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Links for 4.4.09: Postal slang, fish counting, undriving…

*Language: At the post office, a “deadhead” is a vehicles that travels without mail. See Schott’s collection of U.S.P.S. jargon here. I call junk mail “winter coats.” No, I don’t.

*Update: ZERO update from Sam Beam of Iron and Wine on the podcast I have proposed to do with him. I’m starting to think that this podcast will have to wait until at least Q3.

*Music 2.0: Yahoo Music to launch Artist Pages soon. [techmeme]

*Economy: Jim Cramer says the Depression is over. Uh boy.

*Nature: Fish can count. We eat fish. Therefore, we can count. LOGIC.

*Green: Read Worldchanging’s post on undriving. “Un” seems to be the prefix of 2008 and 2009.

*Local crime: Two Dozen More Bodies Found in Lake Wobegon. [s4xton]

Links for 11.17.08: Hank Jr. hits politics, data vizzies, Rihanna’s tats…

*Vizzies: Holy. This data visualization makes me wish I still used Except for it messing with all my shit and being a total pain in the ass. And embarrassing me with my own bad taste. [duke listens]

*Politics: Hank Williams, Jr. is ready to run for U.S. Senate as a Republican. Say what you want about the guy’s politics, fashion sense, singing, and choice of eyewear — he has a great beard. Or at least he did at one point. [9513]

*Rap: Eminem’s new album, “Relapse” will be released in early 2009. For me, Eminem will always be equated with Dave Chappelle’s chant of “Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti.” [daily swarm]

*Grooming: Sean Combs comments on his genital grooming, “I shave and groom my private areas. It’s a better presentation for me.” Pretty sure one of Moses’ laws was “Thou Shalt Not Present to Thyself.”

*Enigmas: Prince is anti-gay. And spells things his own way. But some people still want to have soup with him. Of his knocking on doors as a Jehovah’s Witness, he says “Sometimes people act surprised, but mostly they’re really cool about it.”

*Tats: Rihanna has the word “Shhh…” tattooed prominently on one of her fingers. It seems ill-advised, though I have myself been considering getting a chicken wearing a birthday hat and holding a cane on my deltoid for the past 1.5 years.

*Ideas: The Boston Glob‘s [sic] Ideas section, if I remember correctly, was the only part of the paper really worth reading. Here’s a recent exploration of what Depression 2.0 might look like. [waxy]

*Tech: Jerry Yang will step down as Yahoo’s CEO as soon as the company’s board can replace him. In punctuation style, Jerry was the lowercase yang to Kanye’s capped YIN.

*Politics: Hillary to accept Obama’s offer of Secretary of State post, according to the Guardian. Who do I think I am? C-fucking-N-N? [huff po]

*Kids: In an out-of-touch article by Joan Acocella, the New Yorker posits that there’s an overparenting epidemic in America. Working mothers, of course, are to blame. The Wall Street Journal‘s The Juggle has extensive commenting on the matter. [Who do I think I am? Dr. Fucking Spock?]

*Maps: Old maps of human brains. We didn’t know shit about not knowing shit back then.

*Hey, look: It’s Bon Iver at the Turf Club! [s4xton]

Links for 9.18.08: Metallica beard, Twitter song, Search Engine Rap, and UTTERZ…

*Pictures: Some time in 2006, Blackmocco promised not to shave his beard until Metallica released a new album. He offers the world this Flickr photoset as evidence of his devotion, and has recently shaved his beard. [seriouslyomg]

*Songs: Ze Frank wrote a children’s song for adults. He is tall and has more hair than I do.

*Listening: Yahoo! Music, thanks to a partnership with Rhapsody, now lets curious searchers listen to entire songs for free after searching for tunes. Limits include 25 per month (for more, you have to sign up for Rhapsody) and a limit of 4 songs per artist.

*Blogging: Sergey Brin launches a personal blog (and is at risk for Parkinson’s). [techmeme]

*Video: Entertainment Weekly offers a preview of the Ting Tings on kids’ show Yo Gabba Gabba. [music slut]

*Quiz: Do you know your fictional bands? (Too heavy on the nerdy and nostalgic, rather than the strange and fascinating. [neatorama]

*Geekery (and video): Search Engine Rap Battle – the web site. It’s MSN vs. Google. Are you going to bludgeon me for boring you? Sometimes I worry about that as I’m posting links. [buzzfeed]

*Song: “You’re No One If You’re Not On Twitter.” Also, you’re only 3/5 of a person if you have under 300 followers. Or that is what I’m told. [waxy]

*Followup: Way back in the early days of the Listenerd, I called out a startup called out UTTERZ as having a questionable (though amusing) name, even shouting out (somewhat jokingly) to the Name Inspector (a site run by a dude who helps name companies) for a critique. The Name Inspector obliged, giving the name a mild review, then everyone forgot about Utterz. Now, it turns out Utterz has thought better of their name, and will henceforth be known as Utterli.

