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Links for 5.15.08: Apple’s DRM plans, The Beatles’ machinima…

*The Guardian: How is Apple changing DRM? Subscriptions rising?

*Extending album art: What your favorite albums look like beyond the cover… Did no one mock up that one Sugar Ray album? [tobs]

*Bloggers can feature Amazon MP3 tunes on their blogs now thanks to a widget. In boring news, I haven’t blogged about widgets in a long time. [coolfer]

*The New York Times writes up Kanye’s space alien aesthetic and his ego. Sure, he can pick on Entertainment Weekly, but what will Mr. West have to say about the paper of record?

*The Office‘s Creed has a platinum album to his credit with his band, The Grass Roots. [earfarm]

*FlyTunes: Add streaming video from the likes of Comedy Central and NBC to your iPhone. [listening post]

*Video: Machinima music video for The Beatles’ “I’m Only Sleeping” made with World of Warcraft. [urlesque]

*They may give Jammie Thomas, the Minnesota woman busted for music filesharing, another trial.

*Also: The RIAA is on Limewire like crazy. WATCHING YOU.

*Off topic. BusinessWeek on Twitter. If you want to understand social media, read this. [buzzwatch]

Links for 10.3.07: New Zunes, Hannah Montana, Wu-Tang meets the Beatles +

*The new Zune: New players. New community stuff. DRM-free functionality (though shared tunes will have DRM slapped on them). See also: Enuz.

*Wow. Boing Boing TV! With a redesign and a gadget blog (which has been good), looks like they’re cranking up the cash machine. Short, original vids every weekday; here’s episode 1.

* has introduced a taste-o-meter widget, which lets visitors to your site compare their listening habits to yours. [rocketsurgeon]

*MOG is redesigning and will now offer the ability to listen to full tracks (not clips). I never could like it. Too brown. [Mashable]

*Wu-Tang says they’re cleared to sample Beatles’ “As My Guitar Gently Weeps.” [digital music news]

*Getty Images – who also owns Paper Thin Walls – is now selling music tracks through Soundtrack (formerly Pump Audio). [TechCrunch]

*Hannah Montana is like the Beatles. Tickets for her tour are going for up to $200 apiece.

*It sounded boring when I first heard about it, but ended up to be MESERIZINGLY BORING when I checked it out. Now’s gotten funded as a lifecasting platform to compete with the likes of Yipes. [Venture Beat]

*Side note: Re-shirts – the t-shirts with backstory. I like. [Alternative Consumer]

Links for 9.22.07: Google’s soc-net, God’s mp3 player +

*The Web according to TechCrunch: Google to launch social network on November 5?

It seemed odd that on the first day I signed up for Google’s Shared Stuff mini-app I swear there was an option to “See Friends’ Stuff” (which I can’t seem to find anymore).

*The 10 Richest People in Radio, as scraped of the Forbes 400 list. [via Grooveshark]

*Mental Floss’ 23 Album Covers That Changed Everything. What, no Sugar Ray? [via Largehearted Boy]

*DRM violates Canadian copyright law. (Thank God for copyright law?) [Yahoo! via hypebot]

*Bob Dylan now has a Facebook widget. This is the state of our world. [via Mashable]

*Another Crucifix-inspired mp3 player. [via Geek Sugar]