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Video: Ken Nordine’s “Final scribbles”

I have said this before, but I will never not link to Ken Nordine videos.

Video: Ken Nordine’s FELONIOUS 720 480 REV

Video: Ken Nordine’s “Go Get Me the Guru”

Ken Nordine all day.

Videos: Some Ken Nordine videos

Dudes. You know I love Ken Nordine.




Video: Ken Nordine’s “Amorphous”

Yes, I am a slave. Some talking would be nice, though.

Video: Ken Nordine’s “Goofy Love Story”

When asked (in a YouTube comment) if he made the images in this video himself, Nordine (89) responds: “yup…in the´╗┐ computer.”

Love it.

Video: Ken Nordine’s Credit Card Blues

Never forget to put these up. Never forget.

Video: A new Ken Nordine BURST!

How did I miss this?

You may already know that 89-year-old spoken word artist Ken Nordine has an active (for an octogenarian) YouTube account. He posts word jazzy audio and visuals every few months or so, and I link to them regularly. It appears that he released his most recent one on Christmas.

Even the YouTube comments (normally a bastion of crassness and stupidity) are touching: “Ken, I am delighted to have found your Channel; I have been a devoted fan since high school and I am now well over sixty. In fact, my high school English teacher played your album Word Jazz for the class and I was hooked. This is the first YouTube video by you I have watched and I loved it!”

Here’s Burst 349.

Video: Ken Nordine’s “My Baby”

Holy fuck-a-roni, where have you been all my life? A video of a spinning phonograph and Ken Nordine talking crazy word jazz shit (in this case, “My Baby”).

If this doesn’t soothe you, goodbye forever.

Video: Ken Nordine’s “Maybe the Moment”

Like I said, anything Mr. Nordine posts. The man could record himself picking his own nose and I would put it up here. As long as there were voiceover. And it was somewhat surreal.

Video: Ken Nordine’s “Immunological Systems”

Note: I will post anything and everything Ken Nordine puts up on his YouTube channel until the end of time.

Video: Ken Nordine’s Image Jazz

The music reminds me of scriball.

Video: Ken Nordine’s “MAYBE THE MOMENT part one”

Speak of the devil…brand-new word jazz on YouTube from the indefatigable Ken Nordine (sans the words!?).

Links for 11.22.08: Lizard People, the Top Ten beards, Radiohead vids…

*Beards: Here are the Top 10 beards of all time. Ever. This is the final list. Putting Lincoln as low as #8 is a slap in the face to every red-blooded American. [coudal]

*Video: YouTube will be holding its first-ever live event tonight. will be there, in all probability “getting retarded.” [hypebot]

*Listicles: Bone up on Paste’s Top 50 Albums of 2008. Abraham Lincoln didn’t even make this list. Ugh. [stereogum]

*Radiohead: That one band will be debuting three new music videos on MySpace Music over the next couple of weeks. I linked to “Weird Fishes” yesterday. Look it up. [licensing plate]

*Word Jazz: This is a few years old, but listen anyway. A Ken Nordine podcast taken from a “Best of Word Jazz” radio show on Chicago Public Radio. Also, I just contacted Ken Nordine asking him to join twitter. I’ll let you know what happens.

*Lizard People: By now, everyone knows about a certain Minnesota voter casting his or her vote for “Lizard People.” Who, I would like to know, is willing to track this voter down and make him famous? Does he have anything to do with David Icke (referenced in this Wired story?) More about the serpent race, our overlords, here.