Links for 5.14.08: Imeem ascends, Qtrax signs, Sally Forth rocks…

*Qtrax, the legal P2P startup, finally actually signs their 4th major label, Warner. [listening post]

*Vote: Cover vs. Original. Please make sure your voice is heard. This is almost as important as American Idol or Barack vs. Hillary. [mefi]

*Vulture pulls a great quote from Lil Wayne. On staying away from cocaine: “It’s just about the acne.”

*Sally Forth (the comic strip) references Vampire Weekend. Up next: Garfield eats lasagna off Santogold’s belly.

*Imeem is now the top music streaming site, passing AOL and Yahoo. Also, they’re opting in to OpenSocial.

*The top 20 superhero songs. [pop candy]

*Songs that are both anti- and pro-drug.

*The Listening Tree: Would you like to hear a tree grow? [good]

*Video: Leonard Cohen, back on stage. Everybody hates it when I try to sing Leonard Cohen. [daily swarm]

*Off topic: Who needs boobs with an ass like this? Sad. But I’ve read it eight times. [nevenmrgan]

*Note: I am declaring May 14th to be Nicole Eggert day (kinda SFW). Please help spread the word. It’s a long story.

Links for 2.4.08: Yahoo’s Rhapsody, Cate Blanchett’s film, Barack’s video…

*Yahoo! kicks its Music Unlimited service to the curb, and partners with Rhapsody.

*The Playlist brilliantly condenses Todd Haynes’ Bob Dylan biopic I’m Not There to only the Cate Blanchett parts.

*Perhaps you would like to watch the video for The Hills‘ Heidi Montag’s much-maligned single. Very soothing (sound optional). [fimoculous]

*The New York Times profiles Jack Johnson and his everlasting greenness.

*REMEMBER: A video of the Roots reacting to watching 2 Girls, 1 Cup drew a lot of traffic (relatively speaking) to the ‘nerd back in the day. Now Slate gathers even more reaction videos, and offers a little analysis.

*REMEMBER: A video of singer Kina Granis singing about Digg drew a lot of traffic (relatively speaking) to the ‘nerd back in the day. Now, she won a Doritos Super Bowl commercial contest.

*REMEMBER: A video of doing a Barack Obama song drew a lot of traffic (relatively speaking) to the ‘nerd back in the day. When I posted it, it had 2k views. It’s now at 1M+.

Links for 1.23.08:’s strategy, Yahoo’s MP3s, Diddy’s shift…

*As signalled yesterday, has announced a change in its model. Users can now stream full songs up to three times, with CBS generating revenue for these kinds of users through advertising. Users who want more can pay a subscription rate for all-you-can-stream. [uk register]

*Yahoo’s been very active in the digital music space of late. Today, Mashable floats the rumor that Y!’s prepping to sell drm-free music digitally (or offer it via an ad-supported model).

*P. Diddy will now be going by the name Sean John. [musicfilter]

*Read: The Village Voice’s Pazz + Jop. [fimoculous]

*I’m all ears: speakers shaped like gigantic earbuds. [geeksugar]

*More gear: A stone turntable. Soothingness, Bedrock style. [crave]

Links for 1.9.08: Yahoo’s open tunes, Tasers with mp3 players, free Shins…

*Jeff Mangum, frontman for listenerd favorite Neutral Milk Hotel got MARRIED. [mfr]

*Yahoo has launched a browser-based music player that, among other things, allows bloggers to link to MP3s hosted by Yahoo. Read Mathew Ingram for a fuller, probably more clear explanation of Yahoo’s new music offering.

*Read: A longish GigaOm article on Seeqpod and Jango.

*Arrested, but not charged. Due to lack of evidence, neither Martin Crandall of The Shins nor his girlfriend Elyse Sewell will be charged by Sacramento police. The pair were arrested last week. [xrrf]

*Wonderful CES find: A taser with a MP3-playing holster. Bro. [crave]

*Katherine McPhee, Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studdard have now all been label dropped. Best of luck in your future endeavours.

*Boing Boing Gadgets’ Joel Johnson asks the NSFW question we’ve all been thinking.