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Video: Light Drive by Kim Pimmel

Those of you who have read the ‘nerd for a long time know that I used to put up a lot of super boring videos of old phonographs playing. Well. Wow.

Video: Watch cocktails explode in slow motion

All that, and also the Beastie Boys. Have I ever asked if I ever shut the hell up?

Video: Halloween, Alaska’s “Love is Stronger than Pride”

It’s interesting that they’re pre-selling their new album (for $5) on Kickstarter! Smart!

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Video: An iPad Street Musician



Video: Packing an axe

I am now obsessed with awesome axes. And the Best Made Company.

Video: Flylashes

Jessica Harrison makes fake eyelashes that look like dead flies’ legs.


Video: The Human Package

Video: What if Twitter came to life…again?

Here’s the Criterion Collection II, the answer to the unasked question: What if Twitter came to life? It was brought together by @poeks and @sween, and it’s worth the click-through (as I noted on Twitter) for the @lonelysandwich and @thedayhascome bits alone.

Video: An overhead projector makes music

Links for 4.6.10: 22 Tips for Better Abs and Worse Underarm Odor

*The Internet: Is net neutrality a goner? Internet users, prepare to be throttled.

*Language. I love metaphors like a cat loves New Yorker cartoons. (Not sure. Hi, Susan Orlean.) Read high school analogies and metaphors: “The thunder was ominous sounding, much like the sound of a thin sheet of metal being shaken backstage during the storm scene in a play.” This is like a gentle email forward from a vaguely out-of-touch relative. Sweet. [mefi]

*Games: Scrabble will now allow proper nouns. WHAT? So you’re trying to tell me that Words with Friends is now my bastion of word-game sanity? Out-fucking-rageous.

*Quotes: “[The Internet] is in direct opposition to the art of music being treated with respect.” -Jack White [nme via vulture]

*Chess: Playing Chess with Kubrick – well worth the read. “But as soon as Kubrick opened the door I felt an immediate kindred spirit. He looked and acted like every obsessive theoretical physicist I have ever known.” I recommend that you treat this article with the respect it deserves.

*Video: An 8-Bit Dr. Horrible remake. IF YOU REMEMBER DR. HORRIBLE. [laughing squid]

*Social issues: Should prisoners be used to create electricity to run America’s computers? Also, what is Soylent Green made out of?

*Ore: I never used to link to videos explaining how iron ore gets extracted from Minnesota mines. That means some people will call this progress, and some people will call me an asshole. Still.

*Video: Sound from Diagrams. The video sounds like an alien peeing into a fish tank. [coudal]

*Today’s links: F. Sometimes you have to not know where you’re going in order to get anywhere. (I just made that up. Obviously.)

Video: Twitter – The Criterion Collection

OK. I don’t usually cross social media streams. I don’t really talk much (in any earnest way) about other endeavors I undertake or people (real or imaginary) with whom I associate. Or work that I do. Shit that I write. Projects that I fail at. (Or do I write about that stuff all the time?)

Anyway, I’ve been on Twitter for a long time. I started in 2006. After getting some followers, I quit. For no real reason, I guess, though one of the factors was that many of my “real” friends and colleagues started reading what I wrote there. A few months later, I came back; this time anonymously. I used twitter how I wanted to then. I didn’t update with where I was or what I was doing. I wrote what I wanted to write. And I somehow, organically, found myself on the outskirts (where else) of a weird little internet community.

These people are smart. They’re weird. They’re funny. And here’s what’s unusual about this strange little alchemical project I’m linking to below: I’d normally cringe at the idea of people putting out an open-ended call project of this sort. But not here. I found myself watching the video below without a single cringe; but instead with anticipation. (Others, obviously, would and have, disagreed.) Wow.

[Oh, and it got BoingBoinged? (The 2nd BoingBoing comment refers to the one I wrote, and which is brilliantly performed by @samhey starting at 6:05. I appear – sort of; I’m cloaked in darkness, as it should be – dramatizing a tweet by @highindustrial at 7:51.)]

The video was inspired, wrangled and edited by @poeks and @sween.

Video: Tesserae White Cloud Medanos Turbines

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I find this video from Christina McPhee to be incredibly soothing.

“I film on the fly at high tech energy installations. They are often under surveillance so you have to shoot at dawn, dusk or after hours on weekends, and never more than for a few minutes at a time. I shoot the video as a a kind of drawing.”

Video: This is a screaming contest.

Video: Harvest by Alunda Kyrkok

This video symbolizes all the the listenerd aspires to someday stand for. Also, what the fuck?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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