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Links for 9.26.10: I am now 100% immune to polio

*Fashion: The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn says not to call them the Twinkies, yet I have this incredibly awesome t-shirt from Campfire.

*Art: Don’t call it the bird: A giant statue of a middle finger being given, by Maurizio Cattelan. [notcot]

*Movies: Read this page devoted to skeptics of The Force.
“Thus far, two Dark Jedi powers have come to light (so to speak) which merit attention:
-Telekinetic choking, and
-Purple lightning bolts that come from their fingertips.”
[too much nick]

*Booze: Charles Bukowski and Roger Ebert write about the Mickey Rourke movie “Barfly,” which – incidently – is the last movie I ever had on VHS. Also, I like to pronounce it Barf-ly.

*Food: Rob Walker writes about the junk-food branding of baby carrots. I’m an adult carrot guy. Always have been. (Don’t read anything weird into that. Well, nothing TOO weird.) Also, here’s a Rob Walker interview. He would like to have dinner with a nuclear bomb. FAIR ENOUGH.

*Arms: This is a World War I-era pistol bayonet. I link to it here because it terrifies me. On a somewhat related note, today (in GQ – don’t ask) – I learned of the existence of men’s garters that attach to the bottom of a shirt and the top of each sock. They are military in origin, and also terrifying.

*Please note: I have received a polio immunization and am not confident that I will not contract polio.

*Television: Apparently, Bob Dylan appeared on Pawn Stars.

*Today’s grade: F. (Note: I could not even bring myself to proof this post, having watched two episodes of Hoarders on Netflix tonight.)

Links for 4.7.08:, Charlie Daniels’ blog, bagelfuls…

*If you like music and moving pictures, you will probably like the newly launched and/or the soon-to-launch Videogum.

*1) Charlie Daniels has a blog. 2) He doesn’t like the way his song “The Devil Goes Down to Georgia” is depicted in Guitar Hero. [vulture – which is a damn good blog]

*Bob Dylan wins a special Pulitzer Prize. [daily swarm]

*Wal-mart’s committed to keep going on the DRM-free music front, with or without Warner Music. [digital music news]

*It’s furrealz: Imeem acquires Snocap. [coolfer]

*To test: This Is My Jam. (Another mixtaping service.) [crave]

*Off-topic thing: Bagelfuls – “the twinkie of bagels.”

*Local: I am linking to this pizza joint review mainly due to its “good crime stories” link, a story that amuses me to no end every time I drive past Red Savoy Pizza.