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Links for 3.31.11: I’m afraid of America?

*Literature: Today is the 75th anniversary of the publication of “Ferdinand the Bull.” A great book, a great bull, and a great tattoo (Elliott Smith had a Ferdinand tat).

*Cycling: This probably makes me a huge nerd, but I kind of like these reflective gloves for biking. There are also socks. (I feel an incredible shame right now.)

*Ideas: Wood skyscrapers. They seem like a fire hazard?

*Photography: If you click through into Matthew Reamer’s collection of photos of scraper bikes, you will not be disappointed. Unless you have a tiny, shriveled heart. [coudal]

*Movies: Are these pictogram movie posters affably pleasant in a most mild and soothing way? Or are they symptomatic of the easy anaesthetizing reductiveness of the Internet’s fleeting pleasures? (Not a rhetorical question.)

*The Human Face: Check out Jinks Kunst’s cigarette butt portraits. And also check out Matthew Cusick’s portraits on maps. Who knew portraiture was so rad right now? And that I could still pull off the usage of rad?

*Comics: In the vein of Garfield Minus Garfield, 3eanuts is a series of Peanuts comic strips, minus the final panel. “Charles Schulz’s Peanuts comics often conceal the existential despair of their world with a closing joke at the characters’ expense. With the last panel omitted, despair pervades all.” [thewuzzles]

*Instruments: You can play Alexander Chen’s online musical subway map thing. OH MAN, IT’S ACTUALLY KIND OF FUN? [wnyc]

*Apparel: I have recently spent several hours trying to find the proper pair of shoes online. These are not those shoes. In fact, they are women’s shoes. Stilettos. Made out of Lego.

*Sounds: Munitio sells earphones that look like 9mm shells. Going into your brain.

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Links for 8.1.10: 999 Tips for Better Abs

*Hello: I spent the past week in our nation’s capital. That is all. Well. I’m also now strongly considering growing a Thomas Hardy mustache. Bear with me.

*Books: Liquor and Lit, by Charles Deemer. “The Japanese have put the progression of the drinking life more succinctly than anyone: first the man takes the drink; then the drink takes the drink; then the drink takes the man.” [coudal]

*Records: We have wood, people. We have major wood. [presurfer]

*Work: 48% of people who want new jobs are motivated by a lack of trust in their employers.

*Home: You cannot buy the Comfy Cargo Chair by Stephan Schulz, but you can sit on top of a big pile of garbage in your backyard. [murketing]

*Food: Read about Sylvia Plath’s salad dressing and Andy Warhol’s tomato soup. If this were, like, Snarkmarket, I would be pretending to make a big deal about all this.

*Clothes: Loyal Loot Collective’s Monsier Dressup is the reason I am excited about a clothes hook/hanger for the first time in my life. [notcot]

*Annual: This Beatles-inspired “Yellow Submarine” birthday cake is like a stab in the eyeball with awesome. [neatorama]

*Television: I am a big fan of Mark Lisanti’s Mad Men power rankings. For this kind of writing. Huh?: “Now tell me I’m a shell of a man who lets his wife stay in his house way past the mutually agreed-upon vacating date.”

*Twitter: Read these four things.

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Bringing together electronic music and a wood lathe. Awesome.

[networked music review]