Links for 5.5.09: Bono’s poetry, Dr. Pepper’s recipe, Van Gogh’s ear…

*Evil: Many people hate poetry. Many people hate Bono. Everyone hates Bono’s poetry. I would draw a VENN diagram of this, but it would be covered in human bile, and therefore illegible. [pop candy]

*Beverage: The original formula for Dr. Pepper was an 1880s recipe for D Peppers Pepsin Bitters! Empirical research would lead me to believe that this same formula is still in use. [licensing plate]

*Consumption: Megan is moving and selling ALL her stuff. Via a gorgeously orderly online catalog – GoodbyeWaffleMaker. [swiss miss]

*Breaking: Van Gogh didn’t cut off his own ear, Gauguin did. Maybe. These two. [bits]

*Sports: I’m trying to figure out exactly what coasteering is. I think it has something to do with ritual suicide, but with lots of helmets and life jackets, which I’m sure is to make the act even more humiliating. [mefi]

*More poetry: Poets ranked by beard weight. Weird that Homer didn’t win? What? [buzzfeed]

*NOTE: I will dedicate a eupemism to my 500th twitter follower.