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Off topic: Some prose I have recently enjoyed

Clips of writing seen recently, enjoyed greatly:

“I don’t care who you are. If you don’t think flying dildos are funny, then you need to get your head checked.”
Shots Ring Out

“The Hobbit is not really a prequel so much as a separate book (no nerdo). And I’m pretty sure Aragorn isn’t even in The Hobbit originally, ladies. They’re going to have to work him [Viggo Mortensen] in (that’s what she said), probably by just having him smoke his shire weed pipe in the background wearing only his ancient leather g-string, forged in the fires of Mount Sex Object.”

“How about this: I had the pot-pie, my coworker had shingles when he was 14. Is that anything?”

Theory: The triumvirate of rhetoric

The one thing writers should know: People hate reading.
The one thing speakers should know: People hate listening.

Hence, the triumvirate of rhetoric: