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Video: Mass: We Pray the videogame


Links for 8.12.09: Pizza faces, brand Carles, Wii Spray, vandals, lobster and champagne…

*Games: Daniel Radosh writes about The Beatles – Rock Band for the New York Times. “We’re on the precipice of a culture shift around how the mass market experiences music.” Still?

*Images: World leaders’ faces depicted in pizza. The potential on this one is VERY HIGH. Especially if they start using barbecue sauce instead of tomato sauce. [animal]

*Music: Pew Research looks at a declining generation gap, even when it comes to music.

*Branding: Hipster Runoff’s Carles helps you become more like Carles one $30 t-shirt at a time, bro. Or alt. Or whatever. [murketing]

*Profiles in courage: Red Squared Twitter savant Remiel offers a near-comprehensive fivepart guide to twitter profiles. Highly recommended. I, if you are interested, am probably a The Unexpected Imperative. Also, that’s the second post in a row in which I’ve used “a the.” Also, one possible addition to the list is: The Unclassifiable: “I don’t really fit into any one category… Im just me!” [SIC]

*Links: I have not seen the Virginia Quarterly Review’s generous Weekly Highlights link round-up before, but so far it is very good.

*Literacy: Silent Conversation tries to make reading into a game. Not like a Starfall thing, though. Like, with angry wizards. And broadswords. [waxy]

*Words: “The four most over-rated things in life are champagne, lobster, anal sex and picnics.” However his politics turned out, Hitchens can/could turn a phrase. [via md]

*Happiness: One of thousands of stories about happiness and happiness monitoring to appear over the past several months, this brief post points out that Gallup’s Well-Being Poll is out. I’m thinking about starting a tumblr about happiness. It would be made up of about 80% Boner Party posts and 20% studies and redefinitions of happiness.

*Vandalism: WiiSpray attempts to put graffiti online (with video). [neural]

*Vandalism II: Moss Art. Fantastic. [eyeteeth]

*Local: The Heavy Table tells you why you should drink local beer. (It mostly seemed kind of obvious. But then again I am drunk right now. On life. And very strong booze.)

*Notes: Happy birthday, little bro.

Video: A Wii Theremin playing the Star Trek theme


Links for 11.16.08: Mickey Rourke’s music, Obama’s BlackBerry, Hodgman’s blog…

*Movie music: The Playlist has the almost touching (whaaa?) story of how Mickey Rourke helped secure music from Axl Rose and Bruce Springsteen for Darren Aronofsky’s new film “The Wrestler.”

*Kanye: More caps from Kanye in his post titled Who’s Winning, Me or the Media? I have a confession to make. I LOVE CAPS.

*Videogames: The band British Sea Power rates Wii Music vs. Guitar Hero. [largehearted boy]

*Information: Supposedly, presidents can’t use e-mail or text messages because the data eventually becomes public and ultimately presents troublesome security challenges. Ergo, President-Elect Obama has to give up his BlackBerry. Damn, that’d be crippling. Another interesting nugget from this article is that prior to entering the White House, George W. Bush had an AOL email account. It was 1999, but still…

*Blogs: John Hodgman has a new (old ) blog. It’s brown now.

*Single-serve sites: Has Obama Taken Away Your Guns Yet? [ugh. can’t find where I saw this.]

*Reading: If you only read one of today’s links, read the one that leads you to George Packer talking about Obama and the New Liberalism in the New Yorker. It is this one.

Links for 10.16.08: Our Dr. Pepper, Radiohead’s pot of gold, Eminem’s Relapse…

*Freebies: Dr. Pepper confirms that we will all get free cans of the strange-tasting soda due to the release of Guns ‘N Roses’ long-awaited “Chinese Democracy” this year. Spin leads us to the album’s song list and album art. [vulture]

*Internecine war: MGMT hates the Brooklyn music scene. “My least favorite part is that it doesn’t really exist.” Do you ever see Kanye use the word internecine? EVER???? (OK, what about his ghost blogger? Again, no.)

*Experiments: Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” made more money than “Hail to the Thief.” I paid three bucks for it, and I don’t really feel that bad!!!! OK, a little bad. I’m Catholic. Kind of.

*Comebacks: Eminem releases a new song, “I’m Having a Relapse.

*Videogames: Look at some screenshots of Wii Music. Someday, I will be allowed to have a videogame system. And then I will be a real boy. (HOLY: IS THIS A MODERN REFRESH OF AN AGE-OLD DISNEY SCREENPLAY WAITING TO BE WRITTEN OR WHAT??)

*Travel: adds a page for all the douchebags out there. (Thank you, Vegas!) [tobs]

*Off topic: Green superblog Grist interviews Minnesota Senate candidate Al Franken. “Resources such as biomass and wind are waiting to be tapped to their full potential. But more importantly, we have innovation and creativity and brainpower.”

Links for 7.15.08: Wii Music, mashup Girl Talk videos, The Jayhawks return…

*Endorsements: Musicians are endorsing cellphones. The exciting thing is the 10-pic photo rotation of 10 celebs with their cellphones!!!! Including Usher! [largehearted boy]

*Metaverse: Gibson launches “Gibson Island” in Second Life. I didn’t even know you could have virtual sex with a guitar! (I am an innocent.) [getty images]

*Charts: TuneCore has its own chart on Billboard now. [hypebot]

*Videogames: Wii Music will have 50 playable instruments and no competitive elements, will support 4-player games, and be able to record video of players’ performances.

*Local: The Jayhawks are getting back together. I liked the Jayhawks. [indieblogheaven]

*Politics: An update on that Barack Obama benefit show at St. Paul’s Turf Club on August 27th – it will feature Low, Dosh, P.O.S., Josh Grier, and STNNNG, among others. [switchblade comb]

*Off topic: Twitter buys Summize. I sometimes use Summize to see if anyone else has Twittered the same quip I’m planning on quipping. Luckily, it seems my lameness is sui generis.

*Disappointment: I thought naked short-selling would be a lot more interesting when I first heard the term.

Links for 6.22.08: Dylan’s radio show, eMusic’s TV shows, MN’s white people show…

*More beef: Ice T and his son respond to Soulja Boy with one more video. I swear to God, this is my last post on the topic. On a merely linguistically related note, it’s a great day for some ice tea. Or maybe an Arnold Palmer.

*Are TV downloads coming to eMusic?

*The Wall Street Journal profiles Bob Dylan’s satellite radio show Theme Time Radio Hour. “To listen to “Theme Time Radio Hour” is to rediscover the sense of musical adventure that old-fashioned disc jockeys with strongly individual personalities offered in the days before big-money stations pinned their fiscal hopes to the rigid Top 40-style playlists that took the fun out of radio.” Also, I think Bob Dylan should start twittering.

*Brothers and sisters: A Guardian profile of siblings who rock together. [largehearted boy]

*Professional musicians try their hand at teaching junior high school kids in Brooklyn.

*I did not Rock the Garden yesterday with Bon Iver, Cloud Cult, Andrew Bird and New Pornographers. Because I am old. But this person did. And from the execrable Star Tribune: “Not only is the Current/89.3 FM-derived lineup for this Rock the Garden less ethnically diverse than the NHL, but even for white-boy rock it’s a narrow niche of pasty-skinned, parka-wearing, bookwormy indie rock.” Pretty right. And the first sentence I’ve read from the Strib in a long, long time!

*Off topic video: Playboy has released its own version of the Wii Fit girl – snowboarding. [underwire]

Links for 4.24.08: Chocolate anniversary, 30 Rock’s uncanny valley, Wii pole dancing…

*Fergie sings the theme for the new “Sex and the City” movie. The Playlist abhors it.

*Minneapolite Tay Zonday is celebrating the one-year (WTF?) anniversary of “Chocolate Rain” with an album of techno remixes (again, WTF?). [urlesque]

* [Fimoculous]

*Anti-music discovery vs. pro-music discovery [duke listens!]

*Wow. Threadless and Moby are working together to beg people to design Moby t-shirts? [listening post]

*The Rhythmic Desktop BeatBox: Making mad beats from dumb office noises. []

*On connecting a Wii to a stripper pole. [adverlab]

*OK: 30 Rock just dropped the concept of “the uncanny valley” on millions of U.S. homes. Thank you.

Links for 2.7.08: My mental slippage, Prince naked, Music Zeitgeist

*Brought to my attention by a recent Brooklyn Vegan post, the Hype Machine Music Zeitgeist kind of rules. Some batshit visualizations and stats would be nice.

*RealNetworks’ revenues grow 21% in the 4th quarter. [paidcontent]

*What will a Wii game based on the teen pregnancy film Juno look like? Hello?

*Trent Reznor will contribute music to a Fight Club musical? Hello?

*G-Unit clothing line is mortally wounded?

*Cover Culture: A site devoted to album cover art. Get ready for a mostly naked Prince. [murketing]

*Music Thing collects some wicked homemade instruments.

*Guitar Rising: A Guitar Hero for use with real guitars. Who wants to use REAL guitars? [listening post]

*Once, it took me almost 3 days to remember the title of a movie I’d seen – it was Barry Lyndon. I (Krapp’s Last Tape style) viewed (and still view) that singular mental failure as the beginning of my intellectual decline. Anyway, Red Ferret covers 7 sites that help you remember what song it is you’re thinking of.

Links for 1.9.08: Yahoo’s open tunes, Tasers with mp3 players, free Shins…

*Jeff Mangum, frontman for listenerd favorite Neutral Milk Hotel got MARRIED. [mfr]

*Yahoo has launched a browser-based music player that, among other things, allows bloggers to link to MP3s hosted by Yahoo. Read Mathew Ingram for a fuller, probably more clear explanation of Yahoo’s new music offering.

*Read: A longish GigaOm article on Seeqpod and Jango.

*Arrested, but not charged. Due to lack of evidence, neither Martin Crandall of The Shins nor his girlfriend Elyse Sewell will be charged by Sacramento police. The pair were arrested last week. [xrrf]

*Wonderful CES find: A taser with a MP3-playing holster. Bro. [crave]

*Katherine McPhee, Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studdard have now all been label dropped. Best of luck in your future endeavours.

*Boing Boing Gadgets’ Joel Johnson asks the NSFW question we’ve all been thinking.

Video: Nerd rap – “Buy Mii a Wii”