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Links for 7.31.08: Kanye’s clothes, Aussie pirates, Rihanna’s outerwear…

*Fashion: Kanye West makes Vanity Fair‘s best-dressed list. Must have been the sunglasses? You know? With the shutters? Hello? Hi.

*Alternative fuels: The New York Times highlights young rockers riding biodiesel busses.

*Hip-hop and hops: ?uestlove’s Air Force 1 shoes.

*Mascots: OK, first listenerd favorite Soulja Boy beefs with Ice T. Then listenerd mascot Fergie agrees to play a prostitute in her feature film debut. And now listenerd emerging artist Rihanna is seen sporting a nipple ring through her see-through shirt. Next up: the listenerd adopts Amy Grant.

*Fashion: The geekini is a Nintendo controller-inspired bikini.

*Travel: If you go to Australia, they may check your gear for pirated music. THAT YOU HAVE STOLEN.

*The internet: The Daily Star points out KissThisGuy, a site for misheard lyrics. (There are few better than “Yellow Ledbetter.”) Because kids used to learn lyrics by reading the CD liners. [fark]

Links for 5.22.08: Floyd’s pork, ?uestlove’s love, Rifflet’s allure…

*Crowdsourcing your way through musician’s block: Rifflet allows bands to post songs and encourage other musicians to finish them. [read write web]

*How much do you really want to know about Pink Floyd’s pig? Side note: I enjoy bacon.

*Who are the top 50 bands uploaded to Muxtape? The Rawking crunches it: 1) Radiohead, 2) MGMT, 43) Neutral Milk Hotel… Side note: I enjoy carrot flowers.

*Boy band discoverer Lou Pearlman got 25 years in the slammer for conspiracy and money laundering. [medialoper – who link blogs very well…]

*Byron Crawford notes that ?uestlove is eerily well-informed on matters pornographic. He begins a brief dissertation on Asian performers: “i was intrigued like most cats in the early 90s with Asia Carrera but since the tragedy with the death of her husband she has kept a relatively low profile in the past couple.”

*Video: Zach Galifinakis interviews Michael Showalter. Nice beard.

*Lemmy: The Movie. Lemmy is 62? [vicarious]

*Video: Best Buy video cameras capture an in-store dance party. [bb]

*Off topic: GOOD magazine does a round-up post on beards. They’re the new long hair. But on your face.

*ATTENTION: My love affair with Vodpod is over. THANK YOU.

Links for 5.13.08: Madonna covers Pantera, ?uestlove mocks Kanye…

*The Roots’ ?uestlove mocks Kanye West in blog form. Well played, sir. (Effing bloggers.) [nah right]

*Salon calls out Soulja Boy as the beginning of the end of hip-hop. [ypulse]

* Playground: Check out’s in-the-works projects. From the blog via Waxy.

*Video: Madonna covers Pantera’s “A New Level.” Pantera fans don’t love it. Pantera fans.

*Outdoor slow dance parties: Go to Buenos Aires.

*Jack Black has recorded his own version of the song “Kung Fu Fighting” (with Cee-Lo). [cinematical]

*A Fraggle Rock live-action feature film will soon be coming out. [parent dish]

*Nate Dogg is not dead, despite what Google trends may try to tell you. He had a stroke earlier this year.

*Wear it: A Wacko Jacko Michael Jackson Mask. [bb]

*Local (Minneapolis): The Basilica Block Party lineup. Editorial: There are a lot of negative people in the world. Also, the Star Tribune sucks ass. [mnspeak]

*Yes, music blogs are the new record labels. But this needs more talking about.

*Girl Talk + Taco Bell = Diarrhea. (Trick equation. ANYTHING + Taco Bell = Diarrhea.)

*I should note that I would post all these items much earlier, but I have a 60-hour-per-week day job to worry about also. I feel like kind of a dick. Apologies. Ugh.

Video: Behind Al Green and ?uestlove’s “Lay It Down”