]

*Economics: The crisis is far from over, they say. “If the United States follows the norm of recent crises, as it has until now, output may take four years to return to its pre-crisis level. Unemployment will continue to rise for three more years, reaching 11–12 percent in 2011.”

*Dating: Vine-yl, where Music + Wine always = <3. [coudal]

*Today’s links: D. Dry and lacking in proper quips.

Links for 2.23.09:’s rebuttal, Cohen poetry, a “turd-covered silicon aviary”

*Update: Still no word from Sam Beam about whether he wants to do a LISTENERD PODCAST. Fourth question: “Do you have to go to the bathroom?”

*Clarifications: denies the recent TechCrunch allegation claiming it turned over data to the RIAA. [waxy]

*Psychiatry: You call it compulsive-impulsive spectrum disorder, I call it life.

*Driving: We’ve been talking about this for a long time at the day job, but for the first time in 25 years, Americans are driving less. You can read about America’s fastest-dying car brands here. Sorry for the downer.

*Social media: Try to figure out this Periodic Table of Social Media Elements. If you are able to do so, you may be my second-ever podcast guest. Your first question: What the fuck is going on with that chart, anyway? [fallon]

*Predictions: Nate Silver comments on his so-so predictions for this year’s Oscars (he got 4 out of 6 correct). Also, he took a crap at 1:45 pm yesterday. Or so it was reported.

*Art: Plastic guys. [eyeteeth]

*List: Mashable compiles a collection of 18 great music tumblrs. [spin city]

*Identity: Is Carles, the author of Hipster Runoff, also known as writer Tao Lin? Also, who is Tao Lin? [fluxtumblr]

*The Internet: Once you have read and loved this Flickr comment thread, you have achieved a passing grade and may move on.

*Related to above: Can it be long before the entire country is tweeting away in the din of a giant turd-covered silicon aviary? And how scared should we be?

*Poetry: A Street – Leonard Cohen. “I see the ghost of culture, with numbers on his wrist.”

Links for 11.21.08: Em’s candy, Kanye’s leaks, listening to movies…

*Media mashing: I need to figure out a way to find time to explain my fascination with modern media that’s been removed from its original context – usually stuff that’s taken from more technologically advanced media to less. But I’m too busy listening to audio tracks of movies without the video. [cinematical]

*Music: If you would like some MP3s from a couple of old white guys, Aquarium Drunkard has tracks from Bob Dylan / Johnny Cash – 1969 Sessions.

*Food: Behold, this portrait of Eminem created from M&Ms. MMMMM. [idolator]

*Twitter: Shaquille O’Neal is on twitter. But you should just follow Fireland instead.

*Leaks: Kanye has started using imeem as a leaking platform for his new music. Leaking platform. Heh. [hypebot]

*Movies: You should look at these pie charts of the colors used in Sofia Coppola movies. They are aesthetically pleasing. And soothing. No, really. Look at the motherfuckers. Please? [golden fiddle]

*Thinking: 100 Blogs That Will Make You Smarter. You may notice that the listenerd is not on here.

*Tumbling: Someone has devoted a tumblr to Gary Busey. Which is like devoting a life to sadness. [buzzfeed]

*Blogging: Here is the listenerd’s tumblr. Maybe I will bring twitter – which I have been doing quasi-anonymously for a month or so –back into the light some day in the near future. MAYBE.


I feel like I should tell you this. I’m trying tumbling again.

This one will be better than The Finest in Celebrity Hairlines. I swear.

Because how can it not be?

10.16.08: More recommendations and anti-recommendations


-The twitterstream of Remiel. He is very angry and works in an office. And in marketing.
-The KFC Famous Bowl: It is not good for eating, but as a thought experiment delving into the basest aspects of our nature, it is unparalleled.
Joe the Plumber: For all your toilet unclogging needs (not the political icon in apogee).
Flying Wangs: Always. ALWAYS.
-This line from the recent Arianna Huffington profile in the New Yorker: “In the higher echelons of New York and Los Angeles society, merely asking a question about someone else is taken as evidence of savantlike people skills.”
Craigslist: (I AM MEETING CRAIG NEXT WEEK.) [The reason for my excitement is because he is balder than I am. I THINK.]
Aesthetic Apparatus: I have an Aesthetic Apparatus thing called Shrinkin’ Lincoln in my living room. (Not a euphemism.)
Goldenfiddlr: Awesome like Golden Fiddle, but without all the distracting high-concept bullshit. Or comments.
Son of a bitch: Use it. Bitches.

New Amsterdam gin: It tastes like tiny oranges. Or maybe clementines. Everyone knows gin is supposed to taste like the bottom of your bathtub mixed with the sweat of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s balls.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average
Joe the Plumber: Not named Joe, not a plumber, not really much of a tax payer, and worst of all, bald.
Womanizer: Don’t watch it unless you like greasy, naked people. And writhing. And sugar pop music.
-Black mead: I can’t stress my disgust with this substance enough.