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Links for 9.10.08: Girl Turk, The Kramer, M.I.A. blogs…

*Cool: Waxy uses a mechanical turk to crunch some numbers around Girl Talk’s “Feed the Animals. Google spreadsheets tell the tale…

*Hate: The Village Voice explains Why MySpace Music Won’t Succeed. Basically, the article reads like a history of errors.

*Favorites: Will Sheff of Okkervil River lists some of his favorite shit in an interview with Pee-fork, including a song by Wale called “The Kramer.” [via largehearted boy. Is it odd that I am so diligent in crediting conduits through which I come by information — like Largehearted Boy — when they are so lax in doing so themselves? No; it is not.]

*Local: The City Pages has come out with its Picked to Click local music issue (for Minneapolis / St. Paul) once again. And the winner is…Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles.

*Pornography: Complex magazine captures a round-up of porn stars singing and rapping.

*Sports: The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn chats baseball with ESPN. [idolator]

*Fashion: M.I.A.’s long-awaited fashion line is due out this week. [music slut] Also, here she is blogging about terrorism.

*Off topic video: A really inappropriate playground slide. [scanner via mojo]

*Off topic: So I have a regular job. With all the weird things that come with that.

*Also: Here’s camping.

Links for 8.20.08: Can songwriters make a living selling clothes?

*Royalties: Lyric Culture sells clothes with song lyrics on them, with the songwriters receiving royalties. Seriously, the twitter fortune cookie idea wasn’t that outrageous… [ypulse]

*Sap: A few months old, but a 33-minute NPR interview with the couple from the movie “Once.” [buzzsugar]

*Bands: Paste magazine takes a look at up-and-coming bands: Bon Iver, Wale. [pop candy] (Thanks for the dumb-ass interstitial ads when I try to go out the door Pop Candy!)

*Rich people: Forbes lists hip-hops richest moguls of 2008. [daily swarm]

*Local: Read the Reveille review of Bon Iver’s recent concert at First Ave: “I’ve been to sold-out shows at First Avenue before, but not like this one. Even in the back of the room, the fringes of the crowd were just as rapt and reverent as the ones at the front.” (At this rock club, they will shush you if you so much as rustle during a Low set.)

*Huh: Toby Keith is a Democrat.

*Off topic: Shoes that look like waffles. [neatorama]

*Olympics: Race Usain Bolt with your fingers. [jimray]

Links for 5.31.08: Wale makes t-shirt, Wentz makes bumblebee, Aussie chiptune…

*The United States ranks 8th in the world in musical intelligence based on an eMusic quiz. I may have been one of the children left behind.

*Do you want a mixtape t-shirt? If anyone could convince you that you do, it’s Wale. For their “Mix Tape About Nothing” release.

*The youngest member of Hanson is now a father.

*The Wall Street Journal profiles Steve Miller, who just kicked off a tour last week: “We weren’t getting anywhere,” he [Miller] told me. “I was pretty much at the end of the line. I didn’t have any dough, and I had just about finally given up. I thought, ‘I’m not going to be Eric Clapton. I’m not the Beatles. I have lots of limitations. So I’m making my record and I’m done.’ ” To fulfill his contract, he turned in “The Joker.”

*If you’ve ever wanted dozens and dozens of Australian chiptune scene music resources all in one place: you’re in luck. [little-scale]

*Pete Wentz has a giant Lego bumblebee made for his new bride, Ashlee Simpson.

Links for 5.24.08: MySpace’s mojo, Dylan’s b-day, Lobster kicks?

*MySpace opens up to developers in order to get back its juice. 1,000 new MySpace applications have been created in the last two months. [mediaeater]

*Experimental metal one-man bands on The Times.

*The Wall Street Journal on Al Green’s latest album: “Though he still has yet to hear an album by Mr. Thompson’s group, the Roots, Mr. Green says he’s thrilled about their collaboration and its results, including his first opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall, in June.”

*Lily Allen comments on the topless photos of hear that have surfaced: “I wish digital cameras hadn’t been invented.

*Bob Dylan is 67 today. Also, he has not updated his YouTube channel in a long time. Happy birthday, Bob.

*Video: Wale & Justice’s “W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.” In case you didn’t see it on a half dozen other, better blogs.

*Off topic: Nike SB Concepts Lobster Dunks are sneakers “inspired by the seafood heritage of New England.” They are limited editions, and come in a wooden crate. Really? I think I need to learn more about sneakers.

*Off topic: In the New York TimesConsumed column, Rob Walker writes about the Flip video camera, the camera I drunkenly bought off Zappos a couple weeks ago. Also, I used it to record a really boring video of my brother and me planting a tree today.