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Video: Benoît Sauvé jams on the, uh, recorder

Video: The life cycle of a bike

Chain a bike to a post in Soho for a year, and watch what happens.

Video: He-Man vs. LMFAO “I’m Sexy and I Know It’ mashup

Video: Korean kids do Daft Punk


Video: Taiwanese garbage trucks play music

Video: Iron and Wine’s “Godless Brother in Love” video

“It kind of reminds me of a Levi commercial.” – YouTube commenter.

The song itself is strangely centerless! Like THE WORLD ITSELF!

Video: Fiddlesticks!

Just the name DEWEY BALFA FIDDLESTICKS should strike terror into the heart of any prospective video watcher.


Video: Justin Townes Earle performs “Harlem River Blues” on The Current

Video: Look at this Yoda made out of salt

Salt Yoda tasty is.

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger’s DVD commentary for Total Recall

To be perfectly honest, this is exactly how I imagine I sound whenever I talk.

Commercial: A 1979 advertisement for Pabst Blue Ribbon starring Patrick Swayze

HIGH pants.


Video: Some dude playing the celeste

I mean, it’s not Polica, but this is pretty lovely?


Video: Polica performs “Wandering Star” at the Turf Club

Skinny version. I have a post on a burgeoning “Slow Autotune” movement (Polica, Gayngs, Bon Iver) that I’m going to write tonight. Or tomorrow night. I don’t remember.

Video: Prince on American Bandstand at 19