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Video: 10 centuries in 5 minutes

[long now]


Video: A phonograph playing soothingly – IN MY HOME

1) Creating a video of a phonograph playing soothingly is more difficult than it appears to your average asshole internet commentator.

2) The video quality of the Flip is bad.


4) Ruby Tuesday.

5) Warped!

Video: “Jingle Bells” performed on microwaves

I’m not sure what it’s a commercial for, but those are old microwaves.

Video: Ninja Kittens (Toyota commercial)

According to Autoblog, this video is an ad for some Australian-version Corolla.

In a rare, stellar comment from a YouTuber, ohiohay says: “I would watch a whole movie of this.”

(It seems like it should be named Kung-fu Kittens, though.)


Video: Rotoscoped fan-made vid for Girl Talk’s “Bounce That”

For the Open Source Cinema Project. This video has been around for a bit, but I am posting it regardless.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Links for 12.10.07: Non-news, Imeem’s coup, Pac-Man X-mas +

*OK: WEIRD. The readers of Hypebot (or maybe one particularly vehement reader especially) have nominated the listenerd in the category of Best Music News Blog. For the record, I do not really consider this a music news blog at all, but rather simply an “amalgamation of crap that is interesting to me” blog.

*Social music site Imeem has signed Universal to a contract; now has deals with all four majors. Wow. (More at BusinessWeek. [mashable]

*Culture Bully tries to call the top ten music videos of the year.

*Bono on U2’s next album: “There‚Äôs some trance influences.”

On a tangential note, new listenerd readers should note that I hate Bono. [vicarious]

*Stereogum is worth $5M. OK, nice. [idolator]

*How would you like to read an interview about a list of lists? OK. [fimoculous]

*Commercial: If you want to support Pandora, you may perhaps buy their trippy posters for your friends.

*It is by now well known that Fark has tried to copyright NSFW. Those motherfuckers. Oops.

*Local: The A.V. Club interviews Dan Wilson.

*Cracked does good lists these days. The 9 Most Unnecessary Greatest Hits Albums of All Time: Vanilla Ice, Nelson… [mediaor]

*Off topic: The Pac-Man Christmas Tree.

*Not THAT music-related, but I recommend perusing the Esquire Drinks Database. For the sake of your palate. [josh spear